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Mr. Manuel Grinspan’s Experience with Dendritic Cell Therapy

Brief About Patient

  • Medical Issue– Colon Cancer
  • Hospital- Apollo Hospital,  New Delhi
  • Treatment- Dendritic Cell Therapy with Chemotherapy
  • Native Country- Costo Rica
  • Name- Mr. Manuel Grinspan

In the face of a challenging diagnosis of colon cancer, Mr. Manuel Grinspan, a resident of Costa Rica, embarked on a journey to seek the highest quality of care. His quest led him to Medsurge India, a renowned medical value travel facilitator that connects patients with top-notch medical professionals from all over the globe. Here is the testimony of Mr. Grinspan’s experience with Dendritic Cell Therapy and his heartfelt gratitude towards Medsurge India for their exceptional support and assistance.

Discovering a Diagnosis

Upon learning of his colon cancer diagnosis, Mr. Manuel was determined to explore all the possible treatment options he could find on the net. Upon researching extensively, he came across the innovative approach of how Medsurge India helps patients from all over the world to find better treatments across the globe and showed promising results in their work. Driven by hope, he reached out to Medsurge India to guide him through this intricate medical journey.

Medsurge India – A Beacon of Support

The Medsurge India team swiftly responded to Mr. Manuel’s inquiry and provided him with the detailed information he required. After carefully reviewing his medical records, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of his condition, and with their expertise and network of esteemed medical professionals, he was recommended a treatment plan combining Dendritic Cell Therapy with chemotherapy.

From the moment Mr. Grinspan arrived in India, Medsurge India orchestrated a seamless experience for him. The team handled all the logistical arrangements, including airport pick-up, accommodation, and necessary documentation that were needed. Their meticulous attention to detail and professionalism soothed any concerns Mr. Grinspan had and allowed him to focus solely on his treatment and recovery.

A Heartfull Gratitude From Mr. Manuel to Medsurge India

“Throughout my treatment journey, I have felt immense gratitude towards Medsurge India. Your unwavering support, compassion, and personalized care have left a profound impact on me. Every step of the way, you ensured that my needs were met, providing me with a sense of reassurance and comfort.” And I wholeheartedly recommend Medsurge India to anyone seeking medical treatment in India. Your commitment to excellence, professionalism, and patient-centric approach sets you apart. Medsurge India not only facilitated my medical journey but also became a source of hope and inspiration.


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