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Role of Sub Conscious Mind in Fighting Illness

In today’s era full of competition and social standards, each one of us experiences stress, anxiety, and other sorts of mental illness. It affects our life and also degrades our lifespan and well-being. But our subconscious mind can heal those illnesses.

What Do You Understand By The Sub-Conscious Mind?

The subconscious mind power is the reflective state of our mind which we can say that it is not in a current state. The part of the subconscious mind consists of old memories, emotions, sensory thoughts, and habitual thoughts that our mind tries to remind us from time to time.

The subconscious mind works like a recorder that records the thoughts or visualizations that get our attention, the mind stores such things in the memory bank but for a short time. 

Parts of the Sub-Conscious Mind

Memory bank

A memory bank is a place of mind where unusual thoughts and memories gather. The type of thoughts is divergent, relational, and extreme emotions. Among these, we can easily remember divergent emotions.

Autopilot storage

The autopilot programs refer to the habits that we repeatedly perform daily. The habits may be good or bad. The conscious mind is capable of distinguishing between good or bad habits, but for the sub-conscious mind, whether good or bad, it’s just a habit that minds store in autopilot storage. 

Sensory Input Controller

The sensory input controller contains the feelings that are related to five sensory organs such as visualization, sound, sensation, smell and taste.

Thought Generator

The thoughts of our mind can be both structured and unstructured. It depends on the way we think of it whether knowingly or unknowingly. The thought generator collects thoughts from the memory bank and sensory input controller. 

Examples of the Subconscious Mind

It is said that it’s not the actual mind that performs all the works. There’s something powerful behind it that controls all the events going around us. We call it a subconscious mind. For instance, remember the times when you try to create a strong password, or when you dream about something. That’s when your subconscious mind works. The good or bad events from the past are also reflected through our subconscious minds. 

How do Subconscious Minds Work?

To know how subconscious mind power works, let us know the functions they perform:

Recording Events

By now, we already know that the subconscious mind acts as a recorder that stores different thoughts and emotions inside a memory bank but temporarily. Mostly, the memory bank stores thoughts like extreme and divergent emotions for a certain amount of time.

Producing Thoughts and Emotions

The subconscious mind is capable of producing combinations of thoughts and memories from the past that the memory bank stores. The subconscious mind produces such thoughts in response to such events as your psychological state.

Controlling Habits and Emotions

Our subconscious mind process and control the habits that we perform daily. Every time our mind runs like an autopilot that commands us to perform the habit. 

Sub-Conscious Mind Healing Therapy

Sub-Conscious-Mind-Healing-TherapyHealing illness with the subconscious mind sounds difficult, but it’s not. Feeding your minds with the good thoughts that brings us good health, peace and harmony is the way through which our body and mind can function in harmony and effectively. 

The stressful phase of our life that we live in the consistency of work, threats, social issues, and pandemic, has affected everyone in such a way that the stress levels increased which could not be avoidable. When we are under stress, our brain is not able to connect properly or give us wise responses and we feel trouble while making the right decisions.

One of the simple yet most effective ways of healing is to let go of the fear or face it. The old traumas and incidents just keep on repeating. Sometimes, that gives us a short sudden trigger. Through this, it becomes difficult to forget such an event.

If an old thought or incident is bothering you for a long time, you should start sharing them with a person you most believe in. If not that, then journaling is the best option. Writing down your thoughts on a journal note can help you diverge your mind and heal through it. Sometimes we can even figure out a solution to the problem which we were trying to deal with for a long time.

Multiple practice sessions and programs help a lot in healing. The questions that your clients ask in sessions are framed according to a personal life basis. When you answer such questions, your subconscious minds become active and eventually start healing with time. 

How to Train Your Subconscious Mind

The best way to keep our subconscious mind in control is to practice good habits every day and little by little. Healing illness with the subconscious mind requires training so that your mind can support you in the healing process. Thinking of maintaining good habits such as early wake-up, time management, not procrastinating can help in training our subconscious mind for a lifetime.

On the other hand, thinking about the things, that drain your energy and mental health, take, for example, distracting thoughts that eat up our time and energy.  If we practice thinking about distractive thoughts, then our subconscious minds will train according to that.

Do Not Allow People’s Fears to Cast a Shadow of Doubts

The other people’s fears are regarding their experience or what they feel in life. That has nothing to do with your upcoming experiences. Do not let other people warn you out of negativity. You don’t need to also experience the same thing as others and all the advice that they provide is not necessarily good for you. So instead of listening to the crowd, listen to your own heart.

Be Willing to See the Unexpected Change

If you want to bring a massive change in your life, the first step is to be willing to know what can be possible instead of just believing it. Just thinking or believing if it is possible will do nothing. But if you are willing to create a change, then take initial small steps towards it.

Speak About Your Success as a Present, Not Plan

Thinking of the future while living in the present is not a good idea indeed. Instead of thinking like I will become this or that in the future, always train your mind to think in a way that whatever life you are living right now, you are always capable.

Start a Gratitude Journal

As mentioned earlier, journaling works like magic. It is an efficient way to get unnecessary thoughts out of your mind in front of your journal. Practicing gratitude and journaling daily consistently can heal your mind and you will realize it one day if your start your practice.

Give Yourself a Reason to be Successful

If you only think about climbing the ladder to success, trust me it’s never going to end. We should think of always stepping ahead but not avoiding the beautiful life that we live in a present. Be satisfied with what you have, love yourself, and keep growing.

How Effective is Simple Meditation?

Meditation is an effective way to train our subconscious mind. It helps to program our mind’s pathways in a constructive form that can remove the extra hurdles and obligations. The subconscious mind does not only consist of past thoughts and memories but is huge storage for vast potential and creativity that needs to be out. 

Meditation can help in manifesting positive thoughts and enhance our power of thinking. When we start meditating, we tend to be aware and conscious, making our minds act more efficiently. Meditation helps to cultivate positive thoughts and feelings. You will see the difference in a daily practice that meditation can block your extra worried thoughts that surround your mind and pave the way for the subconscious thoughts that are beneficial for you and your life.

Some Fascinating Facts

  • The subconscious mind runs and controls your life most of the time. To illustrate this, think of the times when you start reminiscing as if you are living them again.
  • Your subconscious mind communicates through the exchange of thoughts and ideas, as we call it a conventional language. There is not any existence of verbal language for your subconscious mind.
  • If you feel something strange from the inside, do not avoid it. We can call it a gut feeling or an instinct. It is a product of your subconscious mind.
  • The subconscious is just capable of collecting different thoughts. It cannot differentiate between imaginative and real things.
  • The habits that we develop daily are the ultimate results of the subconscious mind.


We can say in a way that the subconscious mind is that part of our brain which controls our life. We should always try to cultivate positive thoughts to train our subconscious minds for a better mind. Practicing meditation sessions for a few minutes can help you do that.

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