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Who Need Penile Lengthening Surgery: Risk & Effectiveness

Manliness is defined as the characteristics and habits that society considers appropriate for men. Generally, men are strong, muscular, and have an especially masculine form of genital organ ” penis “.

There are instances when discussing the penis is taboo, socially unacceptable; and then there are times when the topic is lightheartedly discussed.

For centuries, men have tended to have problems with their heights, girths, and functions. Certain physical characteristics have been suggested to correlate with penile size.

The article discusses penile augmentation procedures, including penile lengthening procedures, penile girth enhancement procedures, and penile skin reconstruction procedures.

Penile Lengthening Surgery: What to know?

Surgery to enlarge the penis may involve several procedures aimed at increasing the size and length of the penis. Patients typically undergo the procedure for cosmetic reasons.

Despite the fact that penile lengthening surgery may work in some cases, there is no guarantee that it will be effective, and the processes do carry risks.

Typically, the majority of individuals who elect to have the surgery have a normal, functioning penis, so it is only cosmetic. Often, the cost is prohibitive for these individuals.

The purpose of this article is to discuss penis enlargement surgery, its effectiveness and risks, and the costs associated with it.

A penile implant surgeon extends the penile’s length proportionately to the length of the internal portion of the implant. Additionally, penile weight hanging and certain stretching devices can be used over the next few months to permanently increase size. There is no way to predict the total length increase prior to surgery since it is dependent on the individual’s anatomy.

An alternative medical treatment method is the use of a dermal graft/implant, also known as a dermofat graft. Both penile diameter and length can be increased using this procedure. Fat cells/tissues taken from any other part of the body can then be transplanted into the penis using the patient’s own fat.

Due to this, the circumference of the penis increases by 50 percent or more, and the penile shaft is filled with fat cells to maintain a proper proportion.

Am I a Good Candidate for Penile Enhancement Surgery?

The desired candidates for lengthening or phalloplasty are generally:

  • A certain amount of preoccupation with penis size is common among men, some more, some less. Also, men are affected in different ways; for example, men with small penises may experience psychological stress during sex, which as a result can turn into weak erections. 
  • Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, but determining whether a penis enlargement treatment will reduce your penile anxiety and the negative effects in your life resulting from your concern over your penis size is important.

Who May Need Penile Enhancement Surgery?

The desired candidates for lengthening or phalloplasty are generally:

  • Birth defects in men – congenital absence, hypoplasia, malformation
  • The goal of enlarging a penis is to impress a sexual partner or boost their own self-esteem
  • following an injury to the penis that required penis removal
  • Neoplasms (abnormal growth of tissues)
  • Transgender women who would like to change their gender from female to male, i.e. become male
  • Necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease) is an example of such an infection.

What’s Average Size?

Throughout history, people have believed myths about the “average” or “normal” length of a penis. The average penis is between 5 and 6 inches in length when erect, and between 4 and 5 inches when flaccid (not erect).

Certain medical conditions can cause men to have smaller penises than average:

Micropenis: One in six men have a micropenis, which is a penis that’s less than 2.8 inches long when stretched. Doctors may be associated with some diagnosis with micropenis that includes:

  1. Growth hormone Deficiencies
  2. Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
  3. Kallman Syndrome
  4. Laurence-moon Syndrome

Peyronie’s Disease:  This condition causes connective tissue buildup on the member, inflicting it to bend and, in some men, shorten. Men with Peyronie’s illness might have bothered obtaining an associate erection, however, there are unit treatments that will facilitate.

Various Penis Enlargement Methods

Several reachable approaches strive to enlarge penile length/girth; some of them are described below:

Non-surgical Methods

Pills and lotions

Various pills and lotions consisting of herbs, synthetic hormones, and artificial vitamins are available in the markets that state to grow the size of penile. However, such types of products are directly available to consumers with no proven research or safety study. Few pieces of research have proven that these pills and lotions may be tested with harmful residues of lead and other toxins.

Vacuum devices

Certain vacuum gadgets such as pumps are additionally used for penis enlargement. A vacuum pump method includes setting a tube-like shape over the penis and then pumping out the air to create a vacuum, which attracts blood into the penis and makes the penis swell and shows up large. 


Jelqing is a pulling exercise aimed at growing the blood circulation in the tissues of the penis, which finally makes the penis appear larger; however, this method too lacks scientific evidence. It may also additionally motive ache or scarring over time.

Surgical Methods

Suspensory Ligament Release  

Ligsmentolysis or surgery for suspensory ligament division. Uniquely, in this surgical technique, the ligament section around the pubic area which holds the penis is removed with incisions.

Penile Augmentation

 A surgical technique for enlargement aims to increase the length of the penis. In this process, in the lower ligament of the penis minor incision will be given and implanted with silicon. Additionally, the use of skin grafts or transferring fat cells may result in to increase in the size of the penis.


According to American Urological Association, penile cosmetic enhancement surgery is safe for most cases and becoming safer even. 

A person must undergo all circumcision before proceeding, penis enlargement surgery is an expensive treatment

Psychological Functioning 

The patients were motivated by a variety of reasons to undergo penile enhancement surgery, among all the most common is a desire to improve their self-perception.

Participants should get familiar with the postoperative complications, including swelling, infections, and filler pooling.

By providing consultation with psychologists and giving regular verbal therapy sessions to boost overall moral and self-confidence.

Side Effects on Penis Augmentation Surgery

Any research or safety study, for length enhancement surgery, has not been established. Few adverse effects are mentioned below:

  1. Severe infection after implantation
  2. Detachment of stitches
  3. Blood clot formation in penile tissue
  4. Poor wound healing
  5. Silicone injection can also cause swelling in the pubic area, distant migration
  6. Erectile dysfunction
  7. Gangrene

Reducing The Risk of Complications

As per the current market scenario, enough research for penis enhancement is not developed yet to surely understand the complete risk factors. Therefore, it is quite hard to estimate the complete reduction process for complications. If you intentionally choose this enhancement surgery for your problem, do follow your doctor’s instructions well that may prevent complications after the surgery.

Bottom Line

Cosmetic surgery like this must be carefully done by expert urologists, who have prior experience to perform it. As well as, doctors must be having good knowledge of “Penile Anatomy”. People suffering from serious medical issues with penis dysfunction may go for enhancement surgery To get a detailed description of Penile Lengthening Surgery Cost in India, do visit our page Medsurge India.




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