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Key Benefits of a healthy diet and how to stay healthy

What is a healthy diet?

We have often heard that a healthy diet is essential for good immunity and to keep ourselves in good shape. But how do we know that the diet we are taking is healthy or not? According to the definition by Wikipedia a healthy diet is a diet that helps maintain and overall health. there are several benefits of eating healthy. Eating healthy helps us stay physically fit and it also affects our mental health. Here we mention some important benefits of a healthy diet. 

health diet for immune systemHelps to boost the immune system: A healthy diet often includes eating a balanced diet which includes all the nutrients in a balanced amount. There are many benefits of eating a balanced diet and one of the biggest benefits is that a healthy diet improves our immune system. It helps us grow immunity against harmful diseases and makes us more strong. Healthy diet can include green vegetables, foods that are rich in vitamins, nuterities, fibre and much more. When we have a strong immunity out body is able to form antibodies with ease and further our body is able to fight with bacteria and germs efficiently. To stay fit it is important that we take a healthy diet. 

To recover from diseases: Eating healthy helps us recover from illness. When we eat healthy, our body gets all the essential nutrients that we need to recover from the loss of energy that has been caused due to illnesses. If we continue to eat a bad diet after the disease then there are chances that we might fall sick again. To avoid falling sick, a healthy diet is a must. A healthy diet ensures that the body is able to fight the illness after recovery. Even when recovering from surgeries and operations, patients are advised to take a nutrient rich diet to help build a good immunity and muscle health. 

Healthy Diet PyramidPromotes healthy body organs: When we eat a healthy diet it does not just boost immunity it also helps in improving the muscle health and providing good nutrition to all the body organs. When body organs receive the nutrition that they need, they function properly and get the energy to produce new cells each day. A balanced diet helps to prevent problems like hypertension and heart failure, strokes, cell damage and much more. Thus taking a good diet can help organs like heart, liver, lungs, brain to stay fit. 


Helps to improve memory: A diet that is rich in vitamin D, C and E, contains antioxidants and fatty acids can help to improve cognition and brain memory. It helps to improve the brain functions and makes the brain more efficient in carrying out the daily functions. 

Now that we know the main benefits of eating a healthy diet, we should understand what are the best ways to stay healthy and what food should be included in our diet that will help us stay fit.

How to stay healthy?

Eating healthy does not mean cutting out on all the food that we eat but it means getting the right amount of nutrients each day to maintain good health and the right body weight. 

Health TipsEat a nutrition rich diet: To stay healthy we should include foods in our diet that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Foods like citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk products like curd, fish, dry fruits all make up a nutritious diet. To add fiber to your diet you can also include items like rice and whole wheat chapatis as well.

Avoiding alcohol and smoking: Drinking alcohol is very harmful for the body organs especially liver every time we consume alcohol some of the liver cells die and if alcohol is consumed regularly it damages the liver permanently. Smoking is harmful for lungs and can be a cause of lung cancer. To maintain a proper antibody it is important to change the drinking and smoking habits. 



It is not only eating good food that helps us stay fit, but exercising is also very important to maintain body fitness. When we exercise regularly including walking as it helps to increase the blood flow in the body. 

Exercising helps us stay fresh and fit all day long. It is good for the heart and other body organs and helps to burn the bad cholesterol from the body as well. These are some of the main reasons why along with the healthy diet, one should also exercise each day. By doing regular exercise one can avoid cardiac arrest.

Also, check out videon on walking benefits

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