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There is a rising need for knee replacement surgeries in India and around the world. It is a permanent solution to prolonged knee pain and illnesses. Since this kind of surgery has an almost 100% success rate, many people choose to undergo it and get a permanent solution for their knee joint disorders.

Any number of factors may lead to this operation. Age is one of the variables, but the principal cause is the knee joint’s excessive wear and tear owing to any reason. Although the condition is frequently seen in older individuals, both adults and teens may benefit from this operation, depending on the doctor’s assessment of the depth of the patient’s handicap and the amount of wear and strain on their knee joints. Medsurge India offers the best and most affordable knee replacement cost in India.

Knee replacement surgery cost in India is more affordable than in countries like the US, Russia, Europe, etc. For patients coming for the treatment of knee replacement surgery in India, the best hospitals are available with affordable healthcare packages and top-quality equipment or apparatus with the assurance of excellent treatment quality and top-class doctors.

What Is Knee Replacement

Knee replacement, also known as Arthroplasty, is a complex surgical procedure that is done to replace damaged or disabled knee joints with artificial knee joints made of metal and plastic. Knee injuries and disabilities are frequently caused by conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, trauma, etc. This surgery is typically recommended when other treatments fail to relieve knee pain, there is ongoing joint stiffness that makes it difficult to perform daily tasks, the knee joints are swollen and prevent you from even sitting or standing properly, and there is chronic knee deformity and depression.

Different Types Of Knee Replacement Surgeries:

  • Total knee replacement.
  • Unicompartmental partial knee replacement.
  • Knee cap replacement or patellofemoral Arthroplasty.
  • The revision or complex knee replacement.

Symptoms for Finding Knee Replacement:

Age and Gender Aren’t criteria retained into account if someone is Opting to get a knee replacement. Generally, the sole reason for operative replacement is based on the level of severity and disability. It’s mostly suggested for elderly folks, but adults or teens might experience knee replacement when there’s excessive wear and tear from the knee joint.

This operation is suggested mostly when a person suffers from:

  • Severe knee pain and stiffness
  • Continuous Pain
  • Persistent knee Swelling and inflammation
  • Chronic Knee deformity
  • Failure of Medical Remedies
  • Depression

Why Do People Go For The Knee Replacement Surgery in India:

It is not uncommon to wonder why people go for knee replacement surgery in India if you are wondering why. Let us tell you! The knee replacement treatment, known medically as arthroplasty, is carried out to restore the damage that has been done to the knee joints. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most common and severe forms of arthritis.

To put it simply, if you have trouble walking straight, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs, then you should consult a knee replacement doctor because you might require knee replacement surgery.

In this way, you can give yourself a new chance to join the day-to-day challenging activities which include the function of the knees like cycling, swimming, running, and more. How amazing is it sounding? Also, want to know the best knee replacement hospital in India then reach out to our contact us page and drop us a query and our experts will be helping you out to the fullest.

More about Knee Replacement Surgery

India’s medical facilities in the private sector are fairly good compared to many other affluent countries. India is home to several top-notch medical facilities and well-known physicians with a long history of successful operations and contented patients. The overall cost of knee replacement surgery in India also turns out to be quite low when compared to developed nations like Russia, the USA, Singapore, Dubai, etc. because the Indian currency is weaker in comparison to these nations. As a result, the patients do not feel that the overall cost is excessive given the excellent medical facilities that India has to offer in comparison to the costs in their own countries.

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Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The average Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India ranges from Rs 1.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh (1800 USD to 9600 USD). Comparatively speaking to other nations, the price of treatment in India is much more affordable. Additionally, the scope and quality of medical treatment and services offered are comparable to those found in the world’s top hospitals. Even after travel, lodging, and food costs are subtracted. Additionally, the overall Knee Replacement Surgery cost in India will depend on the sort of therapy you require and the results of your examination.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Different Cities in India:

Cities Price Range
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi Rs 1.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh (1800 USD to 9600 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Gurgaon Rs 1.5 Lakh to 7.5 Lakh (1800 USD to 9000 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Noida Rs 1.5 Lakh to 6.5 Lakh (1800 USD to 7800 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Mumbai Rs 1.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh (1800 USD to 9600 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Hyderabad Rs 1.5 Lakh to 6 Lakh (1800 USD to 7200 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Chennai Rs 1.5 Lakh to 7.5 Lakh (1800 USD to 9000 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Kolkata Rs 1.5 Lakh to 6.5 Lakh (1800 USD to 7800 USD)
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Bangalore Rs 1.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh (1800 USD to 9600 USD)

Note: Please be aware that the costs listed above are only an indication of what the treatment will cost initially and may change depending on a number of variables. 

