Testicular Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Testicular cancer develops in testes or testicles that are the male reproductive organ that produces sperm cells. The function of testes is to produce sperms and testosterone hormones in males. These are egg/walnut-shaped glands held in the scrotum below the penis. The sperms mature in testicles and initiate sex drive in males. 

The development of cancerous cells in the testicles (or testes that is male reproductive organs) could develop Testicular cancer. Undoubtedly It could occur in one or both testicles. Once the symptoms are identified, diagnosis and treatment at an early stage help in the prevention of further progression of cancer to other parts of the body.

Is Testicular Cancer Common in India?

Moreover, Testicular cancer is neither common in India nor worldwide. It is one of the rarest cancers and the curable rate of Testicular cancer is also very high. Also, the incidence of cases is very low in India, but it is important to be aware and well informed about cancer to cure it on time. 

At What Age Does Testicular Cancer Occur in Males?

Testicular cancer could occur at any age among boys but most commonly this cancer is diagnosed within men from 15 years to 40 years of age. Particularly the adults within the age of 32-34 years are at more risk of developing testicular cancer. 

Testicular Cancer Treatment Cost in India:-

The varies from 4 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Apart from this, the cost of the treatment depends on various factors like the type of hospital, city, the experience of the doctor, stage of cancer, Severe medical condition, length of stay in the hospital, cost of investigations, and follow-up visits. 

Signs of Testicular Cancer:-

To reach a perfect diagnosis and treatment on time it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. The most common and simple investigation to identify testicular cancer is ultrasound. It should be noted with a perfect diagnosis your team of doctors would plan your treatment plan and would be providing you an average regarding your Testicular cancer treatment cost also. 

Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer Are:-

  • Development of swelling of testicles 
  • Fluid in the scrotum
  • Heaviness in scrotum 
  • Painless lump in testicles
  • Testicle become larger than normal 
  • Pain in testicle 
  • Dull pain in back  
  • Pain in scrotum 
  • Tender feeling in the breast 

Causes of Testicular Cancer Are:–

The exact cause of Testicular cancer is not yet known however testicular cancer is caused by an alteration in healthy cells in testicles. Healthy cells are important to maintain the normal and healthy functioning of testes. 

The abnormality might be due to risk factors like:-

Family history wherein if your father or brother already have/had testicular cancer your chances of getting the testicular cancer increases. 

Infections like HIV

Had testicular cancer before 

Belonging of particular race 

Due to undescended testicles in which testicles do not move from the belly into the scrotum before birth. It could be one or both the testicles.

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Stages of Testicular Cancer:-

There are four stages of testicular cancer and with the help of tumor markers, the treatment could be planned. 

Tumor Markers – Tumor markers are important because they help in proper diagnosis and planning the treatment of Testicular cancer.

Stage 0 – This is marked as a normal stage. At this stage, although abnormal cells are developed they are still confined within the tubules. 

Stage I – This stage is divided into Stage IA, IB, IS.

In stage IA the cancer is limited to tubules only and thus tumor markers are normal. Cancer does not spread anywhere at this stage.

In stage IB cancer reaches blood vessels within the testicle or spreads to the outer layer of the membrane of the testicle or into the scrotum. But tumor markers are normal at this stage too.

In stage IS cancer spreads to the testicle or scrotum and one or more tumor markers are elevated at this particular stage.

Stage II – This stage is divided into Stage IIA, IIB, IIC. At this stage cancer usually spread to lymph nodes present in the back of the abdomen. 

Stage IIA – At this stage, cancer spread to 5 lymph nodes only with no lymph node more than 2 centimeters in size. The tumor marker is normal at this stage.

Stage IIB- At this stage cancer spread to 5 or more lymph nodes with no lymph node more than 5 centimeters in size. The tumor marker is normal or slightly elevated.

Stage IIC- At this stage cancer spread to a minimum of one lymph node in the abdomen that has a diameter of more than 5 cm. The tumor marker is normal or mildly elevated at this stage.

