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Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Ethos is a type of adaptive radiation therapy that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide radiation treatment for cancer patients. Adaptive radiation therapy involves modifying the radiation treatment plan during the course of treatment to account for changes in the patient’s anatomy and tumor size and shape.

Ethos combines MRI with advanced imaging processing and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a real-time image of the patient’s anatomy during treatment. This allows doctors to adjust the radiation dose and target the tumor more precisely while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

The use of Ethos technology has been shown to improve treatment outcomes and reduce side effects for cancer patients. It is particularly useful for treating tumors in areas that are sensitive or difficult to access, such as the brain, spine, and pelvis.

Ethos is currently available at some leading cancer centers in India, and its adoption is expected to increase as more facilities invest in MRI-guided radiation therapy technology. Radiation Therapy in India is more affordable as compared with other countries because of the availability of top-notch medical facilities, cheaper labor costs, and government subsidies for cancer treatments all contribute to this.

How Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Works

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy is a new technology designed to improve the accuracy and precision of radiation therapy treatment. It uses advanced imaging technologies, such as MRI and CT, to create a detailed 3D model of a patient’s anatomy. This model is then used to guide the delivery of radiation during treatment.

One of the key features of Ethos is its ability to adapt the radiation dose during treatment based on changes in the patient’s anatomy. This is important because the shape and position of organs and tumors can shift slightly during treatment due to factors such as breathing and digestion. By using real-time imaging during treatment, Ethos can adjust the radiation dose to ensure that it is delivered precisely to the targeted area while minimizing exposure to healthy tissues.

Ethos also incorporates a number of other advanced technologies to improve the patient experience and outcomes. For example, it includes a built-in system that can monitor the patient’s breathing and adjust the radiation delivery accordingly. It also includes a patient positioning system that can help ensure that the patient is in the correct position during treatment.

Overall, Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy represents a significant advance in radiation therapy technology. The ability to use numerous distinct photos obtained by your care team to make better-educated treatment decisions is the key to this highly personalized treatment. These various, top-notch photos offer a thorough and up-to-date perspective of your anatomy, allowing the doctors to modify your treatment strategy to target the malignancy. Providing more precise and personalized treatment, it has the potential to improve outcomes and reduce side effects for cancer patients. 

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Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Features

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy is a cutting-edge radiation therapy technology that allows for highly personalized treatment plans for cancer patients. Some of the key features of Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy include:

1.Real-time imaging: Ethos uses advanced imaging technology to create a detailed 3D model of the tumor and surrounding tissues. This allows for highly precise and accurate treatment planning.

2.Adaptive treatment: Ethos can adapt the radiation dose and treatment plan in real-time based on changes in the patient’s anatomy and tumor size, shape, and location. This ensures that the patient receives the most effective treatment possible.

3.Integrated workflows: Ethos integrates seamlessly with existing treatment planning and delivery systems, allowing for efficient and streamlined workflows.

4.Patient comfort: Ethos is designed with patient comfort in mind, with features such as a quieter treatment room and personalized positioning to reduce discomfort and anxiety.

5.Reduced treatment time: Ethos can deliver radiation therapy in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional radiation therapy, which can reduce the overall treatment duration and improve patient outcomes.

Overall, Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy offers a highly advanced and personalized approach to radiation therapy that can improve patient outcomes and quality of life. 

ethos radiation therapy machine

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy Machine working

What Distinguishes Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Comparing Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy to its other Linac competitors, it is both far better and more patient-friendly. The radiation dose is adjusted to the patient’s unique anatomy throughout each therapy session. These in-the-moment adjustments aid in more efficient treatment sessions and accurate cancer targeting. Ethos places the patient at the focus of the care in this way.

Doctors are able to eliminate mistakes and unneeded delays in the therapy as there are no human calculations required. Compared to other radiation platforms, Ethos is relatively quiet, which enhances patient comfort during treatment.

Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy: Advantages

Faster Sessions: We can administer radiation therapy more quickly thanks to the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy technology. With this technology, the session as a whole might be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Overall improved Treatment Results: The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform improves accuracy and personalization to provide patients with better treatment outcomes and to promote successful condition management.

Comfortable Treatment Sessions: To give a positive experience in a comfortable and safe environment, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform is developed with a big bore, silent motors, an integrated video system, and an intercom system. Shortening the length of each therapy session, it also increases patient comfort.

More Accurate Radiation Delivery: Ethos’ Adaptive Intelligence technology provides more accurate imaging and treatment planning, which raises the precision of radiation delivery. Additionally, this lessens the likelihood of nearby healthy tissues being harmed.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Using its excellent AI-driven treatment planning and contouring capabilities, the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform accurately maps out the anatomy, meticulously detects structural changes, and subsequently optimizes the treatment regimen. This enables us to provide each patient receiving radiation therapy through the Ethos platform with a customized treatment plan.

Safer Radiation Delivery: The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform promotes improved patient safety throughout the session thanks to its patient-centric design.

Less Treatment-Related Complications: The Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy platform helps lower the risk of serious Treatment-Related Complications for Patients by more accurately targeting cancer and minimizing harm to neighboring healthy tissues.

Why Choose HCG For Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy 

One of the top cancer hospitals in India is HCG Cancer Hospital. It has a chain of 24 comprehensive cancer facilities around the country that provide state-of-the-art cancer tests and top-notch cancer treatments.

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, skilled and experienced staff, and unique cancer treatment techniques, HCG Cancer Centre is able to offer its patients prompt diagnostic and clinical care support. Additionally, their network is home to a sizable number of cancer experts that have undergone extensive training in order to provide patients with the greatest support and treatment.

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