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Success Rate of Heart Transplant in India

A heart transplant involves replacing a patient’s damaged heart with a healthy heart from a donor who has passed away. The patient’s quality of life is enhanced, and their longevity is extended.

The majority of heart transplants are performed on patients who are at risk of developing end-stage heart failure, a disease in which the heart is significantly compromised or destroyed, and on those who have not responded to other forms of therapy.

While patients with heart conditions temporarily rely on assistive devices to pump blood efficiently, heart transplant surgery is typically unavoidable. Especially for people with coronary heart disease or end-stage heart failure. Nevertheless, many patients who have cardiac conditions are hesitant to have this treatment. People who have cardiac conditions frequently have doubts regarding the expense and likelihood of success of a heart transplant. However, you no longer need to be concerned about the cost and success rate of heart transplants

Heart Transplant Success Rate in India

The success rate of heart transplant in India varies depending on several factors, including the type and complexity of the surgery, the experience and skill of the surgeon and medical team, the overall health of the patient, and the quality of the hospital and facilities.

Generally speaking, India has a well-established and rapidly growing healthcare industry that includes many highly trained and experienced cardiovascular surgeons and medical professionals. Many hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and technology, and they follow international standards and guidelines for patient care and safety. 

India has a success rate for CABG of 98%, which is higher than in the majority of developed nations. However, it’s important to note that the success rate of heart surgery in India, as in any country, can vary depending on the individual circumstances of each patient and the specific medical procedure being performed. It’s always best to consult with a qualified medical professional to discuss your specific situation and options.

Factors Affecting The Success Rate of Heart Transplant in India

Several factors can affect the success rate of heart transplant in India. Some of the key factors include:

Factors Affecting success rate of Heart Transplant in India

  1. Donor-Recipient Compatibility: The success of a heart transplant primarily hinges on how well the recipient’s body and the donor’s heart are compatible. The success rate of the surgery is increased if the donor and recipient are a good match.
  2. Age: The success percentage of heart transplants can be significantly impacted by age. In general, younger grantees are more likely to succeed than older ones.
  3. Pre-Existing illnesses: Individuals who have pre-existing illnesses, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, may be more susceptible to difficulties during and following the surgical procedure. The success rate of the surgery may be impacted by this.
  4. Medication: To stop the body from rejecting the new heart, the patient must take immunosuppressant drugs after the transplant. It’s important to take these drugs as prescribed because missing doses or discontinuing them abruptly might raise the likelihood that you’ll be rejected.
  5. Surgical Skill: The proficiency and experience of the surgical team executing the process play a significant role in the outcome of surgery. It is crucial to pick a hospital with skilled doctors and a modern transplant facility.
  6. Post-surgery treatment: The standard of post-surgery treatment has an impact on the transplant’s success. To guarantee the long-term effectiveness of the surgery, patients must adhere to a stringent drug regimen, routine checkups, and a healthy lifestyle.

Factors That May Lower The Success Rate of Heart Transplant

  1. Patient age:- Patients who are younger than they are more likely to recover more quickly. Young people have stronger neuromuscular coordination than older adults, which accounts for this. Additionally, geriatrics frequently have additional medical issues that might compromise the outcome of the procedure.
  2. Diabetes:- During surgery, persons with diabetes mellitus are at a higher risk of infection. Cellulitis and other serious medical issues might result from this. Additionally, rehabilitation and healing are delayed. But this is avoided by giving patients the necessary antibiotics and controlling their blood sugar levels before surgery.
  3. Hypertension:- Patients with high blood pressure who have coronary artery bypass surgery run the risk of developing illnesses including congestive heart failure or renal problems. As a result, the patient must take anti-hypertensive medicine prior to the procedure. Additionally, just a little quantity of anesthesia is used, and controlled conditions are used to provide it.

Fortunately, the availability of improved hospital infrastructure has led to a sharp decline in death rates in recent decades. 

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What Makes India a Good Choice For Heart Transplantation

India has some of the top medical specialists in the world. Since they have the core credentials required to provide facilities for treating issues related to their unique specialty, they adhere to international norms. Several of India’s finest surgeons routinely offer guidance and help during procedures in the US and Europe via video connections. A complex surgical procedure like a heart transplant needs surgeons with sophisticated training and access to state-of-the-art machinery. 

Additionally, a large number of national and international organizations that ensure the level of care and excellence in all medical procedures have accredited heart Transplant facilities in India. These consist of accreditations from groups like JCI, ISO, NABH, and many more.

Top Doctors for Heart Transplant in India

Top Hospitals for Heart Transplant in India

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