Aplastic Anemia Treatment Cost in India

aplastic anemia treatment cost in india

Aplastic or aplastic anemia occurs when the bone marrow no longer produces enough hematopoietic stem cells. However, these are at the origin of all blood cells, of which the three sorts are: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Aplastic anemia hence causes three types of symptoms. Main, those that are common to different types of anemia: either the signs of a deficiency in red blood cells and therefore of deficient oxygen transport. Then, the symptoms associated with the lack of white blood cells (vulnerability to infections), and finally, the lack of blood platelets (coagulation disorders).

It is a very rare form of anemia. Depending on the case, it is genetically acquired or inherited. This disease can appear suddenly and last a short time or become prolonged. Previously nearly always fatal, aplastic anemia happens to be now treated much better. Nevertheless, if it is not quickly other diseases, counting cancer.

This disease can happen at any of ages and affects treatment, it will worsen and lead to death. Patients who are successfully treated are at greater risk of developing other diseases, including cancer. So, individuals who are struggling with its symptoms immediately approach aplastic anemia treatment in India and live a normal life.

This disease can occur at any age and affects both men and women (but is generally more serious in men). It seems more frequent in Asia than in the United States or Europe.

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Causes of Aplastic Anemia

In 70% to 80% of cases, the disease has no identified reason. It is then said to be a primary aplastic or idiopathic anemia. Otherwise, here are the factors that may be responsible for its appearance:

  • Hepatitis (5%)
  • Medicines (6%)
  1. Gold salts
  2. Sulfonamides
  3. Chloramphenicol
  4. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  5. Anti thyroiditis (used in the event of hyperthyroidism)
  6. Phenothiazines
  7. Penicillamine
  8. Allopurinol
  • Toxins (3%)
  1. Benzene
  2. Canthaxanthin
  • Fifth disease – “foot-hand-mouth” (parvovirus B15)
  • Pregnancy (1%)
  • Other rare causes

It is important to differentiate plastic anemia from other diseases that look like it. Certainly, this syndrome used to be diverse from the anemias that are found in the case of definite cancers and their treatment.

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Aplastic Anemia Treatment Cost in India

Starting USD 30,000

( Indian Rupees Approx. 21,60,000 )



Those linked to a low level of red blood cells: pale complexion, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat.

Those linked to a low level of blood platelets: easily bruised skin, abnormal bleeding from the gums, nose, vagina, or gastrointestinal system.


AA can be suspected if the child has the listed complaints and symptoms, and confirm based on the results of a clinical blood test, where the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets is sharply reduced. Other clinical and laboratory studies are also being performed, but the final diagnosis is made only by analyzing a bone marrow sample obtained by puncture and/or trepanobiopsy. A bone marrow examination is necessary to exclude other possible causes of blood cell deficiency, such as leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, myelofibrosis, etc.

In aplastic anemia, a bone marrow examination indicates aplasia or hypoplasia of hematopoiesis – that is, the bone marrow practically does not produce blood cells or produces them, but significantly less than necessary. Thus, experts can conclude that the deficiency of blood cells is associated with their insufficient formation in the bone marrow, and not, for example, with their accelerated destruction in the blood.


Treatment for severe and superheavy AA should be started immediately after diagnosis since a condition of a serious deficiency of all blood cells is life-threatening. If the development of AA is caused by a specific external cause (medication, radiation), then this cause must be removed first. However, as already mentioned, some external factors in the development of the disease can be established only in a very small number of cases.

Since AA is presumably autoimmune, immunosuppressive therapy is widely used to treat it – that is, a therapy that is aimed at suppressing the immune system that “attacks” bone marrow cells. Typically, such therapy includes anti-thymocyte globulin (ATG) or antilymphocyte globulin (ALH) in combination with cyclosporine; steroid hormones such as methylprednisolone can be used to prevent side effects of ATH. The response to this therapy, as a rule, arises slowly: in case of success, the bone marrow gradually recovers several weeks or months after the administration of drugs and begins to produce healthy cells.

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Hospitalization is usually necessary for a course of immunosuppressive therapy for AA. The main complications during treatment are infections and bleeding. If there is no response to the first course of therapy, repeated courses can be carried out. Immunosuppressive therapy is effective in approximately 70% of cases. Unfortunately, some patients have relapses of the disease after it.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost involved in the treatment of Aplastic Anemia In India?

