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Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India
The bilateral hip disorder is a common finding that could happen in around 42 percent of the populace with osteoarthrosis, and it’s estimated that 25 percent of individuals with osteoarthritis requiring total hip replacement may require a bilateral replacement. This has resulted in the test of the greatest strategy to run a hip replacement without raising the probability of perioperative comorbidities, using as alternatives a simultaneous bilateral hip replacement or a sequential operation.  Helpful – Hip Replacement Surgery | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | Hip Preservation Types of Bilateral Hip Replacement Simultaneous bilateral Hip replacement –When both knees have been…
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    Before surgery Preoperative evaluation to Announce your fit for Operation Including Current past Health history, complete blood count, urine analysis, clotting factor Analyzing, ECG. X-ray and MRI scan to comprehend disease condition and select treatment choice. The physician will check your routine medication and even discontinue a few drugs before…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Osteoarthritis?

    A: Osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disorder also referred to as wear-and-tear arthritis wherein the conclusion of bone starts wearing away, resulting in stiffness and pain. When the cartilage wears off entirely, the bones rub directly against each other causing diminished distress, stiffness, and chronic pain.


    Q: Is there any particular age group for hip replacement surgery?

    A. Generally, any patient may be a suitable applicant to get a hip replacement. The majority of the patients are between the ages of 60 and 80, but the operation is not restricted to the older patient.


    Q: How long does hip replacement surgery take?

    A: Hip replacement surgery takes generally 3-4 hrs.


    Q: What is the recovery period for hip replacement surgery?

    A: Recovery can take a few months or weeks, based on the individual’s health and age, and many things play an important role in recovery.


    Q: Why do hip replacements fail?

    A: The most frequent cause for failure is the loosening of the synthetic ball in which it’s fastened in the femur or loosening of the socket.


    Q: In what cases is Hip Replacement surgery not advised?

    A: Hip replacement surgery not advised in patients with

    • Severe Osteoporosis, because bones may be too brittle to properly support and adhere to the new joint prosthesis
    • A person suffering from dementia or alcoholism as they will not be able to follow post-surgical instructions
    • Patients suffering from an existing infection are also not eligible as these patients are at a high risk of postoperative complications.


    Q: What can be done to improve recovery after hip replacement surgery?

    • Stay active doing gentle exercises
    • Avoidance of high action physical work
    • Avoidance of high-pressure postures such as squatting or sitting cross-legged on the floor
    • Talk with an expert concerning the way you must sleep, sit, stand, get out of bed after surgery


    Q: What are hip replacement surgery options?

    A: There are many options available concerning the different kinds of allowing and Stem:

    • Eg: ceramic on Concrete
    • Ceramic on ceramic
    • Hydroxyapatite (HA)coated stem, Respectively

    You can talk about the best option for you along with your surgeon.

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