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Indian Medical Visa

What is Indian Medical Visa?

For foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in India, the e-Medical Visa is online travel permission. The holder of a medical Indian visa is allowed three visits to the nation.

The e-Medical visa is a short-term visa that is issued for the purpose of medical treatment. Family members are not permitted to accompany the patient on this sort of visa. To accompany an e-Medical visa holder, blood relations can apply for a medical attendant visa.

How does e-Medical Visa Works?

Obtaining a medical visa is a simple procedure. Eligible visitors who seek to obtain medical care can quickly fill out the application by providing their full name, date, and place of birth, address, contact information, and passport information.

All candidates must complete a security questionnaire and pay the Indian e-Medical visa fee using a debit or credit card. The e-Visa for medical purposes will be delivered to the applicant’s email address after it has been authorized.

Applicants must understand the following in order to acquire an e-Medical visa for India:

The Indian e-Medical Visa is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival.

  1. The Indian Medical visa allows for three entries.
  2. A maximum of three medical travels are allowed in a  year.
  3. This visa is not renewable, convertible, or valid for visiting protected restricted areas.
  4. Applicants must be able to support themselves financially during their stay in India.
  5. During their stay, visitors must keep a copy of their approved e-Visa India permission with them at all times.
  6. When applying for an e-Medical visa, visitors must have a return or onward ticket.
  7. Regardless of age, all applicants must have their own passports.
  8. Parents are not permitted to include their children in their online visa application for India.
  9. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least six months after arriving in India. Entry and exit stamps must be placed on at least two blank pages in the passport by immigration and border control authorities.
  10. Applicants with International Travel Documents or Diplomatic Passports are not eligible to apply for an e-Tourist visa to visit India.

All foreign visitors applying for an Indian e-Visa must meet a set of requirements. For e-Medical Visas, however, there are additional evidence requirements, which are as follows:

  1. A letter from an Indian hospital (Visa Invitation Letter).
  2. Answer questions about the Indian hospital you will be visiting.

In case for assistance to provide visa Invitation Letter, you can contact the MedsurgeIndia team. To make an appointment with various Indian Multispecialty hospitals for online consultation.

It is required to submit all of the evidence criteria at the time of applying the online application.

What you can do with an Indian e-Medical Visa?

The e-Medical visa for India was created for visitors seeking short-term medical care in the country. Visitors who are eligible for this visa must meet the evidentiary requirements in order to apply for it.

This e-Visa is only available to tourists seeking medical treatment. It’s critical to obtain a letter from an Indian hospital where the treatment will be provided. Protected regions in India are not accessible to holders of an e-Medical visa.

What is the Indian Attendant Medical Visa?

To travel to India, you will need a valid passport and visa. A Medical Attendant Visa can be issued to up to two people who are accompanying an e-Medical Visa holder who is seeking medical treatment in India.

Only family members of those receiving treatment in India will be allowed a medical attendant visa. The visa is only valid for 60 days and cannot be extended. To obtain this form of visa, foreign visitors must submit an online application. To apply for a medical attendant visa, applicants must additionally scan the biographical page of their passport.

How does e-Medical Attendant Visa Works?

  1. Applicants from qualified countries and territories can apply online 7 to 4 days before their arrival date in India. Although the majority of applications are approved within four days, some may take longer.
  2. A Medical Attendant Visa can be awarded to up to two family members travelling with an e-Medical Visa holder. Medical Attendant Visas will be valid for the same amount of time as the e-Medical Visa.
  3. Visitors must give a few key details in order to complete the application, including their full name, date and place of birth, residence, contact information, and passport data.
  4. All candidates must complete a security questionnaire and pay the Indian e-Medical visa fee using a debit or credit card. The e-Visa for medical purposes will be delivered to the applicant’s email address after it has been authorized.

How long you can stay in India with an e-Medical Visa?

The e-Visa is sent to the applicant’s email address once it has been granted. The medical visa for India allows you to stay in the country for 60 days from the date of your arrival. The holder of a valid e-Medical visa can visit India up to three times.

An e-Visa for India can be obtained three times per year. Each eMedical visa will allow you to stay for a total of 60 days. As a result, visitors can visit India for medical treatment while also obtaining a second electronic visa if necessary.

How long you can stay in India with an e-Medical Attendant Visa?

The e-Medical Attendant visa, once approved, is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival in India. Within a year, foreign visitors can apply for an e-medical attendant visa three times. This form of visa, on the other hand, can only be used to travel with someone who has an e-Medical visa and is going to India for medical treatment.


Please wait 5 business days for the visa medical assessment stage to complete before receiving your results. You can monitor the status of your application online if you have an Immigration Account. Contact your visa processing office if you have any queries about your visa medical examination.




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