A: Treatment of Aplastic anemia in India is offered at an entirely moderate expense, particularly when contrasted with western countries. The general aplastic anemia treatment cost in India changes on numerous components. A portion of the significant elements that can affect the expense incorporated by and large health of the patient, the experience of the surgeon, extra medical diseases or complications, rehabilitation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Q: Is Aplastic Anemia A Life-Threatening Condition?

A: Aplastic anemia can be moderate to extreme or life-threatening relying upon the degree of blood cell count. The specialist, for the most part, gives blood and platelet transfusions to keep up a satisfactory measure of blood cells in the patients. In any case, when the blood cell count stays low considerably after blood transfusions, the condition is viewed as life-threatening. This is portrayed by an intense loss of blood cells and symptoms are unmistakable.


Q: Who Is Eligible For The Treatment?

A: If you experience visits and prolonged infections, irregular or rapid heart rate, steady headache, dizziness, and fatigue, nosebleeds, and prolonged bleeding from cuts or bleeding gums; you should refer to a doctor and get your ailment checked thoroughly.


Q: Who Is Not Entitled To The Treatment?

A: Everyone is eligible for a stem cell transplant or can discover a donor. For the most part, just youngsters can experience it effectively.


Q: Are there any Side Effects of bone marrow transplant?

A: Bone marrow intoxicating drugs might cause provisional redness, itching or irritation in your skin. Your body may reject foundational microorganism transplants and result in life-threatening conditions. Also, A: Bone marrow transplant is an escalated treatment that may cause genuine resistance issues and diseases. Opposite reactions incorporate sterility and brief balding. Patients under 40 are the best opportunities for a bone marrow transplant. As you cross the age of 40, the likelihood of getting eased of Aplastic Anemia with bone marrow transplant is decreased.


Q: What Are The Post-Treatment Guidelines?

A: The drugs that you expend when the treatment may debilitate your immune system. You should see a doctor at the absolute first indication of infection, for example, fever. Try not to overlook any such signs. Stay away from outside exercises that may bring about cuts or falls. Keep the separation of sick individuals. Wash your hands routinely. Play it safe so as not to get any infection.


Q: What Is The Recovery Timing?

A: The timeframe of recovery relies upon the severity of your condition.


Q: What Is The Worth Of The Treatment In India?

A: The cost of a bone marrow transplant can be between ₹2000000 – ₹3500000.


Q: Are The Consequences Of The Treatment Everlasting?

A: The aftereffects of the treatment might be permanent. By and large, aplastic anemia may return when you quit ingesting the prescribed medications.


Q: What Are The Substitutes To The Treatment?

A: There are zero substitutes for this treatment.


Q: Are there any immediate side effects if I have to undergo bone marrow?

A: Nausea, vomiting, fatigue are a few of the immediate and quick effects patient experience after undergoing bone marrow.


Q: How safe is donating bone marrow for my siblings or family members?

A: It’s an overall safe procedure and you will recover within a few weeks.


Q: What’s the success percent of bone marrow?

A: Aplastic Anemia patients who get a perfect bone marrow transplant from kin endure 70% to 90% of the time. If there should arise an occurrence of a random doctor, the endurance rates steep down to half.


Q: Is there any alternative to bone marrow transplant?

A: In case a bone marrow transplant is not possible in your case due to some factors, immunosuppressive drug therapy is performed. According to the reports, around 50% of the affected patients respond well to it. On the flip side, aplastic anemia is the sign that the cancer is slowly developing if you continue the drug therapy and ignore the other treatments as well.


Q: How long does drug therapy last?

A: Patients experiencing treatment with immunosuppressant drugs need to hold up in any event 3 months to see the blood check rising slowly; it can also take as long as a half year. If your body reacts well and there is an improvement, your doctor will decrease the measurement. If your condition doesn’t improve with sedate treatment, the best choice for Aplastic Anemia is constantly a bone marrow transplant.


Q: What if I am traveling from Africa, South America, or other areas? What are the things you need to carry?

A: People from the other nations must carry a yellow fever vaccination certificate during their India travel. people from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, and Israel must conduct an oral polio vaccination certification including both children and adults.


Q: Does India provide a visa on arrival to the patients traveling to India for medical treatment?

A: If you are someone who is from Japan, Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Philippines, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives, you can enter India with a visa on arrival policy for up to 90 days!


Q: What are the requisite essentials for a clinical visa to India?

A: Keep a substantial identification like a Passport and visa and the proof of medical treatment papers of the hospitals in India. You can apply for a medical visa to India. Up to 2 specialists who are blood family members can go with the patient under independent orderly visas.

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