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Ankle Replacement Surgery Cost in India
The estimated cost of ankle replacement surgery cost in India is approximately USD 6500. The cost of care varies from case to case and a specialist examination is recommended to assess the appropriate treatment procedure/approach. The cost & quality of care, including the treatment process, the room category, and many other factors, are also influenced by several external factors. Compared to other countries, especially those in the Western and Middle East regions, ankle replacement costs in India are significantly lower. This is why, for ankle replacement surgery, India is considered one of the top destinations. More about Ankle Replacement Surgery…
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    Factors Affecting the Cost of Ankle Replacement Surgery in India The type of implant selected is the most important factor deciding the cost of ankle replacement surgery in India. The hospital’s option is also a factor that dictates the final cost. Given their quality of care, hospitals with world-class facilities…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the advantages of replacement surgery on the ankle?

    A: The key advantages of this surgery for joint replacement are:

    • Alleviation of suffering
    • Improves the range of ankle motion to make them feel natural
    • Support avoid the other joints from being diseases/arthritic near the ankle
    • Enable you to return to activities that are low-impact, such as walking, swimming, biking, hiking


    Q: How long will the process take?

    A: Generally, surgery to repair the ankle can take more than 2 hours. The patient is either under general or spinal anesthesia (with a regional nerve block) and does not feel anything during the operation.


    Q: After the treatment, when will I leave the hospital?

    A: After the ankle replacement procedure, you will need to remain in the hospital for 1-2 days. A plaster splint or boot may be positioned over the incision prior to the discharge. The doctor will advise you on the directions and measures that must be taken during healing.


    Q: When will I be able to do post-surgery walking?

    A: For some time, you should not place weight on the operated foot (non-weight bearing period). Many people are able to walk and begin physical therapy in around four to six weeks post-surgery. This is a progressive mechanism and can differ for each individual.


    Q: After ankle replacement surgery, will I be able to do physically challenging activities?

    A: Yeah. Yes. After a year after surgery, the majority of patients are able to perform low-demand activities such as walking, biking, hiking, and swimming. It should be avoided, however, to take part in high-risk events, such as long-distance running or sports that can have a lot of impact on the ankle. This is because the life expectancy of the replacement joint will be reduced by these practices.


    Q: How long does it last for an ankle replacement?

    A: 90% of total ankle replacements have remained intact for around 5 years after surgery and 80% for 8 years after surgery, according to recent reports. The lifespan of the reconstruction of the ankle depends on the degree of the ankle joint injury and is considered to be higher in patients with less ankle deformity.

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