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Life After Having a Liver Transplant

The liver, one of the important internal organs, does not need any introduction for the task it has to work. Just like your kidneys, it too helps in the blood filtration process, fabricates protein necessary for blood clotting. Not to forget, it also helps produce bile juice necessary for digestion. When the liver fails or perhaps is at the edge of failure, your doctor might recommend a surgical procedure called Liver Transplant. Liver transplant surgery is a procedure done to replace a faulty liver with a healthy one from a live or a deceased person. Of course, the surgery has to be done by the best liver transplant hospital in India only. Since the procedure requires detailed precision by the doctors, usually, the Liver Transplant Cost in India varies.  

Post a successful liver transplant, when you are ready to clock out from the hospital, your doctor would brief instructions on the Dos and Don’ts for a perpetual recovery. Albeit recovery may take up to six months, given you follow all the lifestyle and dietary habits firmly. However, there is no cast-iron rule to this as some patients may resume a productive life soon after the operation. So, this blog is dedicated to those who underwent Liver Transplant Surgery latterly and are looking for what they should do next. 

Let’s dive into some of the not-so avoidable clauses after a liver transplant.

Regular checkups are a must: First thing first, strictly meet your doctor for a follow-up after a transplant. All the investigations, including, the important diagnosis should be done at a regular interval to monitor your progress or to reveal any important anatomical and structural information. Maintain the record by yourself so that they can be used by your transplant physician to interpret the results precisely. If possible, share prime contact details with your family and keep them handy. 

Be regular on your medication: You should take the prescribed medicines after the liver transplant at a regular time and interval. Even if you are a parent or guide of someone who went to transplantation, take care of their customary medications. Immunosuppressives are suggested for a lifetime by the best liver transplant hospital in India because there are high chances, your body may reject the transplanted organ.

Know your medications: It is always a good idea to know what sort of medications you are taking. Read or learn about the knock-on effects and interactions of these drugs with other medications beforehand or ask your doctor about the dosage of these medications from time to time. 

Driving and traveling: Ask your healthcare team about your traveling to somewhere else. Likely some patients resume driving post 3 months. Make sure you do not drive straight after consuming medications as they contain narcotics. Always carry 10 days of medications when you are traveling to another city or country with yourself.

Work and sports: Patients can probably return to their normal chores after 2 to 3 months post-surgery. Exercise is strictly prohibited until 3 months especially contact sports such as karate, boxing, climbing, etc. for the next 5 to 6 months or by the time you fully recover. Speak to like-minded people and lead a productive life.

Dental care: Dental care is necessary post-surgery as an untreated dental disease may pose a risk for infection such as sepsis. Make sure to visit your dental surgeon every six months and share with your doctor about the transplant surgery you went through. 

Wave-off the risk of infections: Life past liver transplant surgery is quite devastating and mind-boggling. However, when certain things are taken care of, you can always get better like before. Take certain preventive measures, such as: 

  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid going out until it is extremely important
  • Drink only purified water
  • Cook only at home and prefer not to eat at outlets
  • In case of any signs of fever, immediately contact the local physician first, followed by your healthcare team
  • Use mosquito repellants to avert the risk of any seasonal flu, including dengue or malaria
  • Keep your surroundings clean and healthy.
  • Avoid pets

Attenuating the risk of cancers: Transplant may portray a risk of cancers for many reasons, so an annual diagnosis of yourself is important 

Possible Complications After a Liver Transplant

Internal or external bleeding is quite common.

Rarely the transplanted liver may not work well in deceased donor transplantation, ask your doctor about the same.

Thrombosis is a blood clot in the liver vessels that typically develops after a liver transplant surgery.

Bile may leak from the anastomosis (joint) of the bile duct or edge of the cut. However, this is rare.  

Infections such as oral thrush are more common in transplant patients. Women, particularly, are more prone to vaginal yeast infection post-liver transplant in India.

Infrequent cases may lead to organ rejection by the patient’s immune system. 

General Instructions to Contemplate

  • Avoid pregnancy until a year post-liver transplant, as this puts the mother and the child at risk.
  • Sexual intercourse is allowed once you feel comfortable and physically fit
  • Regular walk for 45-60min a day helps attain the body’s equilibrium mechanism and keep your mind and body healthy. 
  • Lay off sweets and oily food from your diet as they pressurize your liver, swell your weight, and result in uncontrolled diabetes. 

Liver Transplant Cost in India

When it comes to liver transplant cost, India is reasonably fortunate where you can undergo a transplant surgery at a moderate cost, while no compromise on the treatment is assured by the best liver transplant hospital in India

The Takeaway

Undergoing a liver transplant surgery can be complex, but if you have got the support and care of your healthcare team, you can get better and experience the best of health without having to pay through your nose. Follow certain generic measures, and you can live a healthy life then after. Or allow us to be your partner in needs and consult if you are looking for a liver transplant hospital in India.

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