Lung Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Lung cancer treatment cost in India starts from 1,300 USD and may go up to 38,000 USD considering various factors. The cost is almost half the cost of lung cancer treatment in western countries such as the USA, or the UK. There is a wide range of prices depending on the hospital and also the city in which you choose to get treated.

Lung Cancer: Introduction!!

Lungs are a pair of air-filled organs located on either side of the chest. When you inhale, the air enters your lungs through the trachea (windpipe), where it flows through tubes called bronchi.

Lung cancer begins from the cells and tissues in the lungs. There are mainly of two types:

  • Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the common type of lung cancer and constitutes about 80% of lung cancer cases.
  • Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) comprises 20% of lung cancer cases.

Meanwhile, mixed small cell/large cell cancer refers to a person who has both types of lung cancer. Furthermore, if cancer begins in other parts of the body and spreads to the lungs, then it is metastatic cancer of the lungs.

What Causes Lung Cancer?

Nearly 80 percent of lung cancer deaths happen due to smoking tobacco.

Smoking is the most significant risk factor for lung cancer, which is also compounded by other variables. Some of the other factors responsible are:

  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Exposure to cancer-causing chemicals such as mustard gas, uranium, radon gas, etc.
  • Family history of lung cancer
  • Presence of high arsenic levels in drinking water
  • Inhalation of air pollutants

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Some of the early signs of lung cancer are cough (sometimes with blood), weight loss, wheezing, or pain in the chest. These symptoms should not be disregarded and you should also seek medical treatment right once.

You may also require a medical diagnosis if you may experience the following health conditions:

  • Fatigue or tired
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Breathlessness
  • Coughing out blood or rust-colored phlegm
  • Cough that gets worse over time
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hoarseness
  • Recurrent infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain while laughing or coughing

The symptoms of lung cancer in females are almost the same as those found in men. Somehow, there may be some differences that may affect the treatment options in females.

Stages of Lung Cancer

The chances of survival are better when lung cancer is discovered early. Because lung cancer does not exhibit any symptoms at first, it is only diagnosed after the symptoms become serious.

Lung cancer has mainly four stages:

1: It is stage one when cancer begins in the cells and tissues of the lungs.
2: When the cancer is in the lungs and nearby lymph nodes it is in stage two
3: Cancer is in the lungs and lymph nodes in the middle of the chest. In addition to the lymph nodes, cancer starts spreading to the whole of the chest or the lymph nodes above the collarbone.
4: It is considered stage 4 cancer when it has spread to distant organs as well.

Advanced Treatment Options for Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Treatment for lung cancer depends on its severity, stage, location, and type of tumor. The treatment options include:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

In recent years, various minimally invasive surgical techniques are being invented to diagnose and also for treat lung cancer. These techniques involve the insertion of a very small video camera through a three-inch incision in the chest.

Surgeons that use minimally invasive surgery can better understand and see the tissue they are working with since they do not have to make big cuts. As compared to traditional surgical techniques, these minimally invasive procedures lead to an accurate surgery followed by quicker recovery time, fewer risks, bleeding as well as discomfort.


This is the only last option when all other treatments fail. Based on the nature, severity, stage, location, and size of the tumor, the doctor may perform pneumonectomy – removal of a lung, lobectomy – removal of a lobe, or removal of affected lymph nodes.


In this procedure, doctors use anti-cancer drugs to target and also destroy cancerous cells with minimal damage to the nearby cells. These drugs stop cancerous cells from multiplying.

Doctors prefer chemotherapy to treat small cell carcinoma – a type of highly malignant lung cancer that begins in the lungs and can spread to nearby organs such as the prostate, cervix, or gastrointestinal tract. Chemotherapy brings better results when cancer spreads quickly.

HelpfulChemtherapy FAQ

Cyberknife Radiosurgery

Cyberknife is a non-invasive therapy that delivers high doses of precisely focused radiation to cure lesions or cancers. It is a non-surgical option to treat complex tumors without surgery or any larger incisions.

It is a high-energy radiation treatment to deliver beams of radiation precisely from different angles outside the body. The radiations are so precise that they can match the shape of even small complex tumors near the critical organs. This is why doctors prefer Cyberknife to treat lesions that are inoperable with surgery.

Personalized Targeted Therapy: An Advanced Treatment for Lung Cancer!

Targeted therapy works differently as compared to chemotherapy. Furthermore, targeted treatment can be used in situations when chemotherapy has failed or in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Sometimes not only do lung cancer treatment procedures kill cancerous cells, but healthy cells as well. A new class of cancer medicines, known as targeted therapies, focuses on not harming healthy cells in the vicinity of the cancerous cells. These therapies stop the growth and functionality of cancerous cells.

