Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease for the central nervous system (CNS). It causes gliosis, demyelination, and neurodegeneration. From the statistical data, nearly 2 million people were affected worldwide. Multiple Sclerosis is also known as an autoimmune disease as the immunity of the central nervous system gets attacked and slowly destroys the nerve fibers. As a result, the brain cannot perform its actions and can’t provide instructions to the rest of the body.

Its types are –

  1. Clinically isolated syndrome (CIS)
  2. Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)
  3. Secondary advanced Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS)
  4. Main advanced Multiple Sclerosis(PPMS)
  5. Fulminant

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Several studies and treatments were introduced to cure multiple sclerosis but the results in severe side effects etc. Later, relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) was observed. It shows its effect slowly like stage-wise. Earlier it doesn’t show any symptoms, slowly it starts showing a few symptoms then it reaches a severe stage. Stem cell therapy is very effective in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment apart from the others.


As Multiple Sclerosis is due to the damage of nerves, the symptoms are related to the location of the damaged nerve fibers. The general symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis observed from various patients are –

  • Vision impairment, partial or complete loss of vision.
  • Sensations of electric shock in different parts occurring with some specific head movements
  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in sexual reaction
  • Tingling sensation or ache in various parts of the body.
  • Weak or numb limbs.
  • Blur or double vision.
  • Stiffness and spasms in muscles
  • Bladder control difficulties
  • Emotional issues such as depression, stress, etc.,


However, there is no clear idea for the cause of affecting multiple Sclerosis disease. But the four major causes were observed by several doctors which are as follows-

Genetic causes

Multiple Sclerosis is caused by genetic disorders. Even though it is not a hereditary disease, some genes related to this disease may enter the younger generations. They may have a high chance of getting the disease.

Environmental causes

Based on the geographic conditions, the risk of Multiple Sclerosis varies. For an instance,  regions like Asia, Africa, may have very little risk compared to other regions equally with genetic causes.

Immunologic causes

Multiple Sclerosis may be caused due to immunity deficiency. The strength of the immunity system prevents the causes of Multiple Sclerosis disease.

Viral causes

Along with other causes, certain viruses like the Epstein-Barr virus may lead to the attack of Multiple Sclerosis disease.

Preventive Measures

Taking preventive steps is far better than searching for therapies. Some of the general preventive measures are –

  • Cutting down on smoking. Several studies have observed that smoking is one of the causes of damage to tissues. So avoiding smoking is the best preventive step.
  • Moreover taking proper medication prescribed by the family doctor is good for health. The negligence may lead to the severity of diseases.
  • Also, consuming a healthy diet with all nutrients may strengthen the immunity system which automatically protects the whole body.
  • Besides all the above, maintaining physical fitness with regular exercises is a must.

Role of Stem Cell Therapy

In simple terms, stem cells are the root cells that can produce several cells in the body. These stem cells occur in various organs like bone marrow, hematopoietic, etc. The hematopoietic stem cells are related to the blood and blood vessels. The treatment using these cells in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment is called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Also, another research in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment is there which is Best Available Therapy (BEAT).

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Before Procedure

In the process of curing, relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS), the patient should be under the observation of the doctor for nearly 11 days. Initially, the doctor provides a few medications to increase the stem cell count in the bone marrow. Then, the doctor suggests chemotherapy and during chemotherapy, they provide a high dosage of medicines and inject the hematopoietic stem cells into the blood. These stem cells help to create white blood cells into the patient’s body. During this time high dosage of medicines along with several antibiotics will be provided to the patient.

After Procedure

These antibiotics may help to fight infections, illnesses caused by the high dosage of medicines. The white blood cells help to build a new immune system that protects the body permanently. But it is a slow process that takes several weeks to complete. After that, the person needs to take a rest at home to get back to his daily routine around 3 to 6 months.

Is the HSCT safe and effective?

It seems likely, the only risk related to hematopoietic stem cell therapy Is during the time of injecting the blood stem cells into the patient’s body. It is effective only if the immune system can accept these medicines. Otherwise, it leads to high-risk conditions. So it is not cent percent safe and the doctor needs to prescribe based on examining the whole body of the patient. Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India has developed and found several remedies and therapies to degrade the growth of the disease and to get relief from the symptoms of the disease. These remedies may protect the body by controlling the adverse effects of the disease. Some of those remedies which are in practice for the Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India are –

  • Disease-modifying remedy helps to reduce the severity of the disease by modifying multiple remedies. Majorly two remedies were in practice to degrade the strength of the disease. They are-
    • Glatiramer acetate
    • Beta-interferons

            These are widely used in drugs to stop the attack of Multiple Sclerosis disease to an extent. These drugs can be taken through an injection then they may cause skin irritation.

Role of Drugs

  • Oral medicines like Siponimod, Teriflunomide, Dimethyl fumarate can be used at the early stage of Multiple Sclerosis disease. But the dosage needs to be prescribed by a proper physician.
  • Infusion-based drugs also play a vital role in Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India. These drugs can be directly injected into the veins of a human being. Here we have two different kinds of infusion-based drugs. One is primarily progressive and the other is secondary progressive. But each drug has the same level of adverse effects.
  • Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India includes two different methods of treating infections. They are – Corticosteroids usually called steroids which may be used to further reduce nerve inflammations. And the second option is plasma exchange therapy. If the first option doesn’t work, then the doctor suggests this option. The name itself does that abortion of damaged blood cells were removed and a new plasma has been sent to the patient’s body.


Although, Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease but Indian doctors have however given very good results and have helped MS patients overcome the symptoms and lead a happier life. The cost of medications used in India are comparatively on the pocket-friendly side. For more details on treatment kindly contact MedSurge India now!!

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