Factors That Can Affect Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Following here are some variables that can affect Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India. The standard and excellence of medical treatment and amenities are comparable to those of the most prominent healthcare facilities in the world, even after deducting the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation.

  • Medication costs.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Geographical location.
  • Hospitalization expenses.
  • Government policies and subsidies.
  • Medical tourism packages.
  • Hospital reputation and infrastructure.
  • The expertise and experience of medical professionals.
  • The type and frequency of diagnostic procedures.
  • The choice of treatment modality.

Under the direction of the most skilled physicians, Medsurge India provides the most economical Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India for patients.

*Note: The above-mentioned cost factors are not constant. It could depend on the state and the medical procedure used.

Medical Tests Before The Surgery

This includes the complete physical examination of the patient. The medical diagnostic tests include an X-Ray and MRI scan of the knee. Also, several blood tests are required to be done before the procedure. The patient’s medical history will also be considered for cases such as hemophilia, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, pregnancy-related complications, etc. Also, the doctors need to be informed about any current medication that the patient is taking, and whether he or she is allergic to any drug.

You may not find this information useful if you are a chain smoker, but if you consult a rheumatologist, he will also tell you that you need to stop smoking prior to 2-3 months when you intend to go for knee surgery.

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Main Procedure of Treatment

Knee replacement surgery usually lasts up to 2 – 3 hours.

  • The skin over the surgical site will be cleaned with an anti-infection solution.
  • An incision is made in the knee area of about 6 – 8 inches for the surgical procedure.
  • The surgeon will then remove the damaged surfaces of the knee joint and replace the knee joint with the prosthesis.
  • The knee prosthesis used can be made of metal and plastic.
  • The prosthesis is mostly comprised of 3 components
  • The tibial component,
  • The femoral component and
  • The patellar component.
  • The incision will be closed with stitches, or surgical staples & a drain will be placed in the incision site to remove the fluid.
  • A sterile bandage or dressing is applied over the incision after the operation.

What Is The Procedure Carried Out For The Post Knee Replacement Surgery

After the surgical procedure, the patient is kept under observation in the recovery room for a few hours. Once the surgery is done, your surgeon may use a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine to improve early motion. It is used during the hospital stay for a further four days and can go on for another three weeks. The estimated recovery time of the surgery is approximately 12 months, but it may vary from person to person depending upon their age and overall health.

Treatment Process for Knee Replacement:

The crucial sign for knee arthroplasty is to give relief from pain brought on by arthritis. There are two types of knee replacement operations that are performed, they are:

  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement

Throughout the Knee Replacement Process:

  • An antiseptic solution will be used to clean the skin surrounding the surgery site.
  • An incision is made from the knee region.
  • The surgeon will then remove the damaged portions of the knee joint and then resurface the knee joint with the prosthesis.
  • The knee prosthesis consists of plastic and metal. The most frequent sort of knee prosthesis is a cemented prosthesis.
  • The prosthesis is chiefly comprised of 3 elements: the ventral part (to resurface the cover of the tibia or shin bone), the anterior [thigh bone] part (to resurface the end of the thigh bone and the patellar component (to resurface the base of the kneecap that rubs against the thighbone).
  • The incision is going to probably be closed with stitches or surgical staples and a drain can be placed in the incision site to remove the fluid.
  • A sterile bandage is applied at the end.

Following the Knee Recovery Process

Following the operation, the patient is retained in the recovery area for a couple of hours. The patient is going to be hospitalized for 4-6 days. Largely individuals recover within 12 weeks following the operation, but the healing period will differ based on age and general health. When the surgical component is completed, your knee joint replacement surgeon can use a continuous passive motion (CPM) system to enhance early movement. It’s used throughout the hospital stay and might go around for 3 months after surgery.

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How Many Days Do I Have to Stay at the Hospital for My Knee Replacement in India

Frankly, a bilateral knee replacement could be performed in a single sitting or two separate sittings. However, the actual days in which you have to stay at the hospital depend upon the type of surgery, patient health, and condition of the knee. According to the staged procedure, both knee replacement surgeries are carried out as two distinct surgery events several months apart. In that case, a patient needs to stay under hospital supervision twice and have to go through rehabilitation after each surgery. So, the actual days required to do the surgery or replacement of the knee and knee replacement surgery cost in India fluctuates, and vice versa increases.

