Mastectomy Surgery Cost in India

In order to treat or prevent breast cancer, a mastectomy surgery in India is a surgical procedure where the entire breast tissue is removed from the breast. There are various types of mastectomy, including total, partial, and preventative. A mastectomy might be a possible course of treatment for those with early-stage breast cancer. A partial mastectomy includes removing the portion of the breast that contains the tumor, abnormal lump, or abnormal cells. The breast is entirely removed during a total mastectomy. Another alternative is breast-conserving surgery, or lumpectomy, in which only the breast tumor is removed. In some cases, mastectomy can be combined with radiation therapy.

Mastectomy surgery cost in India depends upon multiple factors such as the hospital’s location and accreditations, the surgeon’s experience, the type of room, the duration of the hospital stay, and the requirement for adjuvant therapy.

What is Mastectomy Surgery? 

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure used to completely or partially remove one or both breasts. In general, this procedure is advised for those who have breast cancer or occasionally when a man or woman is thought to be at high risk of developing breast cancer (prophylactic operation to avoid cancer). Males can also utilize it to get rid of breast cancer tissue (breast reduction).

In contrast to systemic treatments for breast cancer like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy, a mastectomy is regarded as a local therapy that targets a particular location of the tumor.

What are the Different Types of Mastectomy?

Total mastectomy: It is often known as a simple mastectomy, which involves the surgeon completely removing the breast tissue while leaving the auxiliary contents alone. Sometimes, the first auxiliary lymph node, called the sentinel lymph node, is removed as this is where the metastasizing cancer cells would be expected to drain into.

Modified radical mastectomy: In this procedure, the physician eliminates the lymph nodes and adipose tissue in addition to the total breast tissue.

Radical Mastectomy: It is also called as Halsted mastectomy. The pectoralis muscles (both major and minor) behind the breast, the auxiliary lymph nodes, and the entire breast tissue are removed. This procedure is typically performed when breast cancer returns to the muscles of the chest wall or when tumors have impacted the pectoralis major muscle.

Nipple-sparing or subcutaneous mastectomy: In this procedure, the nipple-areola complex is preserved while the breast tissue is removed. This procedure was initially used only prophylactically or in the case of mastectomy for the treatment of benign diseases. Today, tumors that are not in the subareolar position are also taken into consideration for the procedure.

Partial mastectomy: The only malignant portion of the breast, along with some surrounding normal tissue, is removed during this particular type of mastectomy surgery. A partial mastectomy is different from a lumpectomy in that more breast tissue needs to be removed.

Who is the right candidate for mastectomy?

The decision to get a mastectomy depends on a number of circumstances, including

  • Breast volume
  • Number of lesions
  • Breast cancer’s aggressiveness
  • Availability of adjuvant therapy 
  • If the patient is aware that radiation and lumpectomy treatments have higher recurrence rates for tumors.

In addition to the treatment of breast cancer in India, a mastectomy is advised in the following circumstances:

  • Despite not currently having breast cancer, the patient is at a very high risk of getting it.
  • It is also advised to get a prophylactic mastectomy to lower the chance of getting breast cancer in the future. This is for patients who have a strong family history of breast cancer cases.
Mastectomy Surgery Cost in India

Mastectomy surgery cost in India starts from USD 8000.

The cost of the treatment plans in India is quite affordable as compared to other developed countries. 


How Mastectomy Surgery is Performed?

Before the Surgery

  • When you should report to the hospital, your doctor or nurse will let you know. It typically takes one to three hours to perform a mastectomy without reconstruction. The majority of patients return home the same day as the surgery because it is frequently performed as an outpatient treatment.
  • A double mastectomy will likely require more time in surgery and perhaps require you to stay in the hospital for an extra day. The process takes longer if you need breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, and you might need to stay in the hospital for a few extra days.
  • Before your surgery, a radioactive tracer and a blue dye are injected into the region surrounding the tumor or the skin above the tumor if you’re having a sentinel node biopsy. 
  • The tracer and the dye travel to the sentinel node or nodes, allowing your doctor to see where they are and remove them during surgery.

