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Who Is The Right Candidate For Dendritic Cell Therapy

As per the reports, in India itself, there are approximately 4 lakh people living with cancer, and around 7 lakh new cases are registered yearly. Around 5 lakh deaths are cancer-related yearly. Cancer treatment focus on killing cancer cells with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. These treatment strategies are common and used to date to control cancer.

The ‘fourth modality of cancer treatment’ after conventional therapies is Dendritic Cell Therapy. It has opened the door to a new area of cancer treatment. The current and new approach to treating cancer through DC Therapy is based on the concept of Antigen loading.

It is done by generating DCs from monocytes or CD34+ cells, activating them with cytokine combinations, and injecting them back to the patients.

Dendritic Cell Therapy is used to control cancers. Therapy is also used to treat various types of cancers such as ovarian, prostate, pancreatic cancer. It has no side effects, unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Dendritic cell vaccination an alternative form of immunotherapy enriches the treatment possibilities in cancer patients.

However, it is limited to patients in whom surgical removal of cancer tissue is not required.

Key Facts

  • These days, Dendritic cells are the key role in creating a vaccine against diseases like AIDS and Cancer
  • Dendritic cell vaccination an alternative form of immunotherapy enriches the treatment possibilities in cancer patients.
  • However, it is limited to patients in whom surgical removal of cancer tissue is not required.
  • During dendritic cell therapy, the dendritic cells are generated artificially and injected into the patient.  They target the cancer cells and produce an immune response to kill the cancer cells.  
  • Through Dendritic cell therapy, the patient’s self immunity is boosted, to kill the specific cancer cells. 

Who Is The Right Candidate For Dendritic Cell Therapy 

Dendritic cell therapy is beneficial in most cancers. The right candidate for Dendritic cell therapy are the patients with any of the cancers like – 

How does It work

  • Dendritic cell therapy is used worldwide.  This therapy is even helpful for advanced-stage cancers. 
  • This is the special type of therapy wherein,  the body’s immune system is boosted and activated to kill and control cancer-causing cells. 
  • It is safe, effective, and has no side effects. 
  • The risk of relapse of cancer is only 20 percent after Dendritic cell therapy.
  • The therapy is 70 percent successful in killing and destroying cancer cells.
  • It induces antitumor immunity in patients to fight against cancer. 
  • It boosts the immune function of the body.


Procedure for Dendritic Cell Therapy The procedure for Dendritic cell therapy is as follow – 

  • Firstly a blood sample is collected from the patient. The sample is sent to a laboratory for processing of Dendritic cells. 
  • Secondly, the dendritic cells are exposed to cancer antigens. After 5 to 7 days, the dendritic cells will start generating artificially. 
  • Upon their arrival at the hospital, the dendritic cells are injected into the patient intravenously or through injection. 
  • The dendritic cells identify the circulating cancer cells in the body,  bind with those cancer cells, and finally kill them
  • These artificially produced Dendritic cells circulate throughout the patient’s body and kill the cancer cells. 
  • Additionally, the Doses are given to the patient every 2 weeks for the first 3 cycles and then the next 3 weeks the next 3 cycles are completed.

DC Therapy – A Hope For Cancer Patients 

Dendritic cell therapy has been proved a hope for cancer patients. They are helpful for even advanced stage cancers of the prostate gland, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and many other types of cancers. Various studies conducted on cancer patients have proved the effectiveness of Dendritic cell therapy. 

Furthermore, the results have shown the improvement in cancer patients by tumor shrinkage, successful treatment results, and even prevention of relapse of occurrence of cancer. 

Dendritic Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors with other Conventional Treatment 

  • Combining Dendritic cell therapy with other conventional treatment give promising results. Conventional treatment therapies like chemotherapy, radiotherapy are used to kill cancer cells till date.
  • Researches and clinical trials prove that combining Dendritic Cell Therapy with standard therapies like chemotherapy or radiotherapy enhances treatment efficacy.
  • DC therapy with standard therapies improves the efficacy of  Dendritic cell therapy during cancer treatment with unexpected results.
  • Currently, more clinical trials and researches are going on in countries like Asia, Europe to analyze the patient’s response with combination therapies.

Effectiveness of The Therapy 

Furthermore, Dendritic cell therapy is designed to lower the cancer burden. It provides immediate results and favorable outcomes in patients. 

Thus the therapy is successful and highly recommended by doctors for the treatment of cancers.

Dendritic Cell Therapy Cost in India 

  • The Dendritic Cell Therapy Cost in India is quite affordable than in other western countries. 
  • The treatment cost in India is likely around  15500 USD at the best hospitals of India and in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad. 
  • The treatment is affordable, with no long waiting time along with the best package in India. 
  • For knowing more about Dendritic Cell Therapy costs in India and enquires please contact MedSurge India


Dendritic cell therapy is gaining attention and is named as state- of-the-art-cancer immune cell therapy that ensures reliable action in treating cancers.

In view of the growing need for quality care treatment due to the increase in cancer patients every year with expert intervention, it is very important that the patients have access to world-class best medical facilities and updated treatment facilities like DC therapy.


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