Choosing the Right Sleeping Position After Hip Replacement

After any major operation, getting enough sleep is crucial to recovery. However, difficulties or problems sleeping is one of the most frequent symptoms we hear from patients who have had a total hip replacement. The problem probably adds to restless nights, whether you can’t sleep in the usual posture or you wake up in agony. You’ll also need to take extra measures when you go to bed for a few weeks following your operation to prevent dislocation.

Sleeping in the proper position is one of the ways you may lessen the discomfort after a hip replacement surgery. In this article, we’ll go over some suggestions for getting a good night’s sleep after having a complete hip replacement surgery. 

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There are several measures you must take after a hip replacement to make sure there are no issues from the treatment. Your replacement hip might dislocate if you don’t abide by your orthopedic surgeon’s instructions. The tissues that keep your hip in place have to be cut or stretched during surgery, and they require time to repair. Depending on your general health and unique circumstances, you will need to adhere to these particular measures for 6 to 12 weeks. Make sure you select the proper postures for sleeping.

Good support is the key to sleeping well after hip replacement. You may experience a better night’s sleep and a less painful recovery by setting a sleep environment that promotes pain-free slumber. We’ve listed some of the greatest advice for getting a good night’s sleep after hip replacement surgery in order to assist you get that rejuvenating slumber. Furthermore, your surgeon would advise you to stay in the hospital for a minimum of two to three days following hip replacement surgery in India. Also, keep in mind that it would often take three to six months to recuperate from surgery.

Sleeping Position After Total Hip Replacement

In order to fully heal and resume enjoying everyday activities, your sleeping posture is crucial. Even though some positions could be challenging to adjust to, getting a good night’s sleep and allowing the body to repair itself will help the healing process go smoothly. Following a total hip replacement, some of the greatest sleeping positions include:

  • Using a hard mattress or bed
  • Sleep on your side or back away from the healing hip.
  • putting a cushion between your legs when you’re asleep
  • If you start to feel uncomfortable, switch positions, but avoid sleeping on your stomach.

How Not To Sleep After Hip Replacement Surgery

After having a total hip replacement, sleeping improperly is not good for your healing. In order to help you make a full recovery, our Patchogue injury physicians will make sure you are informed correctly. You shouldn’t sleep in the following situations after having a complete hip replacement:

  • Avoid lying on your stomach at night. It is challenging to keep your hip from turning in this posture.
  • Keep your knees from sleeping with pillows under them.
  • Do not cross your ankles or legs.

Getting into Bed After a Hip Replacement

Be cautious when getting into and out of bed so that you don’t further harm your hip. You must: in order to enter your bed securely.

  • When you feel your bed behind you, use your walking assistance to climb back up.
  • Sit on the edge of your bed and extend the leg that received the hip replacement. 
  • Push your bottom back and use your arms to support yourself.
  • Try bringing one leg up onto the bed at a time.
  • Set up a secure sleeping posture for yourself.

Getting Out of Bed Following Hip Replacement

When you’re prepared to leave your bed, take these actions:

  • Take away all the pillows and linens.
  • You can support yourself by bending the leg that did not have a hip replacement and using your elbows.
  • Your bottom should slide until it is almost at the bed’s edge.
  • You can get out of a semi-lying posture by pushing yourself up with your hands and elbows.
  • Swing your body around to sit up by gently moving your hips and legs to the edge of the bed.
  • As you rise, extend the injured leg and support yourself with your stronger leg.

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Bottom Line

Getting a good night’s sleep is more crucial than ever following major surgery, such as a hip replacement. You may help yourself the most by carefully adhering to your doctor’s recovery advice. You can discover a sleeping position that works for you and reduces your pain levels with the use of sleep aids like wedge pillows and pillows between legs after hip replacement. Restorative sleep can begin soon after surgery if you’re able to maintain a healthy sleep routine.


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