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All You Must Know About Aplastic Anemia

When the sticky substance inside the bones called bone marrow gets altered and is not able to make platelets, white cells, or blood cells then this disorder is called Aplastic anemia. It often results in a reduced blood count to an extent where it can be life-threatening. Generally speaking, it usually happens in teams for people who are in their early twenties. It is common in children. This disease can be classified into two types namely Inherited Aplastic Anemia and acquired Aplastic Anemia. Acquired Aplastic Anemia is found in adults while Inherited Aplastic Anemia is often caused due to genetic defects and alterations. 

Acquired Aplastic Anemia is caused due to exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals which causes changes in the genes. It can also be caused due to chemotherapy treatment that is usually performed for cancer patients. Other causes of Aplastic Anemia are diseases like HIV or Epstein-Barr. Exposure to too strong and harmful drugs and certain medications can also be a reason for acquired Aplastic Anemia.

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What Are The Symptoms of Aplastic Anemia?

aplastic-anemia-treatmentWe know that each type of blood cells has different functions. While the red blood cells are required to carry oxygen in the body, white blood cells are known to fight infections and the platelets work as a blocking agent which prevents bleeding in the body. The symptoms of Aplastic Anemia depend on the kind of blood cells a person is low in.

  • A low red blood cell count can cause shortness of breath, a feeling of dizziness, and headaches. It can also make the skin look pale. 
  • When a person has a low red blood cell count, they experience irregular heartbeat, fatigue and sometimes it can also be a cause of chest pains.
  • On the other hand, if someone lacks white blood cell count then they become prone to infections and experience fever. They often experience body temperature changes.
  • If a person is low on platelets they can easily get bruised or have rashes on the body. They often experience nose bleeding and gum bleeding.
  • In cases of Aplastic anemia, a person can experience all these symptoms depending upon which blood cell they lack. Sometimes, all these symptoms can also be observed together when a person has an overall low blood count. 

In cases where a person experiences these symptoms, they must visit a doctor and get diagnosed.

This disease can be diagnosed with ease. There are several medical tourism companies in India that can help foreign tourists find the best doctors and hospitals for the diagnosis and treatment of Aplastic Anemia. 

To diagnose Aplastic Anemia blood tests are carried out and sometimes the biopsy of bone marrow is also done to check the extremities of the disorder. In the CBC or complete blood cell count test the blood cell count of all the three types of cells is acquired by the doctor to check whether it is a case of Aplastic Anemia.

How Can Aplastic Anemia be Treated?

In minor cases, Aplastic anemia does not need treatment. However, in cases where it gets severe and the patient has a very low blood cell count then there can be several ways to treat it. In such cases, a person is advised to take several medicines that will help to suppress the immune system. One other way to cure this disease is through blood and bone marrow transplant. This treatment works when a person has acquired Aplastic Anemia. When the patient goes through this situation due to exposure to toxins or harmful chemicals then a bone marrow transplant can be a very helpful form of treatment. It can cure Aplastic Anemia and also prevent any other type of blood disorders that the patient might be prone to. India is one of the best destinations for the treatment of Aplastic Anemia. The Aplastic anemia treatment cost in India varies from 8 to 10 lacs. After the treatment is complete the doctor monitors the condition of the patient for a few days to see if the patient develops any other blood disorders or experiences any side effects. Once the patient has recovered completely then they can seek a discharge.

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What precautions should a patient with Aplastic Anemia take?

If a patient has Aplastic anemia then there are several precautions they should take to stay safe.

  • Patients with Aplastic Anemia should get there and get the vaccination done on time.
  • They should also consult a doctor before traveling to a place where there is less oxygen or while taking a flight. They might need a blood transfusion before taking up a journey. 
  • They should wash their hands often and stay as clean as possible.

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