Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India

  • A bone marrow transplant process is a procedure whereby blood stem cells have been transplanted from the bone marrow to ensure these stem cells replace the cells which have been either damaged or destroyed in the bone marrow.
  • Once the healthful blood stem cells have been transplanted, these cells visit the bone marrow and begin to add a brand new bone marrow develops so that the cell generation can start again.
  • The stem cells may come out of your body, or they could come out of a donor. The bone marrow transplantation process can also be referred to as a bronchial cell transplant.
  • The accelerated innovation in medical science over the last couple of years have contributed to a growth in the bone marrow transplant price in India’s success rate and a rise in the survival rates for several kinds of blood cancers.

The Need for Bone Marrow Transplant:

  • Bone marrow is an important part of the body since it’s very important to the correct functioning of your immune system. If your bone marrow is diseased and there are not enough white blood cells, red blood cells, or platelets, then your body’s immune system becomes weak and you also become prone to infections, diseases, and infections.
  • This may do a great deal of harm to your own body and has the potential to lead to deadly infections. That is the reason why bone marrow transplant is completed while the bone marrow isn’t functioning optimally, like if you’ve a bone marrow disease once the bone marrow malfunction occurs. The reason for bone marrow destruction or harm changes from person to person and at times it’s hard to work out bone marrow disorder symptoms.
  • A bone marrow transplant may be advocated by your bone marrow transplant physician if your bone marrow indicates an inability to make stem cells. Bone marrow transplant helps individuals experiencing cancer-related ailments and in the event of bone marrow damage because of prolonged chemotherapy and radiation exposure.
  • With the support of a bone marrow transplant, your bone marrow may be rescued after it’s been damaged as fresh stem cells may expedite the process of stem cell generation.

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Diseases and Conditions

Below are a few of the most frequent issues that cause the need for a Bone Marrow Transplant. Anyone of you who suffers from one of these diseases, you have to check a bone marrow transplant expert to comprehend your suitability for bone marrow transplantation.

  1. Immune Deficiencies
  2. Congenital Neutropenia: An inherited disease that causes recurring infections.
  3. POEMS syndrome: A rare blood disease that damages the nerves and might affect a number of different areas of the human body.
  4. Aplastic Anemia: A disease where the embryo stops making new blood cells.
  5. Neuroblastoma: Type of cancer caused because of immature nerve cells located within the body.
  6. An inherited blood disease that causes misshapen red blood cells.
  7. Adrenoleukodystrophy
  8. Plasma Cell Disarry: A variety of increasingly intense monoclonal gammopathies by which a clone or numerous clones of premalignant or cancerous cells over-produce and secrete myeloma protein to the blood flow.
  9. Thalassemia: An inherited blood disease where the body creates an abnormal type of hemoglobin, also an essential portion of red blood cells.
  10. Inborn errors of metabolism
  11. Bone marrow cancers like Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, or Lymphoma

Risk Factors associated with Bone Marrow Transplant

Many factors determine the risk factors of Bone Marrow Transplant. As an example, it could be your age, your overall health, and also the condition for which you’re being treated.

Other things that help determine the results are the transplant kind and how great of a match the donor marrow is. One other important element is the way that a bone marrow transplant is completed. Whether you undergo the Radiation process or Chemotherapy process prior to your bone marrow transplant as well as the dose of those processes matters to the result of your transplant.

The probability of complications may differ from person to person. In infrequent cases, individuals undergoing a transplant might need to be hospitalized and treated for complications that arise, some might even be life-threatening.

Minor complications which may arise because of bone marrow transplant include:

  • Impaired taste
  • A prolonged headache
  • Drop in your blood pressure
  • Odds of contracting a high fever.
  • Nausea
  • Hives
  • Breathing problems
  • Chills

Serious risk factors which are related to the bone marrow process comprises:

  • Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) can be a complication. In this, the donor tissues transplanted via the bone marrow transplant process begin to damage your body.
  • You might contract ailments quite easily and severe infections can be hard to deal with.
  • There might be clotting on your liver, particularly the veins.
  • You may get anemia.
  • Graft failure may happen whereby cell manufacturing does not begin because it should.
  • Your organs might begin to bleed like your lungs and brain.
  • You’ll contract a cataract (cloudiness on your own eyes ).
  • You may develop new cancers because of the transplant.
  • You may have premature menopause.
  • You may get mucositis where there’s soreness in your throat, stomach, and mouth area.
  • Psychotherapy is just another complication that may occur from acquiring a bone marrow transplant.

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Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India

Starting USD 17,500

( Indian Rupees approx. 12,25,000 )

To visit India for medical treatment, you will require a special visa known as a Medical visa or “M visa.”  It is given to individuals who seek treatment in reputed and specialized Indian hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Role of Medsurge Team: We will assist you in acquiring a medical visa to India as quickly as practicable. Once you are satisfied with the medical opinion and estimation of treatment cost given by us to you. Our assistance team will help you in arranging a visa letter and other required documentation if you decide to have your treatment done at a @MedSurgeIndia  associated hospital. You can apply for a medical visa at the nearest Indian embassy in your country.

