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Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in India
Cancer that originates in the cells of your liver is known as liver cancer. In the top right portion of your abdomen, above your stomach and below your diaphragm, is where you’ll find your liver, a roughly basketball-sized organ. Hepatocellular carcinoma, which starts in the primary kind of liver cell (the hepatocyte), is the most prevalent form of liver cancer. Hepatoblastoma and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma are substantially less common. Numerous improvements in the treatment of liver cancer have been made recently. Surgery to remove liver cancer can be a successful liver cancer treatment option for some individuals, but it’s not right…
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Diagnosis of Liver Cancer To diagnose liver cancer, a number of physical exams and imaging tests are used. Doctors may prescribe the following tests to confirm the diagnosis: Checks for blood Tests with Ultrasound Scans with computed tomography (CT) Imaging of Magnetic Resonance (MRI) The Angiograms A liver biopsy may…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of therapy for liver cancer may I expect in India?

For liver cancer patients, Indian hospitals provide a complete range of facilities. The hospitals have dedicated oncology treatment centers of excellence. For various types of treatment practices, these units provide holistic and patient-centric approaches. A careful medical assessment is carried out for each patient, on the basis of which the treatment plan is drawn up. A series of examinations, such as blood tests, imaging tests, and others, will be used in the assessment. Depending on the point, location, and size of the cancer, the patient’s age, and general health status, a multi-disciplinary team of doctors will decide the best treatment choice.

Q: Are hospitals for liver cancer care well-equipped in India?

High-tech comprehensive healthcare facilities with modern infrastructure are the best hospitals for liver cancer treatment in India. The new radiation therapy methods, including 3D conformation, brachytherapy, proton beam, stereotactic radiation system (SRS), IGRT/IMRT with Novalis Tx system, are available in these hospitals.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as robot-assisted surgery, are provided by the surgical department, which can lead to quicker recovery, less postoperative pain, and many other advantages. There are chemotherapy units for a daycare that allow patients to have conventional treatment and go back home the same day. Palliative care services and medical treatment for symptoms may be chosen for advanced-stage cancer patients.

Q: Is cancer of the liver curable?

The advanced stage of liver cancer is diagnosed in many patients as the signs do not become apparent at an early stage. In general, early cancer detection offers greater chances of treatment successfully. Some patients, however, may be eligible for liver transplantation, which provides long-term therapy.

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