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How Diabetes Can Be Responsible for Kidney Disorders?

We all know the basic function of the kidney, as we have learned in our educational days! Its main job is to remove waste from the blood and get back the purified blood back to the body. In simple words, kidney failure is referred to as the stage when the kidneys are no longer able to eliminate waste. On the other hand, once in a while, we all have come across the term; “Diabetes.” Let us tell you what it is and how diabetes can be responsible for kidney disorders.

Diabetes is a disorder or disease and is a stage when the body fails to balance the blood sugar (glucose), and it stops making insulin the way it should. Insulin is a hormone, a chemical our body makes. In this article, we will talk about diabetes and kidney failure along with covering kidney transplant costs in India.

Nowadays, diabetes is responsible for kidney disorders. According to trusted scientific research, the risk of kidney disease occurs due to diabetes which causes kidney failure. If we consider the Americans, roughly 34+ million people are hit by diabetes. You would be surprised to know that half of all kidney failures happen due to diabetes. Therefore, it is crucial to control your diabetes in order to put a stop to blood sugar from damaging your kidneys.

If you want to know the cause of kidney failure due to diabetes, then it happens due to one condition – Mellitus, characterized by extreme blood sugar (glucose) levels. The high presence of sugar in the blood damages the range of filtering units within each kidney. Thus, kidney failure happens. Curious to know how to prevent diabetic kidney disorders or diseases? Well, continue reading!

Diabetes – A Major Risk Factor For Kidney Disorders

If someone has diabetes and they would want to know, then in that case, what should be done? What’s the best way to get to know if the kidneys are affected? According to scientific studies, diabetes symptoms may not be visible even in the early stages. All you can identify is changes in the person like losing appetites, weight gain due to fluid retention. So, if the disease is not being treated, chances are extreme, that patients can develop heart failure also!

There is a range of things diabetes does to the kidneys. When a person has diabetes, his/her small blood vessels within the body get injured, which stops the kidneys from cleaning the body thoroughly. In such cases, the body starts retaining more water and salts than it should, which ultimately results in excessive weight gain, ankle swelling problems.

So, What To Do To Know If Your Kidney Gets Damaged?

If you want to know what will happen if your kidneys are damaged, then continue reading! First, you need to find out the best kidney transplantation surgeons in India because India is emerging as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Moreover, India is rated as the top 3rd medical tourism destination in the world in 2015. The next important thing to do is to identify kidney transplant costs in India.

With 250+ Best Kidney Transplantation Centers, India Has The Top Kidney Transplantation Surgeons

The reason why we are so persuasive about kidney transplantation in India is that kidney transplantation in India is considered relatively safer. If we talk about the reliable source, roughly 7500+ kidney transplants are carried out at 250+ best kidney transplantation centers in India. India provides the top success rate for kidney transplantation surgery.

After reviewing the best kidney transplantation hospitals in India, when you meet a doctor, he/she will tell you if your blood pressure, diabetes, and urinary tract infections could be treated with medicine or not. Consultation with the doctor is important because they are the ones who can identify if your kidney is affected by your diabetes or not! And if it is, he will suggest the cost of kidney transplantation in India and the procedures for successful kidney implantation.

How India’s Best Kidney Transplantation Hospitals Treat Kidney Failure Patients

Are you wondering if there’s an option to treat diabetes patients with kidney failure? If yes, then you are not the only one. With three types of treatment, including dialysis, hemodialysis, and kidney transplantation, there’s no shortage of the best kidney transplantation hospitals in India to treat kidney failure patients. Well, let’s just not dig deep into the dialysis and only talk about kidney transplantation.

As we informed you that individuals who have diabetes also can go for kidney transplantation. Once a person gets a new kidney, the individual requires a higher insulin dose. When such a situation occurs, you must consider the best kidney treatment in order to replace the work of your failed kidneys.

NOTE – If the new kidney fails, there are options like a dialysis treatment.

Discover The Rough Kidney Transplant Cost In India

You would be astonished to know that there are plenty of kidney transplantation hospitals in India that offer low-cost kidney transplants without making you broke. Also, being one of the emerging kidney transplantation hubs in the world, India ranks second when it comes to successful kidney transplantations after the United States. On record, around, 7,500+ kidney transplants are performed in India every year!

The rough Kidney Transplant Cost In India is something between INR 5-7 Lakhs in private hospitals. Moreover, one needs to be aware of the fact that after surgery, every month, medical expenses are around INR 15,000-INR 20,000 depending on the stage of the treatment.

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The Take-Away!

If you are looking to find the best kidney transplantation hospitals in India, top kidney surgeons in India, risk reduction strategies all together in one place, check out our guide to Kidney Transplant & its Essentials.

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