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Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that strengthens the patient’s immune system. Some immunotherapies target specific cancers while some work to increase immunity more broadly. Cancer of many different kinds can be treated with immunotherapy. It can be taken either on its own or in conjunction with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

The immune system plays a critical role in the fight against malignant cells. The immune system’s natural job is to identify and eliminate aberrant or malignant cells. But occasionally, the cancerous cells manage to evade the immune system and turn the body cancerous. The mechanism could involve the presence of proteins that evade the immune system, interference in the normal cells surrounding the tumor, or genetic changes in the cancerous cells that make them less visible.

Types of Immunotherapy

There are different types of immunotherapy, and they differ in their mechanisms of action. Typically, they are:

  • Monoclonal antibodies – They are proteins that attach themselves to foreign invaders. They help the immune system to recognize and kill them. Scientists produce monoclonal antibodies that target cancer cells and aid the immune system in locating and eliminating them.
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors – The body’s immune system has various checkpoints that help the immune system distinguish between healthy cells and infected cells. Occasionally, cancer can escape these checkpoints by turning them off. Immune checkpoint inhibitors assist in activating these checkpoints and eradicating the malignant cells.
  • Immune system modulators – They generally strengthen the immune system and do not specifically target the cancer cells. These consist of interleukins, interferons, and cytokines.
  • T-cell transfer therapy – In this process, T-cells are obtained from the blood which will be altered and transferred back into the patient’s body. T-cells are immune cells that fight against the cancer cells.
  • Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes – Tumors are examined to see the presence of lymphocytes (immune system cells). If they are present in the cancer cells, it reveals that the immune system is fighting against the cancer. The lymphocytes will be taken from the blood, multiplied in large numbers, and then placed back into the patient’s body.
  • Cancer vaccines – These vaccines can strengthen the immune system and help to combat against the cancer. It is meant only for people who already have cancer.

Numerous factors will determine the type, dosage, and course of treatment that your physician prescribes for immunotherapy. These can include the kind, stage, location, and extent of the cancer’s spread. 

Immunotherapy Cost in Thailand

On Average Immunotherapy cost in Thailand range between 1100 USD to 4500 USD. The overall cost can vary from person to person as it is influenced by several factors. The starting price of immunotherapy treatment cost in different cities of Thailand is as follows.

Cities Starting Price
Bangkok 1100 USD
Chiang Mai 1000 USD
Phuket 1100 USD

Note: Please be aware that the Immunotherapy cost in Thailand listed above are only an indication of what the treatment will cost initially and may change depending on several variables.

Factors Affecting Immunotherapy Cost in Thailand

Immunotherapy cost in Thailand is influenced by many factors. The precise cost might vary from person to person based on these variables. Commonly they are:

  • The type and location of the hospital.
  • The stage and type of the cancer.
  • Cost of tests and procedures.
  • The type of treatment.
  • Complications, if any.
  • Expertise and experience of the healthcare professionals.
  • The expense of lodging for patients who do not reside in the area during follow-up appointments.

Immunotherapy Treatment in Thailand

Cancer patients having immunotherapy treatment in Thailand typically undergo the following steps:

  • Consultation and patient evaluation: During the consultation, the patient’s medical history, present state of health, and specific type of cancer are thoroughly evaluated in conjunction with the oncologist. Individualized treatment plans are then developed for the patient.
  • Immunotherapy selection: The oncologist decides the type of immunotherapy suitable for the patient. The optimal type of immunotherapy is selected based on the patient’s overall health, and the type and stage of the cancer.
  • Administration: Immunotherapy can be administered through various routes such as oral route, intravenous injection, etc. The frequency and duration of treatment sessions may vary based on the specific immunotherapy medication being used and the patient’s response to treatment.
  • Observation and Modifications: Throughout the course of treatment, patients are closely observed for adverse effects and the effectiveness of the immunotherapy. The treatment plan may need to be adjusted based on the patient’s response and any unfavorable reactions that are noticed.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Days of Hospitalization Is Required For Immunotherapy In Thailand?

A: Immunotherapy treatment does not require a long hospitalization. Thailand, after the treatment you will go through different biochemistry or radiological scans to ensure that you are in a good condition and recovery is in process. If your condition is fine enough, you will be discharged within a day.

Q: Immunotherapy Is Used At What Stage of Cancer?

A: Initially when immunotherapies were introduced, they were first restricted for patients with extremely advanced cancers that no longer respond to conventional treatment. Nowadays, a number of them are used as first treatments for advanced cancers, including kidney and lung cancers, which have traditionally been difficult to treat.

Q: Is Immunotherapy Used Only For Cancer Treatment?

A: Although immunotherapy is mainly used for cancer treatment, it can also be used to treat certain conditions like autoimmune diseases and disorders. Researchers are investigating the potential applications of immunotherapy for regenerative medicine, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders, genetic disorders, and inflammation.

Q: What Is The Efficacy of Immunotherapy?

A: Immunotherapy is not efficient for everyone. Certain cancers respond better to immunotherapy medications than others, and while they can work like a miracle for some patients, not all of them will benefit from them. The average response rate is between 15% and 20%.

Q: Can Organs Be Harmed by Immunotherapy?

A: Immunotherapy can lead to inflammatory and autoimmune complications that can impact any area of the body because it stimulates the immune system. The skin, colon, endocrine organs, liver, joints, and lungs are the areas they most commonly affect.

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