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Everything You Must Know About Scoliosis

The abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is known as scoliosis. This defect can happen over time or can be present in the child when s/he is born. The spine is curved at the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. These regions work as stress absorbers when someone goes through the scoliosis defect and their spine curvature in the front plane, axial or sagittal plane gets disturbed.  There are several medical tourism companies in India that help to treat Scoliosis. To know more about it, let us understand the characteristics of scoliosis.Scoliosis Conditions

Characteristics of a patient with Scoliosis:

  • A patient with scoliosis has an awkward sideways curvature of the spine which cannot be noted in normal people.
  • A patient with scoliosis experiences muscular aches from time to time.
  • Someone who has poliosis also experiences ligament pain that is persistent for a long time.
  • There are postural deformities in the body due to the curvature and one shoulder appears to be raised higher than the other one is someone who has scoliosis.
  • When a patient wears clothes that hang asymmetrically on the body as the body is slightly bent to one side.
  • The patient who has scoliosis also experiences decreased pulmonary functions; this can be a cause of concern at later ages.

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Scoliosis can easily be diagnosed due to the patient’s appearance and it can often be easily checked when a child is just born. There are several other ways to diagnose scoliosis as well. An x-ray or physical examination is done to confirm the condition. In some cases, final radiographs, a CT scan, or an MRI will also be helpful in diagnosing the situation. The measurement of the curve can be done with the help of the Cobb Method. Once the patient is diagnosed with scoliosis then the treatment becomes a necessity. 


There are several ways in which the patient can be treated for scoliosis. In the early stages when a patient is diagnosed with scoliosis before the age of ten, the doctor often recommends the patient for surgery. Patients who are very young cannot be treated with spinal fusion and that is why surgery is the best and most recommended option to treat the early onset of the lateral curvature of the spine.

Braces: A different way to treat scoliosis is through braces. When a small child is diagnosed with this defect they are treated with braces. It is because the children’s bones are not fully developed and wearing a brace would help to reverse the curve and prevent further progress the curve.scoliosis braces

Braces are made of different types of materials and the most common type of material for braces is plastic. The plastic is contoured to give a structure to the body. It fits perfectly around the ribs, the lower back, and hips and helps to give the correct posture to the wearer. It is advised that the patient has braces day and night as the longer the braces are worn the more effective they become. children who wear braces can participate in most of the physical activities as they have very few physical restrictions. The braces must be worn till the patient reaches an age where their bones stop growing.

Physical therapy: This type of treatment is also used to cure milder forms of scoliosis and to maintain posture. Physical therapy also helps to reduce the chances of surgery in a patient who has a scoliosis defect. A person with scoliosis is assigned several exercises that help to correct the posture. Sometimes along with the physical therapy, the patient is suggested to use braces to correct the posture.exercise for scoliosis

Surgery: In several cases, scoliosis gets complex and cannot be treated with the help of physical therapy or braces. When such a severe condition arises then surgery is performed to treat the patient. One of the most well-known types of scoliosis surgery is spinal fusion. In this type of surgery where more vertebrates are fused together to give strength to the spine and make the posture more erect. The bone-like material that is placed between the vertebrates is joined through hooks or screws so that the vertebrae are held together in the proper position. There can be many complications in spinal fusion surgery and they may include bleeding infection, nerve damage, and much more.

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