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Facial Reanimation Surgery Cost in India
Facial paralysis is an inability to move the muscles of the face on one or both sides. The condition can affect one or both sides of the face, causing visible drooping of the features as well as difficulty in speaking, blinking, swallowing saliva, eating, or communicating through natural facial expressions.  Facial Reanimation Surgery in India, also known as “Smile Surgery,” is a popular treatment for facial paralysis caused by a brain tumor, Bell’s palsy, trauma, or another reason. Facial paralysis or weakness can have a significant impact on how you function and connect with people. Face reanimation procedures may help…
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What is the Treatment for Facial Paralysis in India? A specialized and specific treatment approach is required for the treatment of the paralyzed face. These procedures often require a staggered approach. Congenital malformations (such as Moebius syndrome) and acquired issues such as tumor removal, Bell’s palsy, or trauma can all…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the timing of facial nerve reanimation?

A: GENERAL CONCEPTS OF FACIAL REANIMATION Regenerative activity is highest at 21 days after damage. The facial nerve regenerates at an average speed of about 1 mm every day. Facial injuries recover faster and have a better prognosis than proximal injuries (CPA: 18 months).

Q: What muscles are used in facial reanimation?

A: What is the procedure for facial reanimation surgery?

In this operation, surgeons take healthy muscle tissue from another part of the body, such as the leg, and transplant it into the paralyzed side of the face. The healthy muscle is positioned correctly by the surgeons to facilitate active facial movements, such as smiling.

Q: How many different face muscles do we use?

A: The face has 42 distinct facial muscles. The researchers worked with persons who have been particularly trained to be able to activate all 42 of these muscles in order to evaluate how each of these muscles affects facial expressions.

Q: What are the risks of nerve repair surgery?

A: Nerve transplant surgery includes the same risks as any other form of surgery, including infection, scarring, and wound healing difficulties. It is also likely that you will not attain the expected level of function recovery.

Q: Is it safe to get facial reconstruction surgery?

A: Although plastic surgery is extremely safe, no medical operation is without dangers. This is true both during the surgery and during the recuperation period. Before scheduling an elective surgery, you should investigate the qualifications of the surgeon.


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