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How To Naturally Prevent Pregnancy After Sexual Activity?

While many couples desire to become pregnant, they only do so after careful planning and when they are ready to become parents. A lot of women utilize various forms of contraception, such as tablets, to avoid getting pregnant underage. However, she may forget to take her pill or engage in sexual activity without using a form of birth control. 

Even while these methods work, no assurance employing them won’t result in pregnancy. The best advice is to consult a gynecologist or other medical expert, who can provide you with information on the best and most effective methods of contraception. Pregnancy is a natural reaction that occurs when a sperm fertilises an egg. For some, it’s a lovely experience, but for others, it may have unintended consequences. When used correctly, there are a number of natural methods for preventing pregnancy after sex.

Advice On Preventing Pregnancy Following Unprotected Intercourse

You might be pregnant if you have unprotected sex or if a condom fails. This can be an emotionally taxing and difficult event, particularly if you had no intention of becoming pregnant so soon. Following unprotected sex, there are a few things you can take to avoid getting pregnant:

Breathe deeply and keep in mind that you are not alone in this boat right now. Now, for the important part:

  • Emergency Contraception: Take the emergency contraceptive pills within 72 hours to reduce the risk of pregnancy after intercourse.
  • Consult a Healthcare Professional: Seek advice from a healthcare provider for personalized advice on post-coital contraception.
  • Use Copper IUD: Consider the insertion of a copper intrauterine device (IUD) as an effective form of emergency contraception.
  • Stay Informed: Be aware of contraceptive options and their effectiveness to make informed decisions about preventing unintended pregnancies.
  • Practice Safe Sex: Always use condoms or other forms of contraception to minimize the risk of unplanned pregnancies.

But it’s crucial to understand that there are hazards involved. For women, taking such tablets might be challenging.

In light of this, there are some natural methods of preventing pregnancy that you might attempt at home. They’re worth a try even though they might not be perfect. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to get professional guidance on the best practices from a nearby gynecologist. 

Foods That Can Naturally Prevent Pregnancy After Sexual Activity

The following list of foods can help naturally prevent pregnancy after intercourse.

1. Apricot:


One fruit that is well recognized to naturally hinder fetus implantation is the apricot. To use, mix one cup of water with around 100 grams of dried apricots and two teaspoons of honey. You may either blend the ingredients and consume it when it’s lukewarm or boil it for around 20 minutes. As an alternative, you can consume 5–10 apricots every day following unprotected sexual activity until the onset of your period.

2. Ginger:


Ginger can stop conception and start a menstrual cycle. As a remedy, you can drink basic ginger tea. Pour boiling water over grated or crushed ginger. The mixture is ready to drink after five minutes of straining. To avoid getting pregnant, make two glasses of strong ginger tea every day. In addition to being helpful for your complexion, aiding in weight loss, and causing your period, ginger tea has no negative affects on you or your body. 

3. Pineapple:


Pineapple’s natural qualities help to prevent foetus implantation and unintended pregnancy following intercourse. After having sex, eating a ripe pineapple every day for two to three days can prevent pregnancy.

4. Figs:


Dried figs, sometimes called dried anjeer, are among the most effective forms of natural pregnancy control. Figs improve blood flow as well. Eat two to three dried figs after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy after sex. Avoid overindulging in figs as this may result in gastrointestinal distress. 

5. Cinnamon:


By inducing uterine contractions, cinnamon is thought to aid in the prevention of pregnancy. It can be taken as a supplement or eaten as a spice. Until you get your period, it is advised to take cinnamon every day to naturally prevent pregnancy after sex. Adding a pinch of cinnamon to a cup of boiling water and drinking it as tea every morning is one method to make cinnamon a part of your routine. 

6. Queen Anne’s Lace:

Queen Anne's Lace

Another herbal treatment with potential contraceptive effects is Queen Anne’s lace, sometimes referred to as wild carrot. To avoid becoming pregnant unintentionally, it can be drunk as a tea or taken as a supplement. It is thought that Queen Anne’s lace’s inherent qualities inhibit the implantation of a fertilised egg, hence impeding conception.

7. Papaya:


For the next three to four days, consume papaya twice a day if you had unprotected sex. Papaya functions as a natural birth control method for unwanted pregnancies following sex by preventing fertilisation.

8. Juniper Berries:

Juniper Berries

Consuming juniper berries, or Kala Jamun in India, can also help prevent pregnancy subsequent to sexual encounters. After engaging in unprotected sexual activity, you can drink it for three days straight to prevent pregnancy. Furthermore, juniper berries lower the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

9. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C

Another useful treatment for preventing unintended pregnancy is vitamin C. By interfering with the hormone “progesterone,” this vitamin stops conception. After unprotected sex, take 1500 mg of vitamin C tablets twice a day for two to three days. Avoid taking too much vitamin C as this can have negative consequences on your body and health. Also, women with sickle cell disease, anaemia, or who are taking anticoagulant medicine should not take vitamin C supplements.

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Bottom Line

Using an IUD, birth control tablets, or condoms is a dependable method of contraception if you are sexually active and wish to avoid getting pregnant. You can take other measures to lower your chance of getting pregnant after sex in addition to these natural remedies. Using a barrier form of contraception, like condoms, is a crucial first step in preventing sperm from getting to the egg. Utilising a spermicide, which can eliminate the sperm before it reaches the egg, is an additional choice. 

See your gynecologist for advice on how to safely and non-harmfully avoid getting pregnant after sex if you’re searching for natural ways to avoid getting pregnant after sex. Visit your gynecologist right away and stop using any home cures to prevent pregnancy after sex if you become ill, have stomach pains, or notice any other strange or unusual health effects.  To avoid or prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse, it is always safe to see a doctor before utilizing any home remedies.

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