Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to modify the size and shape of the nose in order to give it a more pleasant look. Harmonize your nose and show off a really proportionate face. Learn here how our medical team will make you reach your lifelong dream of a beautiful profile.What does Rhinoplasty do? It corrects unaesthetic characteristics in noses that are too long or too big, bulbous, with a hump or with a ‘hanging’ tip. It narrows the nostrils, if they are too wide. It corrects deformities such as those acquired as a result of accidents. It helps correct certain breathing problems. It can give the nose a more masculine or feminine look, according to the standards of proportion and harmony prescribed for each sex.What does Rhinoplasty NOT do?

It cannot reproduce an exact copy of the nose of someone famous. Remember that there is no such thing as two noses that look exactly the same, that each face has its own proportions, volumes, angles and outlines, and that the same nose that looks beautiful on one face may look odd if it were reproduced exactly on your own. Even though it will make your face look more beautiful and harmonious, and it will probably also improve your self-esteem, it will not be enough to make you look perfect. We must be realistic and accept the fact that, that kind of perfection does not exist.

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

Working through the nostrils, without the need of making any exterior incisions, the surgeon reaches the cartilage and bone located under the skin; he may rasp or trim them with special instruments to give the nose the desired shape and size. In more complex cases, where deeper modifications are needed, it may be necessary to perform a little cut across the columella (the tissue that divides the nostrils) to access the bone. The shape and width of the nostrils may also be modified. This is done by means of two incisions at the base of the nose wings, these incisions become imperceptible soon after the surgery.

Local anesthesia and complementary sedation, or general anesthesia.
Length of surgery
One or two hours.
There is no need to be hospitalized; it is done on an outpatient basis.
The Results

It must be taken into account that it is not possible to make any definite judgments about the results of a Rhinoplasty before 6 or 8 months. We may say that in these cases patience is a virtue that is rewarded with a harmonious and proportionate nose that completely changes the overall appearance of the face in a very favorable way. Patients who have been able to achieve an adequate understanding with their surgeons have obtained very positive results, and today they are happy and satisfied with the changes.