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Obtain Parenthood in the USA Through International Surrogacy

Because their home country’s restrictive laws make surrogacy difficult, many intended parents around the world consider international surrogacy to help them realize their parental dreams. But which country should international intended parents choose for the safest and most efficient surrogacy experience? In most cases, the answer is the United States. It is usually believed that The United States of America is the best nation for surrogacy services. Due to its favorable legal, societal, and medical conditions, international parents prefer the United States, and 47 out of the 50 U.S. states allow commercial surrogacy. Intended parents from more than 73 nations over the past two decades, including Australia, China, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, and Sweden.

‘Surrogacy” is an assisted reproduction technique in which intended parents collaborate with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby until birth. When intended parents are unable to start or expand their families on their own, they turn to surrogacy. The use of international surrogacy and other ART procedures, such as egg donation, has grown in popularity and regularity during the past few years. Even some nations are starting to become destinations for this kind of international reproductive healthcare or “medical tourism.”

Intended parents often have two choices when it comes to the kind of surrogacy journey they choose: gestational surrogacy and conventional/traditional surrogacy. Both surrogacy options have excellent success rates, yet there are advantages and disadvantages to each to weigh. Sometimes intending parents approach with the idea of using a charitable surrogate in mind—perhaps their sister or a close friend—but they don’t pass the medical requirements. In this situation, other substitutes are offered.

What is Surrogacy?

“Surrogacy” is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, in which a woman agrees to deliver/labor for another person or people who will become the child’s parent after birth. Embryos are produced using IVF in a fertility center’s lab. The intended parents’ genetic material is occasionally used. On occasion, a donor of eggs is needed.” A gestational carrier”, who bears the babies to term, receives one to two embryos at the fertility clinic. The possibility of using a surrogate to start a family has been around for a while, however, it has changed over time.

 Procedure of SurrogacyWhat Exactly is a Surrogate Mother?

Surrogate motherhood is a process in which a woman (the surrogate mother) gives birth to a child on behalf of a couple who are unable to conceive naturally, typically because the wife is infertile or unable to become pregnant. A surrogate mother can be of two types:

  • Traditional Surrogacy: Traditionally, a surrogate would use donor eggs or her own eggs to conceive through intrauterine insemination (UIU). UIU enhances the likelihood of conception since sperm enters the uterus directly.
  • Gestational surrogates:  On the other hand, a fertilized embryo is implanted into the carrier via gestational surrogacy. In a lab, the intended parents’ reproductive tissue is used to fertilize this embryo. This procedure ensures that the child will not inherit any genetic characteristics from the surrogate, which can be important for intended parents who have a well-thought-out surrogacy strategy in mind.

After then, the surrogate gives birth to the child. Since their egg wasn’t used, they have no genetic connection to the child. When a surrogate and intended parents match, it can be one of the most thrilling moments of the surrogacy process. To achieve the best fit, matching specialists work with intended parents and surrogates.

Why Chooses The U.S.A?

International intended parents have several options, but none compare to the United States. The United States has many locations where intended parents of all nationalities can safely pursue a surrogacy process that protects not only their rights but also the rights of the surrogate with whom they work, thanks to the US state-specific surrogacy laws. Parentage, medical practices, and safety concerns that may arise for international intended parents in any other country are non-starters in the United States. Many international surrogacies have been completed — and continue to be completed — in the United States.

What are the Benefits of Doing Surrogacy in the US?

There are a few specific areas where an American surrogacy is likely to be the best option for you as a foreign-intended parent: 

A Well-developed Legal Process – Surrogacy is governed by state laws rather than federal ones in the United States. This means that each state has developed its own surrogacy process, ranging from no laws at all to more stringent laws. As a result, there are numerous locations in the United States where international surrogacy can be carried out in a way that puts intended parents at ease.

Surrogacy is widely accepted in many parts of the United States, and if you work with an American surrogacy agency, your professional will ensure that you are matched with a surrogate from a surrogacy-friendly state before proceeding. Working in a surrogacy-friendly state allows you to do the following:

  • Make an enforceable surrogacy contract outlining your rights and responsibilities.
  • Establish your parental rights before your child is born. 
  • Ensure that your surrogate is properly cared for and compensated throughout her pregnancy.

As a result, surrogacy in the United States provides many legal protections that you may not receive in another part of the world. Moreover, if you are an international LGBT couple, keep in mind that the United States recognises gay marriage, which means you can both be named legal parents of your child before returning home. There are many surrogates eager to work with LGBT couples of all nationalities, and you can legally obtain any sperm or egg donation you require in the United States.

Surrogacy lawyers with experience throughout the United States can represent you during this surrogacy process to ensure that you receive the legal protection you require and that your surrogacy meets the legal standards required.

When it Comes to Growing Families, Why Should You Consider Surrogacy?

Through surrogacy, people and couples of all ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds can start families. For the 12 to 15% of couples who are having trouble getting pregnant and for others who wish to have biological children but are in different circumstances, surrogacy can assist fill in some of those aspects.

The following intended parents employ surrogacy:

  • Expectant gay and trans parents who desire a genetic connection to their child
  • A woman cannot become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term due to health reasons.
  • Recurrent miscarriages are one example of how infertility concerns impede couples from becoming or being pregnant.
  • Same-sex couples want to start a family. Women also find this option appealing because the egg and ensuing embryo from one spouse can be transferred to and carried by the other partner, even if they may be two males.
  • People who are single desire to have biological children.

How much does Surrogacy Pay from State to State?

Every surrogacy case is unique, and there are numerous factors that can influence the overall compensation. The average cost, including benefits, can range from $190,000 to $230,000, depending on experience and individual circumstances. Surrogates may be paid slightly more in states where surrogates are in high demand, such as California. Legal requirements and the costs of other services may also differ from one state to the next. However, the pay for surrogate mothers does not differ significantly between cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston.

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