Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are one of the most popular treatments in dental cosmetics, together with porcelain veneers and whitening. They will make your teeth look whole and even as regards shape and improve your chewing ability.

What do porcelain crowns consist of?

Porcelain crowns are fixed dental prostheses. They are used for replacing lost sections of teeth, such as those lost after large caries or injuries. They are custom-made to adapt to each patient’s needs and they are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive, thanks to which it is almost impossible for the crown to become loose. Crowns offer excellent aesthetic and functional results. They may be used both in front teeth and in back teeth. Porcelain is a noble substance, bacteria are not likely to attach to it and it adapts to the teeth very well. The texture of porcelain crowns is the one that resembles most the tooth’s enamel and its wide variety of shades allows for a perfect assimilation of the implant by the adjacent teeth. To make the crowns and the natural teeth look even, it is best to resort to a whitening treatment and to take the resulting shade as reference to create the shade of the porcelain crowns. Therefore, if the teeth loose their whiteness, both the natural teeth and the implants will be of the same shade.

Which cases is it advisable to resort to crowns?

When endodontic treatments have left a tooth with a large hole. If the hole is too big, the tooth is more likely to break. When a tooth has broken and the portion lost is bigger than the portion that remains. As complement of permanent titanium implants, when it is necessary to replace one or more missing teeth. For people who suffer from bruxism, since the constant friction between the teeth reduces their volume. When the teeth have not fully developed or are misshapen crowns are used to correct the shape and to help them fulfill their function. When it is necessary to replace an old crown that has been deteriorated by the passage of time.