10 Tips To Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer also called prostatic carcinoma, is cancer that affects the prostate gland. This gland produces seminal fluid in the body, which is responsible for nourishing and transporting sperm. Different types of prostate cancer can impact the prostate gland’s functioning adversely. 1 out of 8 men is affected with prostate cancer in their entire lifetime. When considering men in the age group over 65 years, 6 out of 10 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Some of the most common prostate cancer risk factors include age, race, location, family history, genetic changes, and Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome. Men aged more than 50 years usually get diagnosed with prostate cancer. Black men originating from the United States, especially North America and Northern Europe with a family history of prostate cancer are more vulnerable to prostate cancer. Men with excess weight than the recommended respective BMI are more prone to prostate cancer. 

Symptoms of Prostate cancer:

  1. Increased frequency to urinate regularly
  2. Sense of pressure, pain, and discomfort in the bladder
  3. Pain in the bones

These symptoms make it essential for the respective individuals to go ahead with a medical consultation of their choice. You can also ensure that you are taking the medical consultation at the right time to prevent any adverse impact on your body. 

If you are thinking about how to prevent prostate cancer, then here are proven tips to reduce your risk of prostate cancer. 

Consume Bright-Colored Fruits And Vegetables: Yes, you heard that right. If you are eager to prevent yourself from prostate cancer, then you must consume natural foods such as tomato, watermelon, to name a few. This significantly reduces the chances of being affected by prostate cancer. This happens because of the lycopene content present in the tomato. Therefore, you need to choose the tomatoes that have the actual red color and have ripened properly. 

Choose To Eat Veggies And Fruits Properly: Green vegetables comprise certain compounds that contribute to breaking the cancer-causing substances such as carcinogens. Also, the nutrients and vitamins present in vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Some of the other foods to help prevent prostate cancer include blueberries, spinach, peas, spinach, oranges, and grapefruit. 

Consume Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin supplements help to meet the recommended dosages of vitamins and minerals in the best possible manner. Even if you are not able to fulfill the nutrient intake with the diet, you can choose to consume the supplements regularly to achieve the desired health benefits. 

Stay Active: Keeping the bodyweight at an optimum level helps is crucial to preventing prostate cancer. Therefore, engaging in regular physical activities helps to a great extent. Even if your weight falls into the specified BMI as per your height, you must make staying active a priority in your life. You can choose a fitness activity of your choice or you can even work with a fitness expert to reach your ideal weight and maintain it for the rest of your life. 

Drink Coffee Regularly: Drinking coffee regularly helps to significantly reduce risk of coffee consumption significantly. Moreover, experts have found that boiled coffee is more beneficial than coffee prepared using other methods. One must drink such coffee a few times daily to reap the best benefits from this natural ingredient and beat the prostate cancer risk factors successfully. 

Choose Better Alternatives of Fat: If you want to ensure that you are safeguarding yourself from prostate cancer, start selecting plant-based fats over animal-based fats. Olive oil, fruits, nuts, and seeds are the best sources of healthy fats for our body. Regular consumption of these healthy fats helps to stay far from the risk factors associated with the development of prostate cancer. 

Consume More Folate: The American Cancer Society has recommended to consume folate via natural sources such as whole grains, beans, green vegetables, to name a few. It is wiser to consume folate instead of supplement based folic acid so that the body receives the required folic acid in the best possible manner. 

Say Goodbye to Smoking and Alcohol: Individuals who smoke regularly have higher risk of being affected with prostate cancer. You will be surprised to know that individuals who have quit smoking before a decade have same mortality risk than those who never smoke. Also, you must keep a check on the alcohol intake every week. It’s highly recommended to restrict the consumption of alcohol to prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. Men who do not smoke and drink alcohol tend to live a much healthy lifestyle. So, its never too late to quit smoking and alcohol, and get started with a healthy living. 

Stay Sexually Active: A healthy and active sexual life is one of the natural ways to prevent prostate cancer to a great extent. Regular ejaculation helps men stay safe from developing cancer cells. Moreover, it reduces the stress levels in the body in the best possible manner. Therefore, men with active sexual life are at much lower risk to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Consult Your Doctor: It is recommended to have twice a year or yearly medical checkups to find risks to develop any health ailment including prostate cancer. You must discuss about the family history, dietary recommendations and medical screening tests that you must undergo to understand the risks associated with your health. Also, if you have recently started with a new exercise regime and suffering from discomfort in the pelvic or rectal areas, difficulty in urinating, and blood in urine and semen, then it’s crucial to discuss with your doctor and take the required measures in daily routine. 

Thus, these are the top preventive measures that will help you prevent prostate cancer in the best possible manner. Once you start implementing these measures, you will get the best benefits from these measures that will help you protect yourself from the risk of being affected by prostate cancer. 

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