Noella From Uganda Successfully Underwent Breast Cancer Surgery in India



Medical Issue/Surgery Done– Breast Cancer/Mastectomy

Treating Doctor– Dr Niranjan Naik (Surgical Oncologist)

Hospital– Fortis Gurgaon, India

Country– Kampala, Uganda

Age– 42

Like every other day, Noella woke up and went for a walk. When she came home, she felt something is not right with her physically. It was itchy around the right breast area. She wasn’t alarmed at first. As the days passed, itchiness started increasing and a lump appeared on her right breast. She already made many theories in her mind about having some severe health problems. To avoid any further delays, she decided to consult her Gynaecologist who further suggested meeting an oncologist. The oncologist asked her to undergo a few tests including mammography.

The Shock – Breast Cancer Symptoms!

She waited for the results and got a message from her doctor to see her. Knowing her medical history and reports’ results, she was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer with lumps in both breasts. The doctor advised her to undergo surgery for removing those lumps. She followed as instructed by her physician. 

Unfortunately, her cancer recurred after undergoing a lumpectomy in her hometown. She got upset, confused, and depressed about having such problems so early. 

A Ray of Hope in India

She did some search, discussed it with her family and friends, and decided for Breast Cancer Treatment In India. For the next few weeks, she did research and ask people different opinions. One day, one of her close friends approached and told her about Medsurge India – one of the best health assistance partners in India. 

So, she contacted the Medsurge team and asked for treatment options in India. The team arranged her video consultation with one of the best cancer surgeons in India, Dr. Niranjan Naik for breast cancer treatment.

Helpful-Breast Cancer Myths and Facts | Breast Cancer Surgery Cost in India

Medical Journey to India 

As the Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India is most affordable so it was finally decided to travel to India for getting the treatment done. Medsurge team arranged everything such as medical visa processing, air tickets, accommodation, and all necessities including affordable breast cancer treatment costs in India.

Upon arrival in India, Noella and her sister, Irine were taken to the guest house near the hospital. The treatment process began with pre-evaluation tests including biopsy, blood tests, and PET scan was also done to find out if cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Dr. Naik told her that it is fortunate that cancer has not metastasized. He further explained and suggested that it is best to do a Mastectomy in her case which is the surgical removal of the whole breast which is removing the whole breast followed by chemotherapy sessions.  After meeting Dr. Naik, she was quite convinced and ready for the treatment. Dr. Naik also gave her an option of undergoing Breast reconstruction as this can be done on the day 

breast cancer surgery in indiaof mastectomy

Survival after Mastectomy!

Noella was discharged within a week after undergoing successful treatment and stayed near the hospital for regular follow-up visits and chemotherapy sessions. She fought and survived with strong willpower and recovered at a good pace. She underwent one complete cycle of chemotherapy which lasted for 3 weeks and Dr. Naik suggested taking the rest of the cycles in her country she along with her sister, Irine departed from India. She has been advised to follow all protocols prescribed by Dr. Naik. Medsurge team is still in touch with her to know about her health and wish her a speedy recovery.

About Dr. Niranjan Naik!

Dr. Niranjan Naik is a well-experienced surgical oncologist who holds expertise in complex onco-surgical procedures including laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries. He has done over 12,000 surgeries since 1996. He is currently associated with Fortis Hospital (FMRI), Gurgaon


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