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Avascular Necrosis Treatment Cost in India
The loss of bone tissue brought on by a lack of blood supply is known as avascular necrosis. It is also known as osteonecrosis, and it can result in minute fractures that eventually cause the bone to collapse. Typically, the procedure can take up to certain months or years. Blood flow to a portion of bone might be interrupted by a fractured bone or a dislocated joint. Both excessive alcohol use and long-term intake of high-dose steroid medicines are linked to avascular necrosis. Any person could be impacted by it. Nonetheless, those who are between the ages of 30 and…
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    What Are The Treatment of Avascular Necrosis? The treatment of Avascular Necrosis aims to relieve pain, improve joint function, and prevent the progression of the disease for patients. The choice of treatment will depend on the stage of Avascular Necrosis and the joint involved. Also, countries like India are known…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is It Possible to Cure Avascular Necrosis Without Surgery?

    A: In treating AVN, no surgical technique is generally regarded as the best by surgeons. The best course of action in the early stages of AVN (precollapse) is usually thought to be core decompression, either with or without a bone graft.

    Q: Can Avascular Necrosis Be Cured?

    A: There is no known cure for avascular necrosis, however, treatment can halt its progression. The majority of patients with avascular necrosis eventually undergo joint replacement surgery. Severe osteoarthritis can also develop in those with avascular necrosis.

    Q: Is Walking Beneficial to AVN?

    A: By removing pressure from the bone throughout its healing process, using a walking aid lowers the possibility of breaking your hip during this critical period. Individuals who have had bone and blood vascular grafting must restrict their hip weight for a maximum of six months.

    Q: Can Physical Activity Treat AVN?

    A: In the early stages of avascular necrosis of the hip, physical therapy may be a useful treatment option instead of surgery. In more complex cases, it is frequently also suggested to help with both operation preparation and post-operative rehabilitation.

    Q: How Much Time Does AVN Take to Recover?

    A: In the event that your AVN is in Stage 3 or 4 (collapsed), your physician will probably replace your hip. With this process, artificial components are used to replace the broken bone. After hip replacement surgery, healing takes around eight weeks.

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