Moolchand Hospital And Moolchand Healthcity

As one of India’s foremost names in healthcare, Moolchand has been setting standards for the past half century. For over five decades we have been providing healthcare services to three generations of Delhites with care and dedication.

Our vision at Moolchand is to create a truly unique institution that delivers world-class healthcare with a conscience of trust. As a result Moolchand has built an outstanding legacy of touching people’s lives. Millions of people owe a debt of gratitude to and share a special bond with Moolchand due to its unparalleled legacy of philanthropy.

Many firsts in Indian healthcare have emerged out of Moolchand (e.g. first Minimal Access Surgery in India)

Our commitment to redefining healthcare has resulted in Moolchand winning innumerable awards and accolades for quality and excellence over the years. As a result, patients can count on consistent and extraordinary quality.

While a lot has changed, a few things haven’t - compassionate care, integrity, affordable prices and trustworthy service to all.

To be an integrated, global healthcare service provider, recognized for integrity, quality of care, service and innovation

To consistently deliver excellent and compassionate medical care to our customers throughout their lives

• Uncompromisable ethics
We will aspire to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times

• A passion for excellence
We do not settle for mediocrity and take pride in whatever we do. Our passion for excellence will show in our technology, processes and care • Unmatched quality
We will relentlessly focus on constant improvement and development of systems which integrate our learning. We will never forget that people trust us with their lives

• Dedicated to innovation
We strive to seek innovative or creative solutions and aggressively leverage technology. In many cases, technology will improve the quality of peoples’ lives

• Leverage teamwork and partnerships
We work in collaboration, across boundaries; to deliver ‘more’ than we can do in isolation

• Strive for leadership and growth
We will systematically focus on attaining leadership positions in order to leverage scale, deliver superior clinical outcomes and attract talent

• Reward merit
We will foster an environment which rewards excellence in ideas, clinical care and service deliver. This will help create an institutional DNA which incorporates excellence

• Customers and partners first
We will treat our customers and partners as we would wish to be treated. We will always try to exceed their expectations

• Be responsible stewards
We will be conservative stewards of institutional resources and aggressively seek to create financial strength in order to guard our stakeholders. We will manage institutional resources as we would like others to manage our personal resources

• Treat people well
We will help our employees grow and create a supportive environment for them


Over the past half century Moolchand has treated over 1,000,000 women and delivered 100,000+ babies. Our programs are internationally acclaimed for innovation and excellence and have won us recognition as a national referral centre and an academic teaching institute. At Moolchand Women’s Hospital you can take some things for granted: women friendly care, outstanding physicians, world-class facilities, innovation and superior clinical outcomes.

You have trusted us for generations, and we will ensure you always will
Today most Delhi families have a “Moolchand Baby”. Heartened by this support we are embarking on a journey to redefine women’s healthcare for India. Along with you, of course. You have always given the best, now expect no less We recognize that you are and will always be the source of care and comfort for your family. We are proud to bring you the excellence you deserve.

A hospital that’s just as complete as you are Our programs seamlessly address your lifelong needs, with all critical backups and expert multidisciplinary caregivers at a location right by you.