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Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Thailand
The term breast cancer refers to a condition in which certain cells in the breast grow out of control. Tumor cells are formed when breast cancer cells multiply uncontrollably. In spite of breast cancer being more common among women, men can also be affected by it. It can be difficult to diagnose breast cancer without noticing any changes in the breast’s appearance, texture, or pain. A wide range of breast cancer treatment in Thailand is available, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, target drug therapy, and surgery. Any abnormalities will be diagnosed via a series of tests, regardless of the…
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    What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Treatment in Thailand? An examination of your breast area or armpit may help your doctor diagnose the location of the tumor by looking for hardness or lumps. Depending on the size, stage, and grade of the tumor, your doctor will determine the…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Breast Cancer Surgery a Major Surgical Procedure?

    A: It is a major surgery in which both breasts are removed to remove cancer or to reduce the risk of breast cancer in a woman who is at high risk for the disease. It usually necessitates a brief hospital stay followed by a longer recovery period that can range from a few weeks to several weeks, depending on the circumstances.

    Q: What Is the Most Deadly Form of Breast Cancer?

    A: TNBC is considered aggressive cancer because it grows quickly, is more likely to have spread when discovered, and is more likely to recur after treatment than other types of breast cancer. The prognosis is not as good as it is for other types of breast cancer.

    Q: How Fast Does Breast Cancer Spread?

    A: Breast cancers double in size every 180 days or roughly every 6 months. However, the rate of growth for any specific cancer will be determined by a variety of factors.

    Q: Where Is It Most Likely That Breast Cancer Will Spread First?

    A: It is most commonly found in the bones, liver, lungs, and brain. Even after the cancer has spread, it is still named after the location where it first appeared. The “primary site” or “primary tumor” refers to this. For example, if breast cancer spreads to the lungs, it is referred to as metastatic breast cancer rather than lung cancer.

    Q: What Is the True Cause of Breast Cancer?

    A: Breast cancer, like all cancers, is caused by DNA mutations that instruct your cells to grow out of control. In this case, it targets breast tissue cells, and there is no single cause of these DNA mutations.

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