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Brief About HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore

The HCG Cancer Centre Bangalore is a multi-specialty hospital having NABH, NABL, DSIR, FDA, CAP, and ISO: 9001 accreditation. Furthermore, HCG offers 20 cancer treatment centers in India, including four in Bangalore: Koramangala, Double Road, Kalinga Rao Road, and MSR Nagar.

Awards & Accolades

  • The first hospital in India to win the Golden Peacock Award.
  • Innovation Management Limca Awards for making the largest human ribbon.
  • Producing the largest to-scale model of the lung was the BMA’s Best Health Care Group of the Year.
  • Two years in a row, Frost & Sullivan named me “Leader of the Year” in Oncology.

Major Milestones

  1. Asia’s first bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant was performed at this hospital.
  2. India’s first Computer Assisted Tumor Navigation Surgery (CATS).
  3. First in Asia to treat a patient with 3D radio-guided surgery.
  4. It is also the first hospital in India to introduce Flattening Free Filter (FFF) mode technology.
  5. Cyberheart – First hospital in India to remove a tumor in the left ventricle of the heart through CyberKnife.
  6. First in India to save patient’s vocal cord through world’s most advanced laser technology.
  7. First hospital in India to introduce Hyperthermia as a form of treatment.
  8. It is also the first hospital in India to introduce TomoTherapy.
  9. Additionally, it is also the first in the world to perform the quickest Radio Surgery to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia.
  10. HCG Cancer Centre Bangalore has also conducted the largest number of Breast Conservation Surgeries in India. ( Also read about Breast Cancer Treatment in India)

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Given an Overview of HCG Hospital, Bangalore.

With an integrated approach to cancer care and a combination of an experienced team of professionals and cutting-edge technologies, HCG was the first cancer center in the nation to deploy cyclotron and PET-CT technologies. This ensured that patients received the proper care and treatment. The clinical staff at the HCG Cancer Centre, Double Road, Bangalore, is made up of highly skilled, educated, and experienced surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, and nuclear medicine doctors. They are on call 24 hours a day to provide thorough patient care. Through surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology with a full spectrum of diagnostics, the cancer center offers high-quality cancer care.

What Are the Facilities Available at HCG Hospital, Bangalore

When it comes to disease diagnosis and treatment, HCG uses a multidisciplinary approach in which experts from various fields collaborate to accurately assess patient data, standardize the therapeutic strategy, and generate efficiencies that will eventually result in efficient disease management. Facilities available in HCG, Hospital:

  • Blood Bank
  • Emergency Service
  • 24X7 Pharmacy
  • Parking
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Prayer Room
  • Laundry Room

What Are the Type of Treatments and Surgery Done in HCG Hospital, Bangalore

HCG Hospital, Bangalore is a renowned cancer hospital that has performed every type of treatment and surgery on cancer. They are well-known for doing breast cancer surgery and despite being the most frequent cancer in Indian women, breast cancers are treated at HCG with the highest 5-year survival rates of 86.9%. It has a chain of 24 comprehensive cancer centers, which offer cutting-edge diagnostics and world-class cancer treatments across the nation.

What Are Some of HCG Hospital, Bangalore’s Achievements Throughout the Years

Here are a list of its achievements:

  • Asia’s first bloodless bone marrow transplant was performed by HCG as the pioneer hospital.
  • At HCG, bone cancer patients underwent India’s first Computer Assisted Tumour Navigation Surgery (CATS).
  • The first plasma bank in Karnataka opened its doors at the HCG Cancer Centre in Bangalore.
  • In India, HCG has performed the most breast conservation surgeries.
  • As the first clinic in Asia to use 3D radio-guided surgery on a patient, HCG treated a patient with a surgical eye and many more.

Accolades and Awards Given to HCG Hospital, Bangalore

List of awards and accolades;

  •  HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru ranked 1st in the Outlook Health rankings under the category ‘BEST HOSPITALS ONCOLOGY – ALL INDIA’ 2022
  • HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru ranked 1st in the Times Health Survey under the category of National Single Specialty
  • FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2022, HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru won the Excellence in Service category for our exemplary contribution in the field of cancer care
  • HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara bestowed by “Eminence Award 2022” by Divya Bhaskar
  • HCG was bestowed with BW HealthcareWorld Excellence Awards ’22 under the Institutional Excellence in Oncology category for outstanding contributions to healthcare, etc.
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