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Neurosurgery Cost in India
A medical specialization called neurosurgery in India is largely involved with the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions affecting the brain, spine, cerebrovascular system, and nervous system. Stroke, dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, infections of the central nervous system (CNS), and neoplasms are some of the conditions associated with them.  The common name for Neurosurgery is Brain Surgery in India.  It deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and surgical treatment of the Brain, Spinal cord, and Peripheral Nervous system disorders. The medical professionals who treat different neurological conditions of the nervous system like brain, and spine are known as neurosurgeons. A few…
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    Neurosurgery Treatment Cost in India Neurosurgery treatment in India is the best in the entire world due to highly experienced and trained surgeons handling neurosurgeries in various hospitals.  Neurosurgery is also performed in various super-specialty hospitals in Delhi and other states in India. These hospitals have all the latest types…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Are the Most Common Reasons for Neurosurgery?

    A: Brain tumors, blood clots, aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations, spinal issues, and peripheral nerve tumors and entrapments are the most prevalent problems our patients face.

    Q: What Tests Are Required Before Brain Surgery?

    A: CT or MRI scans

    A day or two before surgery, you may have a specific MRI or CT scan of your brain. This is known as a WAND MRI or CT scan. The scan will be taken after little, spherical stickers (fiducials) are applied around your head.

    Q: What Do You Wear on Your Head After the Brain Surgery?

    A: You will need to wear a specific helmet after the surgery. This is to safeguard the part of your head that is no longer protected by the skull bone. After a few months, you may need a cranioplasty, which is a type of follow-up surgery.

    Q: What Should I Avoid After the Brain Surgery?

    A: After a moderate traumatic brain injury, choose complex carbs like whole-grain bread and pasta, as well as whole fruits (not dry or canned). However, you should limit your intake of carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, rice, cookies, and sugary candies.

    Q: What Are the Side Effects After the Brain Surgery?

    A: Aphasia is another immediate side effect that might occur after surgery (difficulty speaking), swelling in the brain, delirium or confusion.

    The following are the most serious long-term hazards associated with brain surgery Behavior problems.

    • Damage to the brain.
    • Walking is difficult.
    • Memory loss is a common problem.
    • Speech difficulties.
    • You feel weak in your arms or legs.

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