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Radiation therapy is a painless cancer treatment that utilizes high-energy particles or waves, such as protons, electron beams, gamma rays, or x-rays, to kill or shrink cancer cells, radiotherapy is a painless cancer treatment. When it comes to tumors that are localized, it can have a strong, focused impact.

Delivering radiation can be done in two ways:

  • External-beam radiation therapy -It uses a machine that emits radiation from a radioactive material that is injected into the body in close proximity to cancerous cells. 
  • Brachytherapy – A radioactive material that circulates in the blood is used in systemic radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells.

How Does Radiation Therapy Work?

Radiation affects both cancerous and normal cells, but its effects are more pronounced in cancer cells. In order to eradicate every cancer cell, the highest radiation dosage safe for the cancer site will be administered as part of a treatment intended to find a cure. Smaller doses are occasionally administered in an effort to reduce a tumor’s size and/or alleviate symptoms.

Radiation Therapy Cost In Malaysia

On Average Radiation therapy cost in Malaysia ranges between  3000 USD to 8000 USD. The actual expense is influenced by many factors and it can widely vary depending on the city as well. The general cost in different cities of Malaysia is mentioned below.

Cities Starting Price
Radiation Therapy Cost in Kuala Lumpur 3000 USD
Radiation Therapy Cost in Ipoh 2900 USD
Radiation Therapy Cost in Johor Bahru 2800 USD
Radiation Therapy Cost in Kuching 2900 USD
Radiation Therapy Cost in Malacca 3000 USD

Note: Please be aware that the costs listed above are only an indication of what the treatment will cost initially and may change depending on a number of variables. 

Factors Affecting Radiation Therapy Cost in Malaysia

The cost of radiation therapy in Malaysia might differ among individuals as it is influenced by many variables. These include:

  • The location and type of the hospital.
  • The cancer type.
  • The severity of the patient’s condition.
  • Experience and expertise of the doctor.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Treatment duration.
  • Geographical location.

Radiation Therapy Treatment in Malaysia

Due to advancements in healthcare facilities, technologies, and modern techniques, radiation therapy become more safer and effective. There are two ways to administer radiation, either from outside of the body or from inside of the body. The two methods are different in that external radiation therapy delivers radiation waves using a machine outside the body, whereas internal radiation therapy involves implanting radioactive sources in the body where the tumor is located. Different methods are:

  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) – It is a specific form of care tailored to each patient’s anatomy and requirements. This technique lessens the negative effects of treatment while enabling physicians to accurately target cancer cells with radiation therapy while fully protecting the surrounding normal, healthy tissues.
  • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) – With this treatment modality, radiation dosages can be precisely modified to take into consideration even the smallest movement of the tumor during the course of treatment. It accomplishes this by mounting directly on linear accelerators CT-based image guidance apparatus.
  • Conventional/3D conformal radiation therapy – It delivers the appropriate dose of radiation to the cancer while sparing adjacent healthy tissue. To do this, it makes use of exact imaging and a block design. For a period of two to six weeks, the radiation is often given five days a week.
  • Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) – When clinically appropriate, VMAT offers a noticeably shorter treatment duration than other IMRT plans. Quicker treatments improve patient comfort by reducing the amount of time spent on the treatment table. Because treatment sessions are so short, the likelihood of clinically significant motion is much lower.

More accuracy is offered by advanced devices that track the course of treatment in real-time to ensure that the dose is given exactly as directed by the radiation oncologist. 

  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) – This method avoids damaging the surrounding healthy tissues by precisely directing a high dose of radiation toward the tumor. Tumors other than those of the brain and spine can be treated with it. 
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRT/SRS) – Through the course of one to five treatment sessions, this technique exposes the tumor to a very high dose of radiation. Certain brain and spinal tumors, as well as their metastases, are treated with it.

Why Choose Malaysia For Radiation Therapy?

Malaysia has a state-of-the-art clinical infrastructure and cutting-edge technology that guarantees patients secure and efficient radiation treatments. Medical tourists can save as much as 50–70% while still receiving comprehensive and effective radiation treatments when compared to other countries like the United States. As patients seeking treatment in Malaysia can receive high-quality care at a lower cost, it makes the country a popular destination for medical tourism. Even after subtracting the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation, the caliber and standard of medical care and amenities are on par with those of the world’s most renowned healthcare facilities.

How Can Medsurge India Help?

Medsurge India is a prestigious organization for patients seeking physicians, medical facilities, and specialized care. Depending on your medical needs, our staff will give you a list of accredited, well-known, and reliable doctors and hospitals. We can also provide a treatment plan that is cost-effective for you. In addition, we also assist patients with a variety of other matters, such as obtaining medical visas and travel authorization.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Radiation Therapy Safe In Malaysia?

A: In general, radiation therapy is safe in Malaysia as long as it is performed by licensed and skilled practitioners. It is critical to confirm that all safety procedures are properly followed and that the radiotherapy equipment being used is current.

Q: What Safety Regulations Are Followed In Malaysia For Radiation Therapy?

A: Malaysia adheres to stringent radiotherapy safety regulations. The Atomic Energy Licensing Board inspects and approves all radiotherapy equipment to guarantee that it complies with global safety standards. All staff members involved in radiotherapy are trained to operate the equipment safely and adhere to safety procedures. Radiation doses are closely monitored and modified in accordance with each patient’s specific needs.

Q: How Will I Prepare For Radiation Therapy?

A: Before undergoing radiation therapy, it is necessary to have appropriate communication with the healthcare team. You will be given all the instructions about the entire process. Telling them about your medical history, past treatments, and any medications or supplements you take is also very important. It is also critical to emotionally and psychologically get ready for radiation treatment. It is common to experience stress or anxiety but keep in mind that you are not by yourself. Seek assistance from friends, family, or support organizations to get you through this difficult journey.

Q: What Happens When The Course of Radiation Therapy is Completed?

A: You will schedule follow-up appointments with the radiation oncologist after your treatment plan is finished. Maintaining your follow-up care is crucial. Your medical team will want to monitor your progress and keep an eye out for any side effects that may not manifest immediately from your treatment.

Q: What Are The Types of Radiation Used in Radiation Therapy?

A: Radiation therapy typically uses X-rays to treat the cancer. Other types of radiation therapy, such as proton radiation are also available but X-ray is most commonly used. These days, radiation therapy is administered precisely. They target the cancer with beams while preventing radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissues.

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