Discover About The Rate of Successful In India When It Comes To Knee Replacement Surgery in India.

In India, the success rate of knee replacement surgery is very nearly 100%. Very few cases have been documented where problems developed after surgery, but none of them persisted. Even though the healing process took longer, every patient returned to their normal routine within 12 to 6 months.

Even 20 years after surgery, 85% of prosthetic knees that have been installed are still functional. In the majority of cases, the old age people between 50 and 80 years of age undergoing this surgery have recovered completely and bounced back to leading a healthy life.

Best Knee Replacement Hospitals in India

Why Do Individuals Prefer to Have Knee Replacement Surgery in India

The country has some of the best medical care facilities and services in Asia, making medical tourism in India very popular. The best knee replacement surgery hospitals in India provide all types of cancer-related surgeries using advanced technology. Also, the knee replacement surgery cost in India is much more affordable as compared to other states or nations around the world. An international patient can expect to pay 50-60% less for a total knee replacement surgery in India.

Comprehensive pre-operative examinations, less invasive surgical procedures, and post-operative rehabilitation programs are all included in the finest knee replacement surgery in India. At these medical facilities, patients may anticipate personalized care, individualized attention, and compassionate treatment. The hospitals are accredited by top international organizations such as the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) or the Joint Commission International (JCI).

How Can Medsurge India Help

Medsurge India is a prestigious support system for patients looking for doctors, hospitals, and specialized treatments. We’ll find the most suitable medical options for you. Regarding your medical issues, our team will give you a list of certified, reputable, and trusted doctors and hospitals. Additionally, we offer a treatment strategy that fits your budget. Apart, we assist patients with obtaining travel authorizations, medical visas, and a multitude of other things.

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Results Did You Get After the Total Replacement of the Knee?

A: You will get to see the excellence success rate as you can experience the reduction in the pain, and you will see yourself gearing towards the day to day activity.

Q: in What Circumstances a Person Goes for Knee Replacement Surgery?

A: First, you need to go to the concerned specialist of the knee, and he will tell you that whether you need replacement surgical treatment or not because most of the problems in the knees are easily treated without undergoing surgery.

Q: Will Scar Appear on My Body? and for How Long Would It Be Visible?

A: A 6 to 8 inches long scar may be visible, and one could see the scar present on the centre of the knee.

Q: What Is This Famous Phrase “SIX WEEKS BLUE” Often Heard in the Knee Replacement Treatment?

A: It is the state when the knee patient feels the state of depression and frustration after the 5-6 month of the knee surgery. Such a feeling is normal because of the emotional state you experience during the surgery. This 5 to 6 phase is what people often called six-week blues.

Q: for How Long Do You Need to Wear the Badge After Knee Surgery?

A: You will require to wear the bandage for about 7 to 9 days or till the time your wound gets completely recovered. You need to visit the Doctor and ask them to change the bandage on the regular basis to minimize the risk of the infection.

Q: Is Blood Transmission Is Significant?

A: It’s not mandatory, but a patient may require blood transmission for a reason at the last moment. It’s totally normal and generic in such surgeries.

Q: Can You Tell a Few Flawless Knee Positions, and What Are the Positions We Should Avoid?

A: Straightening the knee is suggested, and knee bending is also preferred on a frequent basis. you could put a towel underneath your ankle while you lay down. Also, sitting on the chair or exercise bicycle is suggested.

Q: What Are the Activities a Person Should Take Doge When He Undergoes the Replacement of the Knee?

A: All the pressure putting activities on the knee is prohibited after the knee replacement for some duration including trekking, hiking, running, and other such. Type of activities, including sports too.

Q: Can I Utilize the Stairs After My Knee Replacement Surgery?

A: Surely, it’s a YES! However, in your initial days, you need to start with your non-operated leg when taking stairs for the up and follow with the operated leg when going downstairs. Once your legs get strengthened after 1 to 2 months, you can use stairs like every other person.

Q: Is There Any Duration of the Lasting of the Knee Replacement?

A: Well, it depends on the patient and the type of treatment he gets. Because in normal cases, it functions well up to 10 to 15 years post-operation.

Q: What Is the Reason Behind the Failure of Knee Replacement Surgery?

A: According to the specialists, it is due to when the artificial surface loosen up.

So, now you know about the significant details of knee replacement surgery in India, including costs, types, reasons and factors. If you are locating who are the top and certified knee replacement surgeons in India and the hospitals, case studies, and the testimonial of the patients concerned with the knee surgeries hospitals in India, you could tell us and see yourself on our website.

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