The following is a list of countries for which the medsurgeIndia team can assist in obtaining a medical visa on an urgent basis:

Medical Visa for Turkey – Turkey has a considerable number of international hospitals, including the famous Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Foreign visitors to Turkey are strongly encouraged to read the relevant information on the country’s visa policy. Foreigners who desire to receive medical treatment in Turkey must first obtain a medical visa unless they are nationals of visa-exempt countries.

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Medical Visa for UAE – Foreigners seeking medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates can now easily obtain a medical visa, also known as a Patient Entry Permit, from the UAE government. In addition, the authorities also offer a medical attendant visa for the treatment.

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  • Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Prestige International

The main objective of the Medsurge India team is to provide 100 % assistance to patients in order for them to receive successful treatment and return home happily.


  • Each patient is assigned a professional, competent, and experienced Case Manager for individualized and focused support.
  • Facilitates expert multiple opinions on an O.P.D basis to arrive at the correct, reliable, and accurate diagnosis in each case.
  • Carefully selects highly qualified and experienced doctors with a proven track record from across India based on case requirements.
  • As per case requirements, carefully chooses accredited hospitals with cutting-edge technologies and world-class infrastructure.
  • The entire treatment process is carefully monitored and controlled.
  • Assists each patient in achieving the best possible treatment outcome, eliminating errors, and avoiding unnecessary procedures.
  • Offers highly negotiated pricing that is both affordable & committed, and mostly does not increase during the treatment procedure.
  • Ensures that there is no waiting time for procedures of treatment.
  • Arranges and coordinates virtual medical consultations on an immediate basis.
  • Takes care of the hospital’s admission and discharge procedures.
  • Participates in all surgery appointments with the patient.
  • Provides complete supervision, coordination, and management of treatment.
  • Also aids in the comprehensive approach of Ayurveda, allopathic, and alternative Indian therapies and medicines.


  • Medical Visa support is provided through MedsurgeIndia Team
  • Flight Bookings at the best prices (optional)
  • Complimentary Transportation facilities from Airport for pick and drop.
  • Providing special attention and facilities for medical attendant
  • Arrange language interpreters as per requirement
  • Assistance is provided during hotel check-ins and check-outs.
  • Also helps to arrange customized apartments for long accommodations
  • Make all of the essential reservations.
  • Manage individual requirements on a one-to-one basis.



Pre – Transplant

Prior to the beginning of your bone marrow transplantation, a bone marrow examination is to be done. The bone marrow evaluation is utilized to find out the kinds of bone marrow cells which you need. Your bone marrow physician will decide which bone marrow evaluation process to choose for.

If you’re getting treated for cancer then you may get a bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy done also. Usually, he’ll ask you to your medical history and conduct a physical examination. This is a significant step since the physician has to make positive you are a suitable candidate for your transplant procedure. This testing period can take a few days.

Conditioning Process

You may be given chemotherapy or radiation or both by the bone marrow expert. This can be done prior to the bone marrow transplant process. There are two way of doing it they are:

  • Mini transplant or reduced-intensity therapy is a process where chemotherapy and radiation are offered to you in smaller doses. This is normally for the elderly and people that are currently experiencing health complications.
  • Myeloablative or ablative therapy is a procedure where radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of both of those remedies is provided to you in large doses. This can be used to kill cancer cells that are in the human body. Be aware that the wholesome cells from the bone marrow which are present are murdered in this procedure.

The reason why the conditioning method is done would be to suppress your immune system, destroy cancer cells (if you’re experiencing a kind of cancer), and also permit your bone marrow to be prepared for the new healthier stem cells that are likely to be transplanted. The conditioning procedure can have one or more side effects such as organ complications, fatigue, hair loss, vomiting, cataracts, infertility, mouth ulcers, and nausea.

Types of Bone Marrow Transplants

  1. Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant

In this kind of transplant, healthful stem cells are attracted to somebody else (a donor). This donor could be somebody in your loved ones or somebody who’s not associated with you. The donor marrow tissue has been checked for the transplant is performed only when the cells are a game. The stem cells have been obtained from the donor together with the procedure for bone marrow harvest or stem cell harvest.

In this, the stem cells which are in the umbilical cord of a newborn infant are eliminated whenever the infant is born. These eliminated stem cells have been frozen and retained. These may be utilized for the transplant. Since these cells are rather immature, it’s highly probable they will be a close game. But because the stem cells in the umbilical cord are lower, it may take longer to the creation of cells to begin after the transplant.

  1. Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant

This is also called as rescue transplant. This is actually the bone marrow transplant where the stem cells are removed out of the human body through a procedure called apheresis. Before apheresis is done, the quantities of stem cells will need to be increased.

Requirements and Criteria of Bone Marrow Transplants

A bone marrow transplant may take as much as a whole week and the price of bone marrow transplant may fluctuate based upon the individual situation. Listed here are a few of the things which you should keep in mind:

  • You will need to notify your workplace about your absence for a whole week. Applying for medical leave in advance is a fantastic idea so that your workplace is conscious ahead.
  • You may want to organize your loved ones to keep near where you’re being treated. For this, seeking a resort or home close to the hospital is a great way to prepare.
  • When you have pets then you have to make sure they are cared for the whole week. You may want to initiate the research on this ancient.
  • You need to think of how you’re likely to travel at this time and organize to get a helper, friend, or relative to support you at the moment.
  • When there aren’t any bills to be paid during this time, then install auto pay or cover your bills beforehand when at all possible. You need to make sure that your insurer must be intimated as well.

