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Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India
Large incisions, extended recovery periods, and unpleasant rehab used to be associated with spinal surgery. Surgical improvements, such as microdiscectomy surgery, have helped to improve the process. Microdiscectomy Surgery in India, also known as microdecompression, is a minimally invasive surgical treatment used to treat ruptured lumbar discs in patients. A surgeon will remove sections of the herniated disc to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve column during this procedure. What Is Microdiscectomy? Discectomy is a surgical procedure that removes herniated disc material from the lumbar spine that is pushing on the spinal cord or a nerve root. A special microscope…
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    How Microdiscectomy Surgery is Performed? Before the Procedure Microdiscectomy surgery is a complex treatment that requires the patient to be under general anesthetic. Depending on the complexity of the situation, the procedure can take up to an hour. After the anesthetic is administered, an endotracheal tube is inserted to allow…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How Long Does It Take for a Microdiscectomy to Fully Recover?

    A: Start with self-care to get things flowing as quickly as possible. Rest, medication, and sleep should all be prioritized. Exercise and physical therapy can help with recuperation after that. A complete recovery following a microdiscectomy takes roughly 12 weeks.

    Q: After a Microdiscectomy, What Can’t You Do?

    A: Until your back is totally healed from your operation, avoid running/jogging, vacuuming, weight lifting, sweeping/mopping, laundry, shoveling or raking, riding a lawnmower, wave runner, or anything else that could hurt your back. After surgery, you should not drive for at least two weeks.

    Q: Is It Necessary for You to Be Intubated During Your Microdiscectomy?

    A: This surgery is done under general anesthesia, which means you’ll be completely sedated, unconscious, and pain-free during the procedure. The anesthesiologist will manage your breathing by inserting a tube into your trachea (windpipe), which is known as intubation.

    Q: After a Discectomy, How Should I Sit?

    A: Avoid sitting in soft seats or on couches where your hips are below your knees after surgery. Place your feet on a tiny stool or box if a chair is too high for you to maintain proper sitting posture. Every 30 to 45 minutes take a break by standing up and stretching.

    Q: Do You Require a Walker Following Back Surgery?

    A: Your doctor will recommend that you walk as much as possible. For the first week, you will want assistance in the form of a walker or cane; however, following the first two to three weeks, while you are on firm ground, you should try to reduce your use of this device.

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