An Interactive Session with the Management and Employees of Medurge India with Dr. Priya Bansal From Fortis Hospital Noida

Gynecologic oncology, the field that exclusively deals with cancers of the female reproductive tract, has undergone a historical development. Currently, India has established itself as a leading country in the gynecologic oncology field and among the best in specialized cancer treatments. Oncologists in India are actively practicing newer abstractions such as Robotic surgery, Chemotherapy, and individualized management bringing up improved patient experiences and better quality of life. Many distinguished centers like Fortis Hospitals possess the facilities of diagnosing to offering sophisticated treatments and support for end-of-life care.

Such medical icons include Dr. Priya Bansal, who serves as a Gynae oncology surgeon in India. We had the opportunity to have her in our Medsurge India office for such a session.

A Brief Introduction of Dr. Priya Bansal

Dr Priya Bansal currently works as a consultant in Gynaecologic Oncology the department of oncology in Fortis Hospital Noida. She is experienced, with over 10 years, and is specialized in gynae cancers. Priya Bansal is a proficient Laparoscopic & Robotic gynae cancer surgeon involved in the treatment of Ovarian cancer, Cervical cancer, Uterine cancer, and vulvovaginal cancer. Her special interests are Ovarian masses/cytoreduction cancer surgery, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, robotic and laparoscopic surgery, Wertheim hysterectomies, HIPEC-heated intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, vulvar and vaginal cancer surgery.

Highlights of The Day

In the session conducted at the Medurge India office, Dr. Priya Bansal enlightened everyone about the field of Gynae Oncology.

Robotic Surgery: Dr. Priya was able to generalize the idea around robotic surgery as a minimally invasive technique that incorporates robotic systems to manipulate surgical instruments to achieve complex tasks with precision. She describes how the machine functions according to the user. She highlighted that traditional surgical techniques are better in terms of fewer flesh wounds, less pain, and a short recovery period in the case of robotic surgery for patients.

Diseases according to country: Dr. Priya also shared more details about the types of diseases prevalent in women and the women’s health issues prevalent in various regions of the globe. For instance, she said that in African women, fibroid and ovarian mass diseases are most common. She stated that fibroids and ovarian masses are most common in African women due to a combination of genetic predisposition, hormonal factors, and lifestyle influences such as diet and obesity. Additionally, limited access to healthcare and socio-economic factors contribute to the higher prevalence and more advanced disease stages seen in this population.

Also during the Q&A session with the Medurge India team, Dr. Priya was asked about cervical cancer. She elaborated and explained everything we had to know concerning cervical cancer, its causes, and its effects on women. She also stressed the need to get screened frequently and early enough in order to avoid spreading this disease.

In all, the session with Dr. Priya Bansal was extremely informative regarding Gynae Oncology and the role of awareness in early screening and detection of diseases. By presiding over the particularities of women’s situation in various countries and stressing the need to maintain proper screenings, Dr. Priya highlighted the need to devote attention to women’s health.