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What is Osteotomy and When is it Performed?

Joint and bone deformities can be extremely painful. They not only damage the original position of the body but also make it difficult for the patient to complete the daily tasks with ease. When a patient experiences bone deformity, they go through pain and uneasiness. To cure that, different surgeries are performed. 

What do you mean by Osteotomy?

Osteotomy is a surgery that is performed when a patient experiences bone deformity due to an accident, trauma or disease like arthritis. In osteotomy, the deformed bone is cut and aligned to relieve the pain. Sometimes the bone that is causing the pain has to be reshaped completely to cure the patient. This surgery is not age restricted and it can be performed regardless of the age of the patient. Osteotomy can be carried out in different parts of the body. Depending on the severity of the deformity the severity of the surgery varies. The osteotomy is a very common surgery in india and this is one of the main reasons why the osteotomy cost in India is also very low.

Know the osteotomy surgery cost in india here.

There are different types of osteotomy according to the part of the body over which it is being performed. Osteotomy Surgery

  1. Knee Osteotomy: When the kneecap gets misaligned due to injury or accidents, it can be very painful. In addition to it, if the patient also has arthritis it can cause further damage and hinder normal movement. In the Knee osteotomy, a part of tibia or femur is cut to reshape the knee cap. This surgery helps to smoothen the movements and ease pain by shifting the weight from the damaged part to the healthy part. 
  2. Hip Osteotomy: In this type of osteotomy, the ball and socket of the hip is reshaped to shift the weight from the ailed bone to the other part. This step helps to ease the pain and aligns the shape of the bone as well.
  3. Jaw Osteotomy: In this type of osteotomy the lower and upper jaw are reshaped to realign them. This helps to ease chewing problems and other deformities as well.
  4. Spine Osteotomy: When the spine turns into a hunchback or sawback shape then Osteotomy is carried out to correct this malalignment. A wedge shape bone is cut out of the spine to realign the spine.

Different types of osteotomies are performed to treat different types of deformities. They help to reshape and realign the bones thus relieving the pain. The Osteotomy is performed on general anesthesia and time of surgery depends on the type of surgery. 

What happens in an Osteotomy?

This type of osteotomy is performed over general anaesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The type of anaesthesia depends upon the complication of osteotomy. While a person stays asleep during general anaesthesia, if the osteotomy is being performed in the lower half of the body then the patient can also opt for spinal anaesthesia. In this type of anesthesia, the patient remains conscious but the lower part of the body is numb for the operation. Once the anaesthesia is given the patient is made to lie down and then the surgery begins. The doctor makes an incision near the area of the bone which is to be reshaped. There can be multiple incisions depending on which part of the body is being treated. The bone is operated with the help of tiny screws and metal plates that help to keep the bone in the right position. The cut closed after realigning the bone with other parts of the structure. A patient is likely to stay for a few days after the surgery in the hospital itself. Once the patient has recovered completely then they can ask for a discharge.

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The recovery after an osteotomy is a slow process. Depending upon the type of osteotomy that has been performed, the time of recovery varies. For example if a hip osteotomy has been carried out then the patient would not be able to walk or move on their own without crutches or support for around 6 months. In the case of a jaw osteotomy, the patient will be given liquid food only for the next few weeks. Good diet and exercise will be the best way to have a speedy recovery. 

What is the cost of Osteotomy in India?

There are several Medical Tourism Companies In India which can help the foreign tourists choose the right hospital and perfect surgeon for themselves. India is one of the most suitable options when it comes to getting operated for bone deformities. It has the top quality equipment and most experienced doctors. What makes India a worthy destination for treatment is the fact that the treatment here is quite affordable. The average cost of osteotomy in India is around USD8000 to USD 10000

What are the risks of Osteotomy?

The surgery can cure many postural deformities and even help to ease the pain, however, if not performed carefully there can be after effects to this surgery as well. The risks of osteotomy are-

  • Formation of blood clots in the body.
  • stiffness in the knee joint after the surgery is performed.
  • Nerves and vessels might get injured during the operation.
  • Failure of recovery.
  • Infection

If any of the above mentioned complications arise then it is advised that the patient should visit the doctor quickly. The patient from out side the india can visit india on medical tourism and get the perfect treatment from expert doctors from india.

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