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Chemotherapy is a medical procedure that uses potent substances to kill cancer cells in your body that are growing rapidly. Chemotherapy is the most commonly utilized type of cancer treatment because cancer cells grow and divide considerably more quickly than the majority of normal body cells.

Chemotherapeutic medications are widely available. Drugs used in chemotherapy can be used alone or in combination to treat different types of cancer. For many cancer types, chemotherapy treatment can be helpful, but there are drawbacks as well. While some side effects of chemotherapy are manageable and mild, others may result in serious consequences.

How Chemotherapy Works?

Cancer cells proliferate and divide uncontrollably. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells and stops them from growing. Your doctor may use chemotherapy in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Adjuvant therapy for cancer treatment involves the use of chemotherapy after radiation or surgery.
  • Cancer treatment: Chemotherapy eradicates the illness and stops it from returning; it may also involve radiation and/or surgery.
  • Before radiation treatments or surgery, chemotherapy helps shrink the tumor.
  • Chemotherapy can lower tumors and lessen symptoms, but it cannot cure cancer.

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Chemotherapy Cost in UAE

On Average Chemotherapy cost in UAE range between $800 to $6000.  The price of the treatment will vary according to the course of the treatment. 

Chemotherapy Approximate Cost
Starting Cost 800 USD
Average Cost 3000 USD
Maximum Cost 6000 USD
  • Chemotherapy therapy is an outpatient therapy and lasts for a half-hour to 2 hours.
  • Chemotherapy is usually advised in six cycles; however, the number of cycles may differ based on the stage of the disease. Sometimes a patient needs two cycles of chemotherapy, depending on the stage of their cancer.
  • A variety of tests are available, including blood tests, X-rays, physical examinations, assessments for HIV and Hepatitis, evaluations of the liver, heart, pancreas, and lungs, scans such as PET scans, etc.

Starting Prices For Chemotherapy Treatment Cost in Different Cities in India:

Cities Starting 
Dubai 900 USD
Abu Dhabi 800 USD

Note: Please be aware that prices for Chemotherapy treatment cost in UAE listed above are only an indication of what the treatment will cost initially and may change depending on a number of variables. 

Factors That Can Affect Chemotherapy Treatment Cost in UAE

Following here are some variables that can affect Chemotherapy Treatment Cost in UAE. Furthermore, the standard and excellence of medical treatment and amenities are comparable to those of the most prominent healthcare facilities in the world, even after deducting the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation.

  • Medication costs.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Geographical location.
  • Hospitalization expenses.
  • Government policies and subsidies.
  • Medical tourism packages.
  • Hospital reputation and infrastructure.
  • The expertise and experience of medical professionals.
  • The type and frequency of diagnostic procedures.
  • The choice of treatment modality.

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Why Chemotherapy Is Used?

Chemotherapy’s primary goals include:

  • Minimize the size of the tumor, 
  • Lowering the total quantity of cancer cells in your body
  • To lessen the current symptoms

If you’ve undergone surgery to remove a malignant tumor, like a lumpectomy for breast cancer, your oncologist might suggest chemotherapy to make sure that any cancer cells that may still be present are also removed. Chemotherapy is also used to get you ready for subsequent treatments. It could be used to prepare you for radiation therapy or to shrink a tumor in preparation for surgical removal.

Cancer patients with late stages of the disease may experience less discomfort after chemotherapy. Cancer and disorders of the immune system can both be treated with chemotherapy. It can also be utilized to get individuals ready for bone marrow stem cell therapy who suffer from disorders of the bone marrow. Doses significantly lower than those used to treat cancer can be beneficial for conditions like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy cells.

Chemotherapy Treatment in UAE

Chemotherapy treatment in UAE is typically an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home that same day. You may receive treatment. The treatment procedure is as follows:

Before The Treatment

  • Tests on the liver, kidneys, and heart are performed along with blood work to determine whether your body is ready for chemotherapy.
  • Eliminating any current infections will lower your chance of complications following chemotherapy, since many chemotherapy medications may impair your body’s ability to fight off infections.
  • Your doctor will advise you to plan for long-term adverse effects. For example, if infertility results from your chemotherapy treatment, you may want to consider other options for saving your eggs or sperm for later use.
  • Since they are provided at the outpatient clinic and you can carry on with your regular activities, it is imperative that you make plans at your place of employment and residence.


There are several ways to administer chemotherapy medications:

  • Chemotherapy tablet
  • Chemotherapy injections
  • Chemotherapy infusions: A catheter, port, or pump is surgically installed into a major vein, typically on your chest, to provide intravenous chemotherapy. The gadget may be used to administer chemotherapy medications.
  • Chemotherapy lotions, particularly in situations of skin cancer.
  • Chemotherapy medications can be administered directly to a patient’s site of concern. For instance, intraperitoneal chemotherapy drugs may be administered directly into the belly, intrapleural chemotherapy, or in the chest cavity.

To give your body time to regenerate new, healthy cells, there may be intervals between treatments.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Most Typical Chemotherapy Side Effects?

A: Nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, and baldness are typical side effects.

Q: Does Chemotherapy Have a Lot of Side Effects?

A: It depends on how your body responds to the type and dosage of chemotherapy you receive. It’s possible that you experience several, few, or none at all of the undesirable effects.

Q: In the Cosmopolitan Cities of UAE, How Much Does Chemotherapy Often Cost?

A: Prices are lower in UAE’s large towns. Chemotherapy costs, similar to Dubai, vary from 650 to 1100 USD per cycle. The cost of the overall treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the medicine, the number of patients, the suggested chemotherapy cycle, and the stage of the cancer.

Q: What Are the Methods for Chemotherapy Administration?

A: The drug can be given in a number of ways, including as orally, intravenously (IV), as a lotion, or by injection. Your healthcare professional will determine which approach is most appropriate for you.

Q: What’s the Duration of a Chemotherapy Round?

A: A cycle’s length depends on the type of treatment being administered. Most cycles last between two and six weeks.

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