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Immunotherapy Cost in India
Your body employs a sophisticated mechanism called the immune system to combat cancer. Cells, organs, and proteins are all involved in this process. Cancer typically defeats the immune system’s natural defenses, which promotes the growth and spread of cancer cells. One sort of cancer treatment is immunotherapy. To boost the immune system and help the body find and get rid of cancer cells, it uses substances created by the body or in a lab. Immunotherapy can be used to treat a variety of cancer types. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other cancer therapies such as chemotherapy.…
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How Immunotherapy is Used to Treat Cancer Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that makes use of specific sections of a person’s immune system to combat diseases like cancer. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways: Stimulating or enhancing your immune system’s defensive capabilities so that it works…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Disadvantage of Immunotherapy?

A: Side Effects: Some types of immunotherapy stimulate your immune system, causing flu-like symptoms. Weight gain, stuffiness, diarrhoea, and inflammation are all possible side effects. In the area where the drug is applied, you may experience pain, itching, redness, swelling, or soreness.

Q: What Are the Signs That Immunotherapy Is Working?

A: A tumor that is shrinking or stable is considered a favourable response to immunotherapy. Although treatment side effects like inflammation may indicate that immunotherapy is having an effect on the immune system, the precise relationship between immunotherapy side effects and treatment success is unknown.

Q: Do You Lose Hair with Immunotherapy?

A: Hair thinning is more likely to occur as a result of hormone therapy, targeted cancer medicines, and immunotherapy. However, some people may have hair loss. Hair falls out in the treated area as a result of radiotherapy. Other regions of the body’s hair are normally unaffected.

Q: Can Immunotherapy Damage Kidneys?

A: Acute kidney injury is a common side effect of a variety of medical operations, including cancer treatment. Both chemotherapy and immunotherapy can cause kidney function to deteriorate, which can lead to an increase in cancer patient mortality.

Q: Can Immunotherapy Cause Heart Problems?

A: Immunotherapy medications increase the risk of heart issues in cancer patients. A study of over a thousand cancer patients who were given immunotherapy medications discovered that they had a higher risk of cardiac problems, including death from a heart attack or stroke.

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