Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in Delhi


What is Brain Tumor?

An abnormal growth or mass of cells within or surrounding the brain is known as a brain tumor. Tumors affecting the central nervous system (CNS) include brain and spinal tumors together. Benign also referred to as noncancerous or malignant referred to as cancerous brain tumors is also possible. While some tumors develop slowly, others grow swiftly.

Procedure of Brain Tumor Surgery In Delhi

The procedure brain tumors surgery in Delhi generally involves a multidisciplinary approach. The treatment begins with a thorough diagnosis of the patient through imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans, followed by a biopsy to determine the tumor type. Treatment options may include surgery, where neurosurgeons remove as much of the tumor as possible without causing damage to the healthy brain tissue of the patient. In cases where the complete removal of the tumor is not possible, radiation therapy or chemotherapy can be recommended. The specific treatment plan will depend on the tumor's size, location, and grade, as well as the patient's overall health. Ongoing monitoring and follow-up of the patient are essential to assess treatment effectiveness and address any potential complications or tumor recurrence in the patient, to improve the patient's quality of life and prognosis.

Brain Tumor Surgery Cost In Delhi

Affordable Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in Delhi starts from 4,500 USD. The patient must spend two days in the hospital and around a month days outside of the hospital for recheck-up. The diagnosis and the facilities the patient chooses will determine the overall cost of the treatment.

Factors That Can Affect Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in Delhi

1) Medic competence and experience in the subject.

2) Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in Delhi can vary depending on the duration of hospitalization and your stay at the hospital.

3) The patient’s condition: The patient’s condition and whether additional modalities are required for complete treatment.

4) The price of Brain Tumor Surgery in Delhi can depend on the type of hospital and rooms you stay in.

5) The package can depend on the type of treatment.

6) Need for post-operative care.

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