During the Surgery

  • The majority of the time, a mastectomy is done while the patient is completely unconscious under general anesthesia. Your surgeon starts by making an elliptical incision around your breast.  The breast tissue is removed and, depending on your procedure, other parts of the breast also may be removed.
  • The breast tissue and lymph nodes that are removed from you will be submitted to a lab for analysis, regardless of the type of mastectomy you have.
  • The plastic surgeon will work closely with the breast surgeon to make sure they are both present during surgery if you are having breast reconstruction as well along with a mastectomy.
  • One option for women who will undergo radiation therapy following surgery is to implant temporary tissue expanders in the chest to keep the breast skin in place. You can postpone the final breast reconstruction till after radiation treatment thanks to this.
  • Consult a radiation oncologist prior to surgery if you intend to have radiation therapy as part of your recovery in order to go through the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment as well as how it may affect your possibilities for breast reconstruction.
  • As soon as the procedure is over, the incision is stitched together with sutures, which either fall out on their own or are later removed. Additionally, where your breast was taken, one or two little plastic tubes may be inserted. All fluids that accumulate after surgery will be drained by the tubes. The tubes are linked to a small drainage bag with the ends stitched into place.

After the Surgery

Following your procedure, you can expect:

  • Taken to a recovery room where your respiration, pulse, and blood pressure are monitored.
  • Place a bandage or dressing on the surgical site.
  • You experience some pain, numbness, and a pinching sensation under your arms.
  • Get advice on how to look after yourself at home, including how to look after your incision and drains, spot infection symptoms, and comprehend activity limitations.
  • When to start wearing a bra or a breast prosthesis again will be discussed with your medical team.
  • Obtain prescriptions for painkillers and possibly an antibiotic

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What are the Risks and Complications Associated with Mastectomy Surgery?

You run a slightly higher risk if you simultaneously undergo a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. You may be more likely to experience complications if you have diabetes, are overweight, smoke, or have other health issues. There could be problems, for example:

  • Hematoma (blood buildup) or seroma (fluid) accumulation under the wound
  • A chest, arm, or underarm pain that is burning or shooting
  • Reduced shoulder or arm movement
  • Increased sensitivity around the scar
  • Infection
  • Painful or lumpy scar tissue.
  • Numbness in the upper arm, chest, or nipple

Another complication of mastectomy and lymph node surgery is lymphedema, which causes swelling in your arm. Approximately 20% of people develop lymphedema after a mastectomy with lymph node removal.


Recovery takes longer with larger operations. After a total mastectomy, it’s typical to spend one day in the hospital. You’ll probably feel at ease carrying out all of your typical daily activities in around four weeks.

If the procedure you received required greater recovery time, such as a mastectomy with body tissue reconstruction for the breasts, you might require a longer hospital stay. A few months may pass before you feel completely better.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a mastectomy major surgery?

A: Because of the following, a mastectomy is regarded as a serious procedure: One or both breasts are permanently removed during the surgery, which is a significant risk factor in and of itself. The length of the procedure can often range from 2 to 4 hours, depending on how severe the illness is. It is carried out when completely unconscious.

Q: What happens following a mastectomy procedure?

A: You’ll likely feel weak immediately after surgery, and you might experience soreness for two to three days. Your arm may feel like it is being pulled or stretched in that area. Additionally, the area may be itchy, tingly, or painful. Within a few days, this will become better.

Q: What is prohibited following a mastectomy?

A: Driving and doing chores cannot be done until the drain is cleared. When you are no longer using drugs and you feel confident manoeuvring the wheel and making fast stops, you can resume driving. Don’t stop using your arm after a lymph node dissection, but wait to exercise it until your first postoperative appointment.

Q: After a mastectomy, may nipples get erect?

A: Positioning and appearance: In some circumstances, you might not be satisfied with how the nipple is positioned or how it appears following restoration. After NSM, the nipple will always be upright.

Q: Do you need chemotherapy after a mastectomy?

A: Your doctor may advise chemotherapy to eliminate any cancer cells that were missed during surgery to remove the breast cancer and lower your risk of the disease returning.

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