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How Dendritic Cell Therapy Helps in Cancer Treatment?

The revolutionary and promising cancer control therapy that is invented latest is Immunotherapy. Through this therapy the natural defenses or the immunity of the body is boosted to destroy, kill and control the cancer cells. Dendritic cell therapy in India is one such immunotherapy that is widely used. It has been proved to be very effective for treating tumors in advanced stages.

What is Dendritic Cell therapy?

It is known that Dendritic Cell Therapy has been used for years to combat and control the cancerous process. Dendritic Cell therapy Treatment is used for treating several types of cancer such as glioma, melanoma, sarcoma, prostate, breast, ovarian, pancreatic cancer.

Dendritic Cell therapy cost in India is considerable and found in selected hospitals. Under this process, the human immune system is activated to fight cancer cells. During the Dendritic Cell therapy, the doctor extracts the blood cells from the human body, and the same are manipulated in the specialized laboratory to target the malignancy. A special vaccine is made out of it and injected into the patient.

In India, this treatment is always used in combination with other treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc for better impact and efficiency. Dendritic Cell Therapy in India is believed to be more effective and tolerable to patients with lesser side effects.

How do Dendritic Cells Perform?

Dendritic cells are the dominant protective agents in any human body. They are present in skin, blood, mucous membrane. Thus whenever any kind of pathogens such as virus, bacteria, or cancer cells are formed in the body, dendritic cells create an active defensive system in the body. This was first discovered by American immunologist Ralph Steinman in the 1970s. Then the same process was adopted for Dendritic Cell therapy in India.

As part of this Therapy, precursor cells are extracted from the blood of the patient. These cells find, absorb and recognize pathogens. These cells activate the immune system of the human body by combining the other protective cells and attracting the same to the source of infection. The Dendritic cells also boost the formation of b and T – cells that are the infantry and special forces of the immune system of the human body. Through Dendritic Cell therapy, the dendritic cells are trained to recognize, and absorb the pathogenic agent and then attack such cells. This way the global immune system is triggered in the body. However, with time the therapy successfully controls cancer cells and tissue from growth and spread.

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Cancer counteracted by Immunity

The natural phenomenon of the human body makes the system that the dendritic cells get accumulated near cancer cells. Now, these cells try to eliminate the cancer cells. However, cancer cells and tumors hide from the immunity of the body and counteract with the body’s defense system. In fact, with the special mechanism, they are also capable of attracting immune cells for their protection. This makes cancer aggressive and inoperable.

With the invention of this therapy, it has become possible to outwit cancer cells and their protection system. The treatment damages the cancer cells and destroys their defense mechanisms. Since this therapy has to be combined with the other therapies Dendritic Cell therapy cost in India is worth owing to its effective results. The Therapy helps the immune system gets activated and the human body overcomes and fights the disease on its own

Dendritic cell vaccine (DCV)

The DCV is a vital ingredient in Dendritic Cell therapy. This vaccine is made in the following way:

  • A blood sample along with some cancer tissue is extracted from the patient
  • Immature precursor cells are grown in the laboratory
  • The dendritic cells and cancer tissues are grown together. This helps the dendritic cells to recognize the cancer tissues well
  • After around 2 to 3 weeks the vaccine is ready to fight cancer as the dendritic cells are now ready to create a stronger immune system in the body

Results can be seen within 3 months of getting vaccinated while the therapy takes around 6 to 9 months to detect the full effect

Types of Cancer Treated

Dendritic Cell Therapy is popularly, widely, and effectively used for treating a number of cancers. When combined with other treatments this therapy provides wondrous results. Around 4500 people are successfully treated with Dendritic Cell therapy in India and other countries that were suffering from

 Following efficiency is known in India

  • 100% strengthening of immunity
  • 60% reduced the resistance for cancer therapy
  • 60% successful in destroying cancer cells
  • 70% success in relapse risk

Active research

Clinical trials are taking place to determine protocols of this treatment to analyze diagnosis, the number of drugs, and combining other treatment methods. This will further help in reducing the cost of treatment. The patient’s age, stage, and type of cancer, previous treatments, resistance to cancer are considered for the research. Initially, tests are also conducted to ensure the safety of the patients. Those patients whose success rate of treatment is low towards traditional oncology methods are normally preferred. Universities and clinics in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe have ongoing research conducted.

Dendritic Cell therapy in India is used to treat melanoma with metastases, inoperable liver cancer, inoperable melanoma, multiple myeloma, and prostate cancers. This therapy is used in combination with other treatments, drugs, and vaccines such as along with radiotherapy, pneumococcal vaccine, cryotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, etc.  For knowing more about Dendritic Cell therapy cost in India please contact Medsurge India

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