These new anti-cancer drugs interfere with the development of cancer at the molecular level. After diagnosing lung carcinoma with a good tissue biopsy and molecular testing, doctors also ensure about delivering the suitable personalized targeted therapy using biomarkers.

What are the benefits of Minimally Invasive Procedures?

In addition to smaller incisions as compared to traditional open surgeries, minimally invasive procedures have their share of significant advantages and they are:

Recovery: As minimally invasive procedures involve lesser and smaller incisions as compared to conventional operating procedures, there are higher chances of the body recovering and healing faster.

Hospital Stays: Minimally invasive procedures require lesser hospital stays and back to life at the earliest.

Lesser Pain: As these procedures are less invasive, therefore, they aren’t that much pain.

Less Scarring: Minimally invasive procedures involve smaller incisions, and hence, less scarring.

Why Lung Cancer Treatment in India?

Internationally Recognized & Highly Experienced Pulmonologists: India, being one of the top medical tourism destinations, has highly qualified surgeons and doctors who have worked with the world’s best lung cancer treatment hospitals in the past and holds expertise in treating diseases with the latest cancer treatment techniques.

Affordable, Cost-effective Treatment: India is well-known for providing world-class, budget-friendly treatment to patients across the globe. The same goes for lung cancer treatment including drugs, medicines, and latest therapies.

Comprehensive Care: Medical equipment such as PET scans, Cyberknifes, IMRTs, IGRTs, Gammaknifes and also Robotic Surgery Systems are available at the hospitals to aid in early diagnosis and faster recovery.

Well-trained Nursing Staff and Other Paramedics: Highly qualified experts, nurses and paramedics specialise in providing complete care till the patient is totally recovered and released.




What Factors Decide the cost of Lung Cancer Treatment in India?

  • Type of hospital: single-specialty, multi-specialty, or super-specialty
  • Type of room selected: single, shared, private, or deluxe
  • The expertise of surgeons, doctors, and oncologists
  • Admission fee
  • Pre-evaluation tests and procedures
  • Follow-up care
  • Post-procedure tests to monitor the patient’s condition
  • Follow-up visits
  • Severity, stage, and metastasize of the cancer
  • Type of treatment
  • Type of surgery, if required
  • Medical condition and age of the patient

Below is an elaboration of lung cancer treatment costs in India:

Type of Procedure Cost
Tests and diagnostic procedures including X-ray, PET scan, CT scan, blood tests, and biopsy Approximately USD 700
Type of Surgery Suggested by Surgeon  USD 1800- USD 33,000
Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or targeted therapy USD 5,000
Follow-up visits USD 10 – USD 15 per visit
Post-procedure tests to check the patient’s progress USD 60 – USD 70
Post-surgery care USD 100


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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Once you decide to get your treatment done in India, you can send us your medical reports via email, WhatsApp, or our official website along with the latest MRIs, X-rays, and other relevant medical documents. Expect a reply from us within 48 hours.

What happens after I send my medical reports?

After we receive your medical reports, we get to consult the best doctors at leading hospitals for multiple opinions and revert with a treatment plan detailing about doctor’s diagnosis, cost estimates, treatment plan, total stay in India, and some additional relevant details.

What factors affect the lung cancer treatment cost in India?

There are the various patient, hospital, and medical-related factors on which the lung cancer treatment cost in India relies. These factors may include the type of hospital, room, diagnostic tests, type of surgery, treatment plan, etc.

After I receive the treatment package, from where should I proceed?

After your approval and willingness to get treatment in India, our team will assist you with the Indian medical visa assistance and the documentation process. In addition to the documentation process, we will arrange accommodation for you and your accompanying family member. There is no need to send any money in advance.

Why the cost of medical treatment in India differs from the rest of the world?

You can save from 60% to 90% on healthcare costs as compared to other developed countries such as the UK. This difference is because treatment packages are planned to keep in mind the patient’s savings in healthcare costs. However, there is no compromise on the quality of services offered.

Can I know the doctor’s credentials?

Yes, you will be provided with detailed information about the specialist before proceeding with the treatment. Also, we will arrange a video consultation with the doctor before you travel to India.

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Medsurge India is one of the pioneers and the most reputable company in the field of medical tourism in India. India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the Western and European countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the finest medical experts. With the most excellent infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. The Availability of Ayurveda and Naturopathy in the purest form makes India the most sought after health destination.

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