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Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment Cost in India
A brain tumor is abnormal cell growth, and pediatric brain tumors differ from adult brain tumors in size, type, and treatment. The most common solid tumor in children is a pediatric brain tumor. The treatment for pediatric brain tumors in India consists of MRI and other imaging tests that are risk-free, show where the tumor is and can be fairly accurate in diagnosing the type of tumor and providing some information about the prognosis. Other treatments, such as surgery and chemotherapy, are also used to treat the condition. There are numerous options for pediatric brain tumor treatment in India, with…
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    How Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment is Done? For pediatric brain tumor treatment in India, it can depend on the type, size, and location of the tumor, as well as your child’s age and overall health. These include the following treatments: Surgery: If the brain tumor is in an accessible location…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Is the Common Pediatric Brain Tumor?

    A: Pilocytic astrocytoma. It is a slow-growing tumor commonly found in children and is often cystic. If the tumor develops in the cerebellum, surgical removal is necessary for treatment.

    Q: Are Pediatric Brain Tumors Rare?

    A: Brain tumors are rare in children as only five out of every 100,000 children. Childhood brain tumors can be benign or malignant and both are known to be life-threatening.

    Q: What Is the Rarest Brain Tumor in Kids?

    A: Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors (ATRT) are the rarest and fast-growing tumors that often occur in the brain and spread to the spinal cord.

    Q: How Many Types of Pediatric Brain Tumors Are There?

    A: Over 130 different types of tumors can occur in the brain or the CNS. These are usually named after the type of cell they develop from and can be named after the area of the brain they are growing.

    Q: What Causes Embryonal Tumors?

    A: The tumor develops from cells that were left over from when the embryo was forming in the womb, but have remained in the brain of the born infant.

    Q: What Kind of Brain Tumor Do Kids Get?

    A: Brain and spinal cord tumors are the most common brain tumors in children. The most common types of brain and spinal cords are medulloblastoma and gliomas.

    Q: Do Brain Tumors Run in Families?

    A: Brain tumors rarely run in families. Only a small number of inherited genetic conditions are linked to a higher risk of certain types of brain tumors.

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