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Cranioplasty is a cosmetic surgical process to Fix deformity or defect in the skull as a result of traumatic injury or injury of the medical process or because of congenital issues.

Cranioplasty restores the shape of the skull or a graft made from Titanium, Artificial bone replacement, or Acrylic.

Analysis of Cranioplasty

Cranioplasty is helpful:

  • To Fix skull or fix skull deformity following traumatic trauma or medical operation
  • The correct congenital difficulty of this skull
  • Cosmetic look
  • To help enhance neurological function in certain patient

Cranioplasty Surgery Cost in India

On average Cranioplasty Surgery Cost in India starts from USD 5000. The cost of the treatment will vary depending of various factors such as the location and the type of hospital you choose. 

Cranioplasty Surgery Cost In Different Parts of India

Cities Starting Price
Delhi USD 5000
Gurgaon USD 5100
Noida USD 5000
Mumbai USD 5300
Hyderabad USD 5000
Chennai USD 5100
Kolkata USD 5000
Bangalore USD 5400

Please note that the pricing and the treatment for Cranioplasty Surgery cost in India will vary depending on the patient’s choice and other various factors.

Factors That Can Affect Cranioplasty Surgery Cost in India

The following here are some variables that can affect Cranioplasty Surgery Cost in India:

  • Medication costs.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Geographical location.
  • Hospitalization expenses.
  • Government policies and subsidies.
  • Medical tourism packages.
  • Hospital reputation and infrastructure.
  • The expertise and experience of medical professionals.
  • The type and frequency of diagnostic procedures.
  • The choice of treatment modality.

In addition, the quality and level of medical care and facilities offered are on par with renowned healthcare institutions worldwide, even after factoring in the costs of accommodation, meals, and transportation. Moreover, under the guidance of highly proficient doctors, Medsurge India ensures that patients receive the most affordable Cranioplasty Surgery Cost in India.

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Cranioplasty Surgery Procedure

Before Process

  • The adviser will guide you about the process and notice your whole past and current medical record
  • Perform your whole medical investigation and tests
  • Inform the adviser if you have some health issues, including blood clotting conditions or if You’re taking blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Should you have any allergies to any medicines or other chemicals
  • will probably be advised to alter few medicines, to prevent smoking to stop a slow or intermittent recovery process

During Process

  • General anesthesia is administered to an individual
  • The incision area is stripped and cleaned
  • The incision is made to expose the bone and the bone has been removed to permit reshaping and reattachment
  • The surrounding bone edges are washed and treated to enhance grafting
  • Based on the specific scenario, the removed bone could be reshaped and reattached, or the doctor May Need to use a prosthetic or alternative synthetic surgical substance to complete the process
  • The bone or bone replacement is attached to the skull with specific screws and plates
  • Your skin is then closed around the skull using good sutures

After Process

  • Shifted to healing for tracking of vitals
  • Many cranioplasty patients spend 2-3 days in the hospital following an operation
  • The managed place will probably be reverted and drains are Utilized to release fluids
  • Sometimes external fixators Need to place the skull because it fixes
  • You might have aggravation and will have pain relief tablets to make you comfy
  • You Might Have a urinary catheter
  • Prior to discharge from hospital, You’ll Get a CT scan of your mind
  • The sutures may usually be eliminated in approximately a week
  • Normal activities can be resumed at 2-3 weeks, supplying the mind is protected from unintentional impacts
  • Prevent some heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 2 months

Complications of Cranioplasty

Cranioplasty is a process isn’t without complications; but if done correctly and at the appropriate time using an aseptic technique, excellent results are achieved. Complications of this procedure may include:

  1. Infection
  2. Nerve damage
  3. Brain damage
  4. Seizures
  5. Blood clots

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Consequences of Cranioplasty?

A: The outcomes are:

  • Cranioplasty is done to correct a deformity or defect of the skull
  • Restores skull into natural contour and protects brain tissue from harm
  • Cranioplasty can enhance neurological function for some patients
  • May Impact a patient’s aesthetic improvement and confidence also raises social operation

Q: Following a Cranioplasty, Will the Mind Seem Exactly the Same as Pre-Injury?

A: It will have a look very similar to first, but There’ll be a scar in the incision site for your own cranioplasty.

Q: What Will Be the Pre-Requisites for Decorative Cranioplasty?

A: For decorative reasons. They ought to be in good physical and mental wellness, obviously understanding the measures and the following care of this process.

Q: What Will Be the Warning Signs Following Operation?

A: The warning signs are:

  • Increasing headache
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Swelling or infection in the wound
  • Fluid leaking from the wound

Q: Why Is Cranioplasty a Risky Operation?

A: Choosing a qualified and skilled surgeon may decrease the opportunity for creating a complication following experiencing a cranioplasty.

Q: What’s Titanium Cranioplasty?

A: Titanium cranioplasty (TC) is the operative repair of a Skull flaw with a titanium plate.

Q: What Will Be the Benefits of Using Titanium?

A: Its benefits are:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Light weight
  • Biocompatible
  • Has thermal expansion similar to bone
  • Is non-allergic / radiolucent

Q: Why Is Cranioplasty a Painful Process?

A: Based on how big your own cranioplasty, your wound will be sore for a couple of days. There can be intermittent headaches.

Q: How Do I Care for the Wound Following Operation?

A: In many instances, as the wound has been opened another time it’s crucial to look after wound to prevent disease, wash round wound website with warm freshwater. It’s possible to use shampoo when the stitches are removed but will need to prevent rubbing the region for a couple of weeks.

Q: What Will Be the Contraindications into Cranioplasty?

A: Listed below are several contraindications to cranioplasty

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Cerebral oedema
  • Infection
  • Compound wound

Q: What Will Be the Medical Advantages of Cranioplasty?

A: Cranioplasty offers several health advantages – it provides more protection to the mind. Patients suffering from headaches or neurological Issues find their symptoms are decreased after experiencing a cranioplasty.

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