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Radiation Therapy Cost in India
Radiation Therapy in India is a medical strategy that involves the use of ionizing radiation to cure, treat, control, or relieve symptoms of any disease. In general, radiation therapy is used to treat cancer disease, and it can remove, kill, or destroy cancer cells in a particular region of the body using various radiations. Radiation therapy can also be used to treat cancer as well as other conditions such as thyroid issues, blood disorders, and non-cancerous development in some instances. Radiation therapy cost in India is more affordable as compared to countries like Russia, Europe, and other well know countries.…
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    Many Factors Influence the Type of Radiation Therapy You Receive, Including: The course of radiation therapy is usually determined by the type of cancer, the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor and its surrounding tissues, the person’s age, and whether other medications are being used or not.…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Should You Avoid During Radiation?

    A: Avoid raw fruits and vegetables, as well as crunchy, dry meals like chips and pretzels. If you’re having these symptoms, it’s also a good idea to stay away from salty, spicy, or acidic foods. If you get mucositis or mouth sores as a result of cancer therapy, your healthcare team can offer nutrient-based oral care products.

    Q: Do You Lose Hair with Radiation Therapy?

    A: Hair loss in the portion of the body that is being treated can also be caused by radiation therapy. Hair loss is called Alopecia. Consult your doctor to see if the cancer therapy you’ll be getting will result in hair loss.

    Q: Do Tumors Grow Back After Radiation?

    A: Radiation can damage normal cells near the tumors, but most of them recover and resume their regular functions. If radiotherapy does not destroy all of the cancer cells, they will reappear at a future stage.

    Q: Which Cancers Are Treated with Radiotherapy?

    A: Brachytherapy is most commonly used to treat head and neck cancers, as well as breast, cervix, prostate, and eye malignancies. To treat certain kinds of thyroid cancer, a systemic radiation therapy called radioactive iodine, or I-131 is commonly used.

    Q: How many sessions of radiotherapy are normal?

    A: Most people have 5 treatments each week (1 treatment a day from Monday to Friday, with a break at the weekend). But sometimes treatment may be given more than once a day or over the weekend.


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