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Success Rate of Deep Brain Stimulation in India

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure that involves implanting a device in the brain to stimulate specific areas for the treatment of various neurological and psychiatric disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The success rate of DBS surgery in India, as in any other country, depends on several factors such as the patient’s condition, the expertise of the surgical team, the quality of the device used, and the postoperative care provided. Generally, DBS is considered to be a safe and effective treatment option for eligible patients who have not responded well to other treatments.

There is limited data available on the success rate of DBS in India, but studies have reported good outcomes for patients who undergo the procedure. For example, a review of studies on DBS for Parkinson’s disease found that the procedure led to significant improvements in motor symptoms and quality of life for most patients. Another study on DBS for essential tremors reported that the procedure reduced tremor severity by an average of 78%.

It is important to note that DBS is a complex procedure that requires expertise and experience, and not all patients may be eligible or suitable candidates for the procedure. Patients considering DBS should undergo a thorough evaluation and discuss the potential risks and benefits with their healthcare provider.

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Success Rate of Deep Brain Stimulation For Different Conditions

Since its approval, Deep Brain Stimulation has been used as a Parkinson’s therapy and for other conditions such as dystonia, etc. For many people, it has been helpful in relieving the condition’s effects.

Deep Brain Stimulation has a 95% success record in treating Parkinson’s disease. For instance, the success rate of DBS in India is about 85% which has highly skilled neurosurgeons and well-equipped institutions. The effectiveness percentage can rise to 90%. In reality, it has been discovered that DBS treatment successfully reduces the intensity of the tremors brought on by conditions like Parkinson’s by more than 50%.

Modern deep brain stimulation services are also available in India. DBS has an efficacy percentage of between 85 and 90 percent.

Factors Influencing the Success Rate of Deep Brain Stimulation

The success rate of complex operations like deep brain stimulation can be affected by a number of variables. Which are:

  • The location where you get treated
  • The expense of the hospital, including the patient’s room style
  • The surgeon’s qualifications and expertise will have an impact on the costs.
  • Medications and potential follow-up examinations
  • The sensors, portable gadgets, and pulse generator used in the DBS system

To determine if Deep Brain Stimulation is the best treatment for your situation, talk to your neurologist about its price and success rate.

Bottom Line

Before deciding to undergo a particular process, you should be conscious of its success rate. For many people, deep brain stimulation has proven to be a very effective therapy. Find out if deep brain stimulation is the best course of therapy for you by speaking with a neurologist and visiting our website at Medsurge India to connect with the best neurology hospital and the best neurologist in India.

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