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Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast grow uncontrollably. Breast cancer cells can continue to divide uncontrollably, resulting in the formation of tumor cells. Although breast cancer is more common in women, men can be affected as well. In general, any change in the appearance, texture, or pain of the breast can be a sign of breast cancer. Several options are available for breast cancer treatment in Turkey, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, target drug therapy, and surgery can be an option. Your doctor or your physician will do a series of tests to diagnose any abnormalities whether the location or size of the tumor.

Breast Cancer treatment cost in Turkey is more affordable than in countries like the US. For patients coming for the treatment of breast cancer in Turkey, the best hospitals are available with affordable healthcare packages and top-quality equipment or apparatus with the assurance of excellent treatment quality and top-class doctors.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer, also known as “breast carcinoma”, is an uncontrolled proliferation of epithelial cells in the breast. Breast cancer frequently does not cause pain or discomfort until it has spread to nearby tissues. The breasts are milk-producing glands located on the chest walls on either side of the breastbone. This is divided into three major sections (the glandular tissue, stroma, and lymphatic vessels). A genetic mutation can occur every time cells divide, and a mutation can lead to tumor formation.

Several different types of breast cancer can include:

  • Infiltrating (invasive) ductal carcinoma
  • Ductal carcinoma in situ
  • Infiltrating (invasive) lobular carcinoma
  • Lobular carcinoma in situ
  • Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Paget’s disease of the breast

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

The first noticeable symptom of breast cancer is usually a lump or area of thickened breast tissue in your breast area or near your armpit. The majority of breast lumps are not cancerous, but it’s best to have your doctor check it because a tumor could be forming.

Some of the signs and symptoms include:

  • Size or shape of one or both breasts can change
  • Discharge from either of the nipples and sometimes with blood
  • Swelling or lumps in the armpits
  • Rashes on or around the nipple
  • Changes of appearance in the nipple.
  • A change in the appearance or feel of your breast or nipple skin (dimpled, puckered, scaly or inflamed).
  • Skin redness on your breast or nipple.
  • An area of the breast that is distinct from the rest of the breast.
  • A hardened marble-like area beneath your skin.
  • A discharge of blood-stained or clear fluid from your nipple.

Some people do not notice any signs of breast cancer at all. That is why routine mammograms are so important.

What Exactly Causes Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer can be caused by a variety of factors. It can occur when there are changes in the genetic material, and the exact cause of the genetic changes is frequently unknown. However, these genetic changes are sometimes inherited. Only about 5% of breast cancer cases are inherited through genes, but nearly one in every eight women will develop some form of breast cancer. Breast cancer caused by inherited changes is referred to as inherited breast cancer. Aside from genetics, your lifestyle and environment can all influence your risk of breast cancer.

However, studies show that there are a number of risk factors that can increase your chances of developing breast cancer. These are some examples:

  • Age: Being 55 or older increases your chances of developing breast cancer.
  • Sex:  Women are far more likely than men to develop breast cancer.Genetics and family history If you have parents, siblings, children, or other close relatives who have had breast cancer, you are more likely to get it at some point in your life. About 5% to 10% of breast cancers are caused by single abnormal genes passed down from parents to children and are detectable through genetic testing.
  • Smoking: Tobacco use has been linked to numerous cancers, including breast cancer.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages: According to research, drinking alcohol may increase your risk of developing certain types of breast cancer.
  • Obesity: Obesity can increase your risk of developing breast cancer and having it recur.
  • Exposure to radiation: You are more likely to develop breast cancer if you have previously received radiation therapy, particularly to your head, neck, or chest.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: People who use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are more likely to develop breast cancer. There are numerous other factors that can raise your risk of developing breast cancer. Consult your doctor to determine if you are at risk.

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost In Turkey

The average Breast Cancer Treatment cost in Turkey starts from USD 8,000. The cost of a breast cancer procedure is incredibly affordable in Turkey when compared to other nations. Additionally, the level of medical care and services offered there is on par with those of the greatest hospitals in the world. 

What Are the Diagnosis for Breast Cancer?

Your healthcare provider may use many tools to diagnose breast cancer and figure out which type you have. This included tests like:

  • A physical exam and medical history
  • Imaging tests like MRI, CT scan and X-ray, etc.
  • Breast biopsy
  • Blood chemistry test.

If the following test shows that you have breast cancer, you will have a test that studies the cancer cells. These cells help your provider i.e. your doctor or your healthcare team to decide which treatment would be best for you. The test may include:

  • Genetic test
  • HER2 test
  • An estrogen 
  • Progesterone receptor test

Another test is staging cancer. Staging involves doing tests to find out whether cancer has spread within the breast or another part of the body. 

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What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey?