Finding a Donor

If you require an allogeneic bone marrow transplant, also called an allogeneic stem cell transplant, to be achieved, then you need to locate a donor.

If it comes to finding a donor, then there are a couple of alternatives. A donor could be your relative, friend, or maybe a person you do not understand. But, doctors usually search for a donor genetic makeup that matches yours, even partially. The main reason is the achievement of an allogeneic bone marrow transplant is dependent upon how great the donor game is.

An evaluation will be conducted to see whether the donor is ideal for you or not. This evaluation will determine whether you have to get another donor or the present donor is a match. Normally, the nearest of their household, including your siblings, proves to be great matches.

But, that does not imply people that who aren’t associated with you won’t create a match. The bone marrow registries are useful once you’re looking for a matching donor not associated with you.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I am hesitant about the Bone Marrow Transplant procedure. What should I do?

A: You have to realize that getting anxieties regarding bone marrow transplant is ordinary. You need to jot down all of the questions you’ve got and talk to a physician about them. The trick will be for you to be familiar with the process before it starts. Do not be afraid to ask your physician all of the questions that you have. If you believe anxiety is negatively impacting you and getting uncontrollable, then it’s a fantastic idea to consult with a counselor. Talking to a family about the process and preparing them is a fantastic idea so that they know of what to expect. Support teams are also available to help you browse throughout the strain and apprehensions of this process. These support groups also can assist you to conduct sufficient research on the internet about the very best clinic for bone marrow transplant in India at which it is possible to get the very best medical attention. This may go a long way in relieving your own concern.

Q: Is it possible not to be eligible for a bone marrow transplant?

A: Yes. Some individuals may not be entitled to a bone marrow transplant as they’re not healthy enough to be given a transplant. The process is very taxing on your body and consequently, overall wellbeing ought to be preserved before trying it. That is the reason why physicians spend a fantastic period of time to make certain you’re physically prepared for a bone marrow transplant.

Q: Just how long can it take for me to resume my regular activities following the transplant process?

A: Following the bone marrow transplant, then you’ll be closely tracked by the physicians as they’ll be watching out for a rise in blood cell count and some discomfort you may encounter. The comprehensive healing may require a year but it depends upon a lot of factors. If the transplant is deemed effective (Stem cells are being generated), then you are able to resume your usual daily tasks.

Q: What’s the bone marrow transplantation price in India?

A: The bone marrow transplant price is dependent upon a number of factors like the kind of transplant and the place of where you’re receiving the transplant. That is the reason why following the suitable evaluations are completed, your health care provider may provide you with an estimate of this bone marrow transplantation price. The bone marrow transplant price in India may differ from hospital to hospital, so hence it is essential that you do your research on the internet and have a quote from several hospitals prior to opting to proceed. Nevertheless, ensure the quality of health care you get isn’t compromised when searching for affordability.

Q: Is it ok for me to work out following a bone marrow transplant?

A: As soon as your bone marrow transplant was a victory, you may begin to work out. But it’s a great idea to start slow and then as you get better you’re able to raise the level of the exercise so. Your health care provider can allow you to create a workout program that’s tailored to your own needs and requirements.

Q: How long am I supposed to remain in the hospital following the transplant process has finished?

A: This depends upon what you’re being treated for and also the positioning of this bone marrow transplant. At times, people do not need to remain in the hospital immediately after the process but other people do. It is based upon the individual circumstance. Occasionally because of high doses of radiation treatment and chemotherapy, you may have to remain in the clinic for a far longer period. Your health care provider will inform you regarding the period of your stay so you may make arrangements so.

Q: Do I want to take anything to the hospital to get the bone marrow transplant process?

A: You’ll be changed to another cottage for the bone marrow transplant process. Few of the items you can carry into the hospital are:

  • Comfortable, clean and loose-fitting clothing
  • Loose slippers
  • Razor, toothbrush and other toiletries
  • Books, journals or magazines
  • Personal items such as blankets
  • Food items such as snacks and beverages

Q: Is it possible to lead a normal life after a bone marrow transplant?

A: Among those things you need to remember is that after a transplant, it requires a whole lot of time to recover. The transplant may take a few weeks or even months to be finished. It is ideal to get a health plan in your mind so you are able to look after yourself. It is also possible to check with family and friends for assistance. Throughout the first couple of months, you will feel helpless and much more tired than normal. There may be a sharp shift on your appetite and the way you smell and flavor food. Considering that all your cells are increasing, it might take a while to get back to your regular activities.

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Medsurge India is one of the pioneers and the most reputable company in the field of medical tourism in India. India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the Western and European countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the finest medical experts. With the most excellent infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. The Availability of Ayurveda and Naturopathy in the purest form makes India the most sought after health destination.

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