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Success Story Of Patient From Zimbabwe Who Underwent Prostate Enlargement Treatment in India

Brief About Patient

Medical Issue– Prostate Enlargement Treatment

Hospital- Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj

Treating Doctor– Dr. Aman Gupta

Treatment- Prostate Surgery

Native Country- Zimbabwe

Name- Onias Tapera

Medical History

It all began when Mr. Omia Tapera went to see his doctor in Zimbabwe, as he was having a hard time experiencing frequent urination, and a weak urine stream. Following some tests, the doctor diagnosed him with prostate enlargement, a condition often linked to urinary issues.

Mr. Onias, considering the gravity of his situation, sought guidance from his loved ones in Zimbabwe. Through a friend, he learned about Medsurge India. Impressed by the positive feedback and testimonials from previous patients, he decided to reach out to Medsurge India for help.

After reaching out to Medsurge India, our committed healthcare experts quickly took action. They scheduled a meeting with a well-known urologist, Dr. Aman Gupta, an expert in treating prostate enlargement. Dr. Gupta carefully reviewed Mr. Onisa’s medical records, symptoms, and test results during the consultation, ultimately confirming the diagnosis of prostate enlargement.

Dr. Gupta presented a personalized treatment plan for Mr. Onias, incorporating a blend of surgical and non-surgical approaches to cater to the patient’s specific requirements. Mr. Onias shared his worries about the surgical procedure and the associated risks. Nevertheless, Medsurge India and Dr. Gupta provided reassurance and highlighted the advantages of minimally invasive treatment choices, specifically focusing on robotic-assisted prostate surgery.

Medical Treatment in India

With our assistance, Mr. Onias embarked on a journey to India for his medical treatment. Our dedicated team took care of all the travel arrangements, ensuring that Mr. Onias felt comfortable and safe throughout his trip. Upon reaching India, a team of healthcare professionals warmly welcomed him and facilitated a seamless transition into the hospital, assisting him with his pre-surgery preparations.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Gupta and his team, the patient underwent a successful prostate surgery using a minimally invasive technique. This advanced approach provided precise and accurate results, minimizing the risks associated with the procedure. Mr. Onias’s recovery was smooth, and he was able to leave the hospital within a few days.

Mr. Onias was consistently provided with follow-up care and counseling sessions by Dr. Gupta and his team to monitor his progress and offer the required support. The recovery after surgery went smoothly, and he noticed a remarkable improvement in his urinary symptoms. Mr. Onias expressed his appreciation for the compassionate care and individualized attention he received during the entire treatment journey.

Gratitude to Medsurge India and Dr. Gupta

Mr. Onias Tapera expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Medsurge India and Dr. Aman Gupta and his team for their exceptional care and support throughout his medical journey. He emphasized the importance of choosing the right medical facility and experienced medical professionals when seeking medical treatment abroad. The patient’s successful treatment and positive experience have inspired him to recommend Medsurge India to others who may require specialized medical care.

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