Your doctor may do an examination to look for any hardness or lumps in your breast area or in the armpit as this can help in diagnosing the location of the tumor. Your doctor will decide on the course of treatment according to the size, stage, and grade and see whether the tumor cells are hormone-sensitive. Other than that your doctor will look into your overall health and your personal preferences as it plays a major role in the treatment. 

In Turkey, cancer treatment includes procedures for treating breast cancer such as:

  • Chemotherapy: Using powerful drugs or medications to kill tumor cells.
  • Radiation Therapy: Applying high-energy waves to kill tumor cells. Some advanced radiation therapy includes single Dose Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) and 3DConformal Partial Breast Irradiation (CPBI)
  • Hormone Therapy: To stop the growth of cancer cells, hormonal medications, such as estrogens are used.
  • Targeted therapy: It targets cancer-specific genes, such as proteins, or the tissue environment that support the growth and survival of the disease.
  • Immunotherapy: Using drugs to activate the body’s immune system or defense mechanisms to eliminate cancer cells in the body.

Surgery: Oncologists use the following types of surgery to remove tumors:

  • Mastectomy: This procedure involves removing the entire breast with cancer cells, and spares the skin.
  • Lumpectomy/Breast Conservation Surgery: This procedure removes a lump around the breast with a 1 cm axillary lymph clearance.
  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Reconstructive surgery helps in correcting deformities and helps return to the normal function of the breast. It aims to restore the damage and repair it with the best result.

The entire cost of breast cancer treatment in Turkey can vary depending on a number of criteria, such as:

  • The price of treatment packages can depend on the hospital’s preference.
  • Doctor’s competence and experience in the subject.
  • The patient’s situation: The patient’s disease and whether additional modalities are required for comprehensive treatment.
  • Duration of hospitalization and stay in the country.
  • Need for post-operative care.
  • Hospital room classification.

Why Do People Choose Turkey for Breast Cancer Treatment?

The country has some of the best medical care facilities and services in Europe, making medical tourism in Turkey very popular. The best cancer hospital in Turkey provides all types of cancer-related surgeries using advanced technology. The cost of breast cancer treatment in Turkey is significantly lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, and many other countries. An international patient can expect to pay 60-70% less for total breast cancer treatment in Turkey.

The best hospitals in Turkey provide comprehensive appropriate treatment, including comprehensive pre-operative evaluations, minimally invasive surgical options, and post-operative rehabilitation programs. Patients can expect personalized treatment, individualized attention, and compassionate care at these medical facilities. The hospitals are accredited by top international organizations such as JCI (USA) and European certificates.

How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

Breast cancer is prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes such as:

  1. Limiting alcohol use
  2. Getting enough exercise
  3. Limiting hormone therapy
  4. Staying at a healthy weight
  5. Limiting your exposure to estrogen

Here are only some of the things that you should be aware of as there are also many things you need to know.


Treatment for breast cancer can be overwhelming. But worry not and remember that you are not alone in this. Your healthcare provider and your doctor will provide you with the best tools and resources you will require to care for. A person or patient with breast cancer can live a normal life after treatments. But it’s necessary that you collaborate with your healthcare provider and your doctor to receive the best care you require. Consult your team or your physician if you find it hard to deal with or if some other symptoms arise as they are there to give you the support and help you need to go through.

How Can Medsurge India Help?

Medsurge India is a prestigious support system for patients looking for doctors, hospitals, and specialized treatments. We’ll find the most suitable medical options for you. Regarding your medical issues, our team will give you a list of certified, reputable, and trusted doctors and hospitals. Additionally, we offer a treatment strategy that fits your budget. Apart, we assist patients with obtaining travel authorizations, medical visas, and a multitude of other things.

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is One of the First Signs of Breast Cancer?

A: A new lump or mass is the most common symptom of breast cancer (although most breast lumps are not cancer). Breast cancer is more likely to be a painless, hard mass with irregular edges, but it can also be soft, round, tender, or even painful.

Q: Where Do the Majority of Breast Cancers Begin?

A: The majority of breast cancers start in the ducts or lobules. Breast cancer can spread outside of the breast via blood and lymph vessels.

Q: When Do Females Develop Breast Cancer?

A: The majority of breast cancers are found in women over the age of 50. Some women will develop breast cancer despite having no other known risk factors. The presence of a risk factor does not guarantee the presence of the disease, and not all risk factors have the same effect.

Q: Is Breast Cancer Painful in Its Early Stages?

A: Although most breast cancers do not cause breast or nipple pain, some do. Women are more likely to experience breast pain or discomfort during their menstrual cycle. Non-cancerous breast conditions, such as mastitis, may also cause a more severe pain.

Q: Who Is at High Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?

A: Breast cancer risk is higher in women with dense breast tissue compared to women with less dense breast tissue. Women with dense breast tissue have less fat in their breasts and more breast cells and connective tissue. Breast density is influenced by our genetic make-up.

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