Stage III – This stage is divided into stages IIIA, IIIB, IIIC.

Stage III A – At this stage cancer spreads to lymph nodes in the chest or lungs. Tumor markers are normal or mildly elevated.

Stage IIIB- At this stage, cancer spreads to lymph nodes in or beyond the abdomen. Tumor markers are moderately elevated.

Stage IIIC – At this stage cancer spread to other organs such as the liver, bones. Tumor markers are highly elevated. 


Above all, if you feel any lump or swelling, or pain in the testicles you must consult your doctor for further investigations to have an ideal diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Following Tests Are Done To Diagnose Testicular Cancer :– 

First and foremost diagnosis is done that includes – Physical examination by a doctor, Family history and Patients history, Ultrasound, Tumor markers test, Chest X-ray, CT scan, Blood tests, MRI scan, PET scan. Sometimes Biopsy is also needed for further planning the treatment. 

Treatment For Testicular Cancer:-

You could always ask your doctor to provide you with the average cost of diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up visit charges which would help you to get a rough idea about your Testicular cancer treatment cost. Besides this, the treatment for Testicular cancer depends on how well the patient could respond to treatment. Depending on the stage and type of cancer the treatment includes – Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy. 

The Prognosis For Testicular Cancer Include:-

Good Prognosis – These are for cancers that are confined to testicles only, cancer has not spread to other organs and the tumor markers are slightly elevated.

Poor Prognosis – The prognosis for patients is poor wherein the tumor has spread to organs and the tumor markers are elevated.

The Standard Treatment Plan For Testicular Cancer Is:– 

Surgery – Once the diagnosis is made, surgery is done to remove the entire testicle( Orchiectomy) and sometimes lymph nodes too. Sometimes after surgery, some cancer cells are left, chemotherapy or radiation therapy is done post-surgery to destroy these cancer cells.  

Chemotherapy – Depending on the stage of cancer chemotherapy is done. It is used for cancer cells that have spread beyond testicles. Chemotherapy is the procedure in which drugs are given orally or injected into a vein. It kills the cancer cells and also prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Radiotherapy – In radiation therapy high-energy x rays are given to prevent the growth of cancer cells or kill the cancer cells. Radiation therapy depends on the stage of testicular cancer. 

Follow Up Care:-

Treatment for testicular cancer requires long-term follow-up visits and regular check-ups. During follow-up visits, a few tests are repeated to look at the prognosis that is how well the patient is responding to the treatment. 

Within 4 weeks post-surgery the patient can resume normal daily activities. However, it is advised to avoid physical exertion and sex for a minimum of 2-3 months.

The risk of coming back with testicular cancer is although less, but still, it is advised to have follow-up visits to your doctor to get a regular checkup done for the same. 

Testicular Lump:-

The testicular lump is often the first symptom of testicular cancer. 

The most common symptom of testicular cancer is a lump or swelling that is usually painless. This lump could develop inside the testicle or beneath the skin. This could lead to hardness in the testicle. Thus it is advised to consult the urologist immediately once a testicular lump or swelling is observed on self-examination even if it is painless. 

Testicular Cyst:-

A fluid-filled growth observed on the testicle is a testicular cyst that is usually harmless and goes away without any specific treatment. But it is advised to consult a urologist once any changes are observed in testes to rule out the risk and chances of testicular cancer. 

The Testicular Cancer Survival Rate:-

Testicular cancer is curable, once the ideal diagnosis and treatment plan is carried out on time,  the chances of getting successful treatment are 95 percent. It also depends on the stage of cancer. If the diagnosis is made at an early stage and treatment is planned on time the survival rate is higher. Importantly, the survival rate depends on factors like the type of cancer, stage of cancer, associated medical conditions. 

In contrast to this, the good news is testicular cancer is usually treated successfully and the survival rate is high for people with testicular cancer. 


Last but not the least, although, there is a way to prevent testicular cancer. It is highly advised and recommended to carry out self-examination for testicular cancer on regular basis and consult your doctor immediately once you find anything